Juliette Binoche and William Shimell star as two people who at first seem to be getting to know each other, but then the movie turns in a way that makes us think they’ve known each other for quite some time. Françoise Dorléac, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Lynch’s blend of mundane details heightened by dream logic was there from the very beginning. Its … Mads Mikkelsen Might Replace Johnny Depp in. A horrific discovery in a small town nestled high in the French Pyrenees begins to unravel a dark mystery that has been hidden for years. What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts. Guy Decomble, Not Rated Stars: More Kiarostami on the Criterion Channel: 24 Frames, And Life Goes On, Close-up, Homework, Taste of Cherry, Through the Olive Trees, The Traveler, Where Is My Friend’s House? But where should you start? Danièle Girard, A small-time thief steals a car and impulsively murders a motorcycle policeman. Director: Moments from childhood rise to the surface and then fade back again, often with perfectly chosen music to accompany them. More Varda on the Criterion Channel: Black Panthers, Le bonheur, Documenteur, Du cote de la cote, L’Opera mouffe, Les fiances du Pont Macdonald, La Pointe Courte, Lions Love (… and Lies), Murs murs, One Sings the Other Doesn’t, La pointe courte, Uncle Yanco, Vagabond, The World of Jacques Demy, The Young Girls Turn 25. | Antonella Lualdi, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Pennebaker)D.A. What if someone could just disappear off the face of the Earth? Reviews There are no reviews yet. Oskar Werner, Drama, Mystery, Romance. Crime, Drama. | Lang’s style and framing revolutionized cinematic language and influenced a century’s worth of films. It’s both intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and it’s one of the best films of the decade. Let’s hope not. Dreyer)Carl Theodor Dreyer is one of the most important and influential filmmakers of all time. Marcello Pagliero, More Dardenne on the Criterion Channel: The Kid with a Bike. | More Chaplin on the Criterion Channel: The Circus, City Lights, A Day’s Pleasure, A Dog’s Life, The Great Dictator, The Idle Class, The Immigrant, The Kid, A King in New York, Limelight, Modern Times, Monsieur Verdoux, Nice and Friendly, A Night in the Show, Pay Day, The Pilgrim, The Rink, Shoulder Arms, Sunnyside, A Woman of Paris. Panther Panchali, Aparajito, and Apur Sansar are perfect examples of Roger Ebert’s belief that great films are empathy machines, ways to experience lives and perspectives we otherwise could not. (SBS On Demand). He did a theatrical “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” in the Live Lounge. You won’t feel the length, and you won’t feel the same after you see it. His films are more about creating a mood than conveying a traditional narrative, and this is where that brand really began. Jean-Paul Belmondo, | Juliette and Liliane are inseparable best friends, ... See full summary », Director: Don’t Look Back (D.A. French passion for cinema is legendary. Pierre Kast | Jarmusch redefined independent cinema in the ‘80s with his spare style, filled with long takes and deliberate, unhurried plotting. Meanwhile, Simon Kapita, a former communications advisor to the President comes to his bedside... "Perfect for TV politicoholics, this French drama has murder, sex and poetry – and the politicians play second fiddle to the beautiful spin doctors and speechwriters".-Mark Lawson, The Guardian. Roger Ebert put it perfectly when he wrote about her relationship to the French New Wave in 2012: “Varda is its very soul, and only the fact that she is a woman, I fear, prevented her from being routinely included with Godard, Truffaut, Resnais, Chabrol, Rivette, Rohmer, and for that matter her husband Jacques Demy.” Cléo is probably her most popular and accessible film, blending documentary and fiction techniques as the director captures the texture of life for a woman in the Paris of the ’60s in a way that only she could. Gérard Blain, Sils Maria stars Juliette Binoche as a famous actress being asked to reprise a role in the play that made her a star. "The Bureau ... is moody, cynical and stylish, with the pace and disjunctive tics of an art-house film. Del Toro’s brilliance in creating marvelous worlds with unforgettable effects is already on full display here. One of his best is this David Thewlis drama from 1993, which landed Leigh a director prize at Cannes (and an acting one for Thewlis, who has never been better than he is here). Even if Criterion had only a handful of Kurosawa films, it would still be difficult to choose between The Seven Samurai, Rashomon, and Ran, to name a few. | Not Rated His wife is now reflecting on her “clearly delusional” marriage. More Wenders on the Criterion Channel: Alice in the Cities, The American Friend, Kings of the Road, Palermo Shooting, Paris, Texas, Pina, Tokyo-ga, Until the End of the World, Wrong Move. M (Fritz Lang)A perfectly calibrated suspense film about a serial killer, unforgettably played by Peter Lorre. Crime, Drama. Stars: | It’s seamless. Why not start with 1938’s The Lady Vanishes, in which a spinster literally disappears into thin air? Bernard Noël, Drama, Romance. Yveline Céry, Not Rated The Dardennes’ blend of realism and fancy is a marvel to behold. His best movies had more humanism and relatable emotion than the vast majority of the “talkies” that would follow. Its chess-master absorption in the ongoing game between opposing governments, spy agencies, ideological factions, and individual opportunistic players places it closer to the original Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley’s People than to more overtly bravado exercises, which is a plus if, like me, you think that the Alec Guinness Smileys are among TV’s greatest achievements. There are character pieces like Winter Light and Fanny and Alexander and more challenging films like Persona and The Virgin Spring. Drama. Jean-Luc Godard | | More Tarkovsky on the Criterion Channel: Andrei Rublev, Ivan’s Childhood, The Mirror, Nostlaghia, The Sacrifice, Solaris, The Steamroller and the Violin. Stars: | See where so much of the romantic-drama foundation was poured.

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