It’s grace from first to last. Thank You Jesus!! It is not by their own works, nor is it by any conformity to the Law. But, in reading your book “The Gospel in Ten Words”, chapter 9, the Holy Spirit opened my mind about what you are trying to help us understand. Is love - To God and to human beings. Look at it this way. Why should he, though poor here, who is soon to inherit the treasures of heaven where “moth and rust do not corrupt,” envy him who can walk over a few acres as his own, or who has accumulated a glittering pile of dust, soon to be left forever? Grace offered, is not Grace. While this may be true the fact remains that ” the basic principles of the world” that one finds themselves in bondage to when we do this are not very nice to say the least. A mere intellectual assent to the truth may leave the heart cold and unaffected; mere orthodoxy, however bold and self-confident, and “sound,” may not be inconsistent with contentions, and strifes, and logomachies, and divisions. Do not resist him, but yield to all his suggestions; see the note at Romans 8:1. Puzzles, Bible I had been stewing for about a week about this Bible study we were planning to do. 15:31). Peter says it like this, "Therefore, brethren, be all And they that are Christ‘s - All who are true Christians. Keep bringing the kingdom! Therefore if you turn back to the Law your separated, severed from_______? As I explain above, there are many adverse consequences to walking after the flesh (which is what the Galatians were doing by trying to keep the law), but causing God to unchild his children is not one of them. Your not a Grace preacher at all. Extracted and adapted from chapter 19, “What happens to Christians who stray?” in, not even ourselves in a moment of stupidity, they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom, Last chance to get your name in Paul’s book, First look at Paul’s new book (and how to get your name in it! It is not a dead faith, but it is that which is operative, and which is seen in Christian kindness and affection. This must be understood, of course, with reference to the point under discussion; and means, if he did it with a view to justification, or as a thing that was necessary and binding. Bloomfield, however, supposes that the word “again” here ( πάλιν palin) means, on the other hand, or, “furthermore,” or, as we would say, “and again.”That he is a debtor to do the whole law - He binds himself to obey all the Law of Moses. When there is love there is no servitude. The rich and the great would cease to look down with contempt on those of more humble rank, and the poor would cease to envy those above them, for they are soon to be their equals in the grave; their equals, perhaps their superiors in heaven! However, I make no such assumption and accept that the consequences of falling from grace are those that Paul describes. He gives grace to the humble. The apostle does not vouch for the actual existence of witchcraft; but he says that what was known as such was a proof of the corrupt nature of man, and was one of the fruits of it. Such are “wrath,” “strife,” “heresies,” “envyings,” etc., which cannot be said to have their seat in the body. Your dependence on circumcision, in these circumstances, will in fact amount to a rejection of the Saviour, and of the doctrine of justification by him. The very thing that I have so much insisted on, and that has been such a stumbling-block to the Jews (see the note at 1 Corinthians 1:23), that conformity to their rites was of no avail, and that they must be saved only by the merits of a crucified Saviour, would be done away with.” Paul means that if this had been done, he would have saved himself from giving offence, and from the evils of persecution. Nothing does more scandal to religion than such indulgences; and, other things being equal, he is the most under the influence of the Spirit of God who is the most thoroughly a person of temperance. for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the Christians can come short of the grace of God (Heb. Against this he cautions them. If the word, therefore, is used to denote human nature, the passage furnishes a sad commentary on its tendency, and on the character of man. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! “Why do they oppose me? “, For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty -. Other translations say they became estranged, separated, severed, and cut off. See the word explained in the notes at Acts 24:25. Dr. Doddridge remarks that this is “an Olympic expression, and properly signifies “coming across the course” while a person is running in it, in such a manner as to jostle, and throw him out of the way.” Paul asks, with emphasis, who it could have been that retarded them in their Christian course, implying that it could have been done only by their own consent, or that there was really no cause why they should not have continued as they began. I’m sorry but its seems quite simple and clear that Galatians 5 says they “Christians” of Galatia were separated and severed from Christ and FALLEN from Grace. Licentiousness abounded, and where they had been addicted to it before their conversion, and where they were surrounded by it on every hand, they were in constant danger of falling into it again. tauta poiēte). For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit -, So that ye cannot do the things that ye would -. when he sold his birthright for a single meal (Heb. Peace - As the result of reconciliation with God; see the notes at Romans 5:1. The apostle does not say that this had in fact ever occurred; but he merely makes a supposition. Ye are not under the law - You are under a different dispensation - the dispensation of the Spirit. the more diligent to make certain about His calling and Grace enables God to show us ourselves, we learn about ourselves without being condemned, we can only change what we see.If there is no acceptance of grace we are blind and cannot see, and cannot change. On the meaning of the word love, see the notes at 1 Corinthians 13:1; and for an illustration of its operations and effects, see the notes at that whole chapter. But unless he held that, then this passage does not prove that anyone who has ever been a true Christian has fallen away. Be sure to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling Jesus, Yeshuah, Salvation. If you can be justified in any other way than by him, then of course you do not need him, and your adoption of the other mode is in fact a renunciation of him. He (Paul) is exhorting them Galatians 5:16 to walk in the Spirit, and assures them that thus they would not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. Become a Patreon supporter and get sneak peeks at forthcoming books by Paul! Well, duh, so was circumcism. How convenient for you. Goodness - See the note at Romans 15:14. They are as though they were dead, and have no power over us; see the note at Galatians 2:20. If you are circumcised with such a view as is maintained by the false teachers that have come among you; that is, with an idea that it is necessary in order to your justification. The necessity of depending on the merits of the sacrifice made on the cross would be taken away, since then people could be saved by conformity to the laws of Moses. 10:12). 10:26-27). No man can be a Christian who is not thus faithful, and all pretensions to being under the influences of the Spirit when such fidelity does not exist, are deceitful and vain. Posted on March 27, 2014 by Paul Ellis // 61 Comments. If you can be separated from Christ who is “Salvation” then Salvation, Christ IS our Wisdom, IS our Righteousness, IS our Sanctification, IS our Redemption. I am also encouraged by Philippeans 3:13-14 No matter how plain some things are there seems to be no “hey you have a point there lets take a look at that further” which smells of pride…. Another worded it as cut off from Christ. That he is a debtor to do the whole law - He binds himself to obey all the Law of Moses. Christ shall profit you nothing - Will be of no advantage to you. 6:4-8). Thence it means sorcery or enchantment, and it is so used uniformly in the New Testament. "gone astray from the faith" means that they were no longer The expression “cannot do” is stronger by far than the original, and it is doubted whether the original will bear this interpretation. If we live in the Spirit - See the note at Galatians 5:16. It’s not just Paul anymore, it’s the whole gang! But if, as the false teachers in Galatia claimed, as a thing essential to salvation, as indispensable to justification and acceptance with God, then the matter assumed a different aspect; and then it became in fact a renouncing of Christ as himself sufficient to save us. I guess my question here is this; is inheriting the kingdom going to heaven or is it ruling and reigning today in the abundance of Christ? Are manifest - Plain, well-known. Copyright Policy Paul, inspired of God, has solemnly declared, that such cannot be saved. The word “grace” here, does not mean grace in the sense of personal religion, it means the “system” of salvation by grace, in contradistinction from that by merit or by works - the system of the gospel. He exhorts them to stand firm in the liberty of Christianity, and not to be brought again under bondage; Galatians 5:1. If we come short of God's grace and we're lost in hell for

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