The CPA examination is administered by the AICPA and the examination. In short the CMA focuses on business analysis & strategy, as well as corporate financial management. CMA (US) CPA (US) What is Exam Eligibility Criteria? You can take them both during the same exam window, or in different exam windows. However, we’d recommend shooting for closer to 300 hours to raise your chances of doing well on the exam. CPA is not so easy either with a pass rate below 60% and the format including Multiple choice questions, written questions, and task-based stimulation there is a lot to study. Have you asked yourself at some point whether the CMA or the CPA is the right certification for you? Unlike the CMA exam that covers all the aforementioned topics in just two exam parts, the CPA exam is broken down into 4 parts. Get more info on Certified Public Accountant. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA® Institute.). Even if you’re undecided on a specific career path, but know you want to work for one company and are great at analyzing and interpreting information, you can bet the CMA credential is going to get you on a path where you consistently use those skills. (You'll be surprised! The CMA certification has a more international scope and prepares you to work in large corporations or companies with complex operations. Job opportunities for both CMAs and CPAs are many, varied, and lucrative. The CMA Exam consists of two parts. However, I have colleagues who love working in both of those fields. After that, you must pass the four-part CPA exam that is administered by the AICPA. That option didn’t appeal to me. If you have any questions or just want to say what’s up and introduce yourself, please leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you! 2-Day Sale! If I had picked the CPA, I would have had to find another job where I could work under a CPA for a year or two. Next is the 2-year work requirement, which you could realistically complete while you’re still in college. Because the core differences of each designation are in different areas of accounting, the exam content is tailored to test these strengths. The CMA or the CPA? If you are either a CPA or CMA, you will earn around $10,000 more per year than your counterparts without these credentials. Even though CPA gets paid more don’t make your choice according to that because if you are happy doing something that you love then you will do it better which will earn you more money than by doing something that you are not content doing. CMA certification is more appropriate for professionals seeking management and decision-making roles, often in private corporations. For example, if you are enjoying the CMA content you will be more apt to stick to a study program and of course, more likely to retain the information. Here’s a breakdown of everything that you’ll need to spend from studying to gaining your license for CMA and CPA. To look at it objectively, there are 3 ways we can look at the CMA exam difficulty, so let’s break it down. I’m happy to help! In short the CMA focuses on business analysis & strategy, as well as corporate financial management. As someone with an educational and professional background in Accounting, the CMA exam would be the ideal qualification for me. Â. Megan Bierwirth graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and passed the CPA exam within 6 months of graduation. In terms of content, each Part of the exam covers quite a bit of information. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Congra... Syed Qumar Madani 04-14-2020 02:43 AM. Finally, 30 hours of Continuing Education are required each year to maintain certification. Again, payment for CE might be an employee benefit where you work. It’s great for learning the basic accounting concepts before tackling the more complex CMA subject matter. For CPA, it is organized by the American Institute of CPAs. Hi Nathan, Entry Barrier: Getting into CMA exam is much easier than doing CPA. CPA: The CPA exam is a four-part exam that has to be taken and passed within an 18-month window. The overall pass rate for CPA… Certified Public Accountants, or CPAs, are licensed by their individual state’s board of accountancy after passing the Uniform CPA Exam, administered by the AICPA. For exam preparation, there are vendors that provide study materials for both the CPA and CMA exams and those can be expensive – some in the thousand(s)-dollar range. Planning a Career: The CMA vs CPA Credential, most recognized credential in the industry, CPA Exam Welcome Screens: What Every Candidate Should Know (VIDEO), Study Habits We See in Successful CPA Exam Candidates, Top Tips For Virtual Meetings and Interviews, Video: CPA Exam Tips for College Students, How to Study For Your CPA While Working Remote, CPA Exam Testing Expands to Egypt and Jordan. You pay for each section of the exam that you sit for as well as a registration fee. All rights reserved. In order to not get overwhelmed with too much material, I advise my students to take only one exam part in an exam window, and then take the other exam part in the next windows. However, CMA certification translates to a 63% premium in compensation over professionals without a CMA. CPA: Depending on state-specific requirements, CPA candidates need to have one or two years of experience before they can become licensed. Save $1,100 off Surgent CPA Ultimate Pass! You can space out your study schedule over a six to nine month period. In order to make exams easy it is necessary to get familiar with CMA exam pattern fully. This decision made the exams a lot harder since they cover so much more content. CMA program entrance cost ranges between $188 to $250 depending on whether you’re studying or working. I totally agree that effective time management is a critical factor when it comes to exam success. As with any career salary comparison, much will depend on your practice location, your job title as well as years of experience. Since there’s so much material to learn and memorize for the exam, it’s best to focus on one part per window to not overwhelm yourself and to increase your chances of passing on your first attempt. The table below illustrates the alignment in content areas between the CPA and CMA exams. What’s interesting about this is that that CMA doesn’t care what kind of degree you have. I think that’s a fair question and would like to take this opportunity to respond. Salaries for CPAs and CMAs are fairly comparable with the CPA’s being slightly higher; however, salary classifications tend to become more closely matched with the passage of time. – September-October. Compared to some other financial and accounting exams, like the CPA and CFA, the scope of material covered is much narrower. This exam is made up of two different parts. Unlike the CMA exam that covers all the aforementioned topics in just two exam parts, the CPA exam is broken down into 4 parts. “How Hard is the CMA Exam? The total cost will be around $1950 + continuing education costs. Top 3 Reasons Contributing To The CMA Exam Difficulty Curriculum. This chart can serve as a guideline and for reference. You will then be eligible to sit for the CMA exam which consists of two parts: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control and Financial Decision Making. CPA’s have a vast knowledge of Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation and can do very well in places such a consulting firm or regional or local firms as an accountant or financial advisor. ICMA has more than 40,000 members in 100 countries. But if you have any other questions or need anything else, don’t hesitate to hit ‘reply’.

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