haha oh i know what you are talking about! i dont know if its just the variation i learned, or if i dont know it right, but i always thought it was a bunch of nonsense words that sounded something like, um papi colonee colonesto um papi coloni academee sofari academee buff buff, I remember playing something like that, but the words were about frogs popping o_O. Kids love playing together. #1, when you show someone the circle, if they are fast enough, and they poke their finger into and then out of your circle, then they get to reverse the score. me and a group of people would sit in a circle with our left hand under the left persons right hand and our right hand above the right persons left hand. Play occurs by each hand in the circle slapping in turn, e.g. #1, when you show someone the circle, if they are fast enough, and they poke their finger into and then out of your circle, then they get to reverse the score. they are out and must remove that hand! Circle of Slap. Still have questions? i remember playing a game when i was little. i.e. The children make a circle, lying down on the floor on their tummies with like all games there is a few rules, guidelines, and other things of that nature. Jane Maddin. when they did, they slap the person to the lefts hand and begins a wave. i know i didn't give a lot of details but its been bothering me all day. I had a much younger co-worker tell me that "my generation didn't play it right" That's kind of funny seeing it was generations previous to his that came up with this crap...lol, 8 years ago the other side. on Introduction. I don't think she even knows that I make her smile. yeah dude, you can play it that way, but I think it's funner to play below the neck. 30 ideas for cool things to do (free eBook). when the chant is over, whoever was slapped last is out of the game... it goes on and on until there are only two people left. but we had two extra rules. Any player who slaps out of turn must remove that hand from the circle. The object of the game is to avoid having your hand touched or slapped, thus getting eliminated, and be the last Ninja standing. Posted by umdjab on Nov 20, 2015 in Games for Large Groups, Games for Small Groups | 0 comments, Get slap happy with this game that’s great for small teams…. For example: 1, 1, 4, 4 (slap slap clap clap) Player 4 then does the same, starting with their own number and following with someone else's: 4, 4, 7, 7 (slap slap clap clap) If someone misses their turn that's the way we've always played, it's fun to get creative. If - so - (slap slap clap clap) Let’s - go! Each child has her left arm linked through the right arm of the I heard a different way to play where you have to make the circle under your beltline. girl beside her. It's more difficult than it sounds! This is a very fun and simple game that you can play with your friends any time, anywhere. I remember the chant said something at the end like, "academy safari academy ping pong" and at "pong" is when the last person to get hit is out. Did you make this project? The game continues in the opposite direction, with the next hand having on Introduction. About: I like to build and destroy things, I get a bunch of old junk and I take them apart and I get the goodies, use them for stuff. game). i.e. =] i remember playing a game when i was little. Number who can join: unlimited but it makes for a long game! And you would slap the persons hald you are holding once yours is slapped. Game: Group players in teams of 3 – 6 people, all spaced around in a circle about 1-2 feet apart. ah! Reply All my friends and I used to play this when i was in school. If - so - (slap slap clap clap) Let’s - go! on Introduction, 9 years ago all you need is: -one hand -some other dudes -and um,.....that's it. on Introduction. 11 years ago especially when you play the version where the circle goes on your groin... the way me and friends play is that is it is in the testicular region and they get someone to look at it, they are free to punch in the balls until they hit said "looker". Ninja Slap. Reply The goal while doing this is to maneuver a medicine ball fully around the circle X number of times, with each player “slapping” the ball to the next person. on Introduction, Me and my friends play something like this. they get to hit you, TWICE. Is it as good time spent as Netflix and so? (This gives each girl 2 chances at

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