The procession on the Independence Avenue dispersed. Today’s protests got off to an early start, so here’s a roundup of everything that happened before noon: — President Alexander Lukashenko addressed workers at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT). The unknown person immediately closed his mouth with his hand and dragged him to a minibus. Minors, meanwhile, have been returned to their parents» custody, she said. In particular, two women read the 3rd article of the Constitution, which says that “the people are the only source of state power and the bearer of sovereignty in the Republic of Belarus”. Belarusian state investigators are launching an inquiry in response to reports about online harassment and threats against members of the security forces, military personnel, and elections officials. In case you missed it, you can read a full English-language translation of Tikhanovskaya’s latest address here: Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s Coordination Council for the transfer of power in Belarus will include, among others, Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich, the chairman of the “Vesna” human rights center, Ales Belyatsky, and pediatric specialist Dr. Andrey Bitushko, who was arrested on August 10. Whereas law enforcement officers previously attempted to violently disperse and arrest protesters using truncheons, stun grenades, water cannons, and/or rubber bullets, this doesnʼt appear to be happening today. Political consultant Vitaly Shklyarov, who was arrested in Belarus on July 29, is in custody at Pretrial Detention Center–1 in Minsk (one of the the main sites of today’s protests). After that, the conductor took the floor asking not to turn the event into a political one and stressed that the orchestra would not play if the white-red-white flags were not lowered. The lives and health of our nationʼs citizens (all citizens without exceptions) are priceless. From: The Stream Belarus protests: Can Lukashenko survive? The opposition Telegram channel Nexta Liva is calling on residents of Minsk to come out and demonstrate in their respective neighborhoods this evening, and encouraging residents of other cities to rally in their respective city centers. The unsanctioned March of Justice is currently taking place in Minsk. The demonstrators with white-red-white falgs lined up in front of the summer amphitheater. According to the BBC Russia Service’s correspondent, Independence Square is practically empty and only a few hundred protesters are still rallying outside of the Janka Kupała National Theater. Opposition protesters are planning to gather at Independence Square in downtown Minsk at 6:00 p.m. local time. About 10 people were detained and pushed into minibuses. People have already started gathering at Independence Square in Minsk. It seems Lukashenko’s recount offer, reported moments ago by RIA Novosti as breaking news, was in fact merely part of his speech earlier in the day at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, where the president complained that the opposition escalated its demands from a recount to an entirely new election after he says he offered to review the voting records to prove his re-election. What's more, they were throwing them into the thick of the crowd," the witness said by phone on condition of anonymity. Minsk. People hav gathered in the square near the Atrium shopping center. I’m ashamed of the doctors who did not provide routine medical care. In response to Latushko’s dismissal, all of the theater’s employees tendered their resignations. If the officers didnʼt like your name or your tattoos or even your face, permission to stretch or adjust positions was denied. BelarusFeed is following the developments across the country on Sunday, 20 September. All she asks is that they tell her where her son is and how long «he will be locked up.». In Minsk, people occasionally approached the security forces and tried to talk to them. The Yakub Kolas Square metro station is not working yet. Gomel. In the video, unmrked people in helmets and balaclavas are dragging heavily pregnant woman. The reasons for the search werenʼt detailed in the search warrants. The photo below shows workers from Minskenergo, the one the right is holding a sign that says “Long live Belarus!”. According to A1, this is “in accordance with the order of the authorized state bodies.”. All total, five people were arrested, questioned, and had their phones searched. Watch CBS News anytime, anywhere with the our 24/7 digital news network. The tail of the column passed the intersection of Romanovskaya Sloboda and Nemiga street. The majority of the protesters have gathered outside of Pretrial Detention Center–1 on Volodarsky Street. The scene outside the building is pretty impressive too: Protesters are chanting “Leave!”. Ethiopia: How far will Abiy go with military operation in Tigray? Always. Maria Kolesnikova — the last member standing of the opposition ‘women’s triumvirate’ — says she’s not going anywhere, Arrested during protests in Minsk and jailed for two days, a Russian journalist describes the carnage of Belarusian incarceration, More than 50 journalists have been arrested in Belarus this week, Belarusian police officers start publicly resigning in protest against violent crackdown on opposition, Belarusian officials say foreigners are responsible for the country’s sudden Internet outages, but I.T. — Alexander Lukashenko revealed his tactic for handling the street protests: don’t address it, just use force. The participants in the meeting told Sputnik Belarus that Vitebsk officials are thinking about how to make amends with the people who were beaten up during the protests. Minsk. Employees at the technology company Rozum Robotics have announced an indefinite strike, CEO and founder Viktor Khamenok tells In remarks to state television, Belarusian Interior Minister Yuri Karaev insisted that «most people donʼt support the protests» and said «people are unhappy about these „chaos zones“ that werenʼt created by the police,» citing tire fires, Molotov cocktails, and pyrotechnics. — Some protesters have left Independence Square and joined the rally in support of Pavel Latushko outside of the Janka Kupała National Theater. People took to the streets in protest in cities across again Belarus today. Whether or not these raids are in connection to an official investigation remains unknown. Mogilev. Minsk. Workers are demanding an end to the violence against peaceful protesters and a recount of the votes from last weekʼs presidential election. Arrests have started near the Mir cinema. The protesters are now en route to the detention center on Okrestina Street. experts suspect the government is to blame, EU foreign ministers to discuss sanctions against Belarus, Women in white form human chains in solidarity with protesters in Belarus, Release everyone detained during peaceful rallies, Hold fair re-elections in the presence of international observers. According to Nasha Niva, there are now about 1,000 people there, chanting “Release!” and “Every day!”. In Vitebsk, security forces blocked Lenin Square by buses, where peaceful protesters gathered. The security forces are pushing people off the Independence Avenue, hitting the shields. while marching through the streets. People are gathering on the bridge and on the upper tiers of the Na Nemige trading house. Belarusian users can no longer access the website of the Russian outlet Mediazona — Euroradio. Belarusian Interior Minister Yuri Karaev told state television that he takes responsibility for the bystanders injured by police trying to disperse demonstrators across the country. Belarusian citizens are taking to the streets in demonstration against the official results of the vote, which claim that incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko (Alyaksandr Lukashenka) won by a landslide (thereby extending his already 26-year rule). "People got to a field near Kurapaty, (police) buses pulled up and chased after people at top speed, then they started throwing grenades. Several people were detained there. Minsk. There are security forces and barbed wire on Timiryazeva street near the Atlant plant in front of Saperov street.

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