No Comment, October 25, 2020 • Clare and Andi share their histories as foreplay to an evening of steamy passion. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. So what good would a charming sociopath and a mistreated tourist be if the movie was just all kinds of awful? It’s satisfyingly awful to watch poor Clare struggle in isolation, left locked up like a pet while her captor goes to work/shops/party with friends. All things considered, I quite liked Berlin Syndrome and can definitely see this becoming one of those cult thrillers that’s recommended through the grapevine. Home. November 9, 2020 • Berlin Syndrome trailer - Teresa Palmer, Max Riemelt, Lucie Aron by Au Café Des ... SENSE8 | Series Finale Behind the Scenes: Spoiler Alert (Netflix) by FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras. The ultimate ‘nice guy’. Watch WONDER WOMAN here 0:01:24 The film begins with Diana Prince (Gal Godot), a curator… Directed by Cate Shortland, the Australian filmmaker whose 2004 coming-of-age drama, Somersault, signaled a promising debut, Berlin Syndrome is a nasty piece of business tarted up with a stylish, high-gloss veneer. 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Apr 4, 2020 - Spoiler Alert: I shall be dissecting Wonder Woman, poring over her outline and examining her body of work to identify if she's solid or dead meat. You know, that guy Sherryl told you about who looked really sweet and everyone loved him, but he was kind of a dick. Shivani Shivaji Roy, an audacious Police officer of the Mumbai police, is in the chase to capture Karan/Walt, a crime warlord who is involved in child trafficking and drugs. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. kdawg7736: What does approving money for vaccines in developing countries have to do with the headline, which translates from German to English (spoiler alert): Five thousand new cases. What stands out most about Berlin Syndrome is actually its building of tension with each shot. I never leave my comfy chair. A day after their first encounter, they’re back it his place — a dilapidated boho apartment building with peeling walls and slasher-flick lighting where he seems to be the sole resident. I bet Clare wishes she had some pocket sand right about now. She stays. The only thing the slightly repellent and overlong Berlin Syndrome has on its mind is putting a trusting woman through a scuzzy hell of sadism for two hours in the name of stylishly art-directed suspense. The Brisbane native has fled from down under with a nebulous plan to travel around Europe and indulge her photographic passions, and she’s in Berlin to snap shots of the city’s various buildings from the short-lived GDR era. Wait, that came out wrong. But it’s just a pretentious fake out — a potentially interesting theme left underexplored. ... identity and mistaken identity, imposter syndrome, fraud as a means to survive, and revenge. The next morning, Andi heads off to work, leaving Clare behind in his locked-up-tight apartment. Just kidding! Hi I'm Jesse, a writer, filmmaker and sometimes-candlestick maker. The movie is beautifully and mysteriously shot. He offers her freshly picked strawberries. READ MORE: Sundance 2017: Netflix, Vertical Acquire ‘Berlin Syndrome’. Liked it? Search the page for "Berlin… Well it would be if Andi wasn’t a complete and utter nutbag who likes locking his one night stands inside his fortified home. who’s trippin’ about Berlin, soaking up the atmosphere…when all of a sudden she meets dashingly German German-man, Andi (Max Riemelt – Sense8). As the stakes are upped, Shortland doles out well-earned scares and shocking moments of brutal, bloody violence that keep up the momentum until the film’s midway mark, when its nearly two-hour running time starts to become unmanageable. 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If discomfort was a person, this would be its favourite movie. Colours are muted in an ‘SBS documentary’ kind of way which works well for the vibe this film is going for, and in the moments that vibrant colours pop out at you they’re really given a reason to be there. So read on only if you've already seen Wonder Woman, or don't plan to. Clare is a little bit lonely, so when a handsome stranger strikes up a conversation with her on the street, she goes for it. “No one will hear you,” Andi whispers lustily to Clare as the pair have sex for the first time, a genuinely erotic affair that will later feel absolutely horrifying upon further reflection, mostly when Andi says that exact same thing in an entirely different context.

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