Maine – Despite Sen. Susan Collins’ high popularity in this state, Dems are optimistic about their chances to defeat her. Montana – Democratic Sen. John Tester won reelection in 2018, but it will be more difficult for a Dem to win a Senate spot with Trump on the ballot. Payback Project This year, we're working to defeat Trump-enabling Republicans in Arizona, Colorado, Georga (x2! Yes, we could just set our sights on canceling Cornyn, or getting rid of Graham, or trashing Tillis, or ejecting Ernst, or sending Perdue packing, but after years of Senate Republicans enabling Trump and destroying democracy, we have to do more. And we’ll keep reminding voters of their stances on the Affordable Care Act, abortion bans, climate change, and all our other top issues. Kentucky – For anyone to beat incumbent Sen. McConnell would take a miracle, but a number of Democratic candidates are giving it a go. Indivisible has a four-point plan for winning this fight. National and State Guides The election results are making a difference in the January 2019 Congress. Our nationwide network of organizers will work directly with groups on the ground to leverage their power with voters, the candidates, and the media to build support for strong progressive challengers. Payback means rallying supporters in every state to elect Democratic candidates. Join Hangouts Meet. Whoever wins the primary will have access to $4 million of crowd-funded money raised to unseat Collins after she voted to confirm Kavanaugh. If you live in one of the eleven target states, we’ll get you plugged into the most powerful ways you can take action on your home turf. Tired of screaming at the TV screen? Action, INDIVISIBLE Lambertville NJ / New Hope PA, Contact State-level: Governors and Legislators,,,,,,,, Important State and Local Coronavirus Information →. Arizona – Sen. McSally actually lost her bid for senator in this state, but then was appointed by the governor to fill Sen. John McCain’s seat after he passed. She had wide support from younger and non-white voters, as well as women., Populist bedfellows: Donald Trump and Hugo Chavez, My kitchen sink: A 2020 Election Metaphor. Georgia – Stacy Abrams in her unsuccessful gubernatorial race gave some hope to flipping this state. After Biden indicated that he would put O’Rourke in charge of gun control issues if he becomes president, that, however, may be a bigger carrot for O’Rourke. Indivisible GOTV Call-A-Thon: Payback Project Cardboard Caucus. Request an event be added to the ILNH Public Events Calendar. If you are interested in getting involved with this project, go to to sign up or join the Indivisible Payback Project texting team. This action is organized in collaboration with Rise Up Doylestown, Indivisible Lambertville New Hope and Indivisible Bucks County. Martha McSally, Arizona; Cory Gardner, Colorado; David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia; Joni Ernst, Iowa; Mitch McConnell, Kentucky (also Senate Majority Leader); Susan Collins, Maine; Steve Daines, Montana; Thom Tillis, North Carolina; Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; and John Cornyn, Texas. Bullock, who ran for president and dropped out in December, easily won his second term as governor in 2016, even when the state overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Payback, for Indivisible, means mustering activists in every state to help elect Democrats to take back the Senate. The whole world watched the Trump-Biden “debate.” And they were horrified.

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