You cannot transfer money between a Junior ISA and an adult ISA. If your child moves abroad, you can still add cash to their Junior ISA. Yes, you can change your existing Triodos cash ISA to one of the following types of Triodos cash ISAs: Changes to a different type of Triodos cash ISA are not permitted from Triodos Ethical Junior Cash ISAs or non-ISA savings accounts. As long as the child was a UK resident when the Junior cash ISA was opened, you will still be able to pay into the Junior cash ISA even though you and/or the child have moved abroad. What is a nominated account and why do I need it? Before completing an application form please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions for personal savings accounts below. Please contact us if they don't arrive. If you are moving abroad and you have opened an ISA (Individual Savings Account) in the UK, you won't be able to put money into it after the tax year in which you move. Also if you want to transfer money from your account online, you must do so to your nominated account. Junior cash to Junior stocks and shares or Junior stocks and shares to Junior cash. In some instances we may need to ask you to send in further information or documents. Can I transfer a Child Trust Fund to a Triodos Ethical Junior Cash ISA? Right Start Saver accounts are for people aged 18 and under. Only Crown employees working overseas will be able to deposit money to their ISA while abroad. From 6 April 2020, the Junior ISA allowance is £9,000 for the 2020/21 tax year. If we don’t hear back from you, we’ll close the account and transfer the funds to another Triodos account, until we receive your instructions. The annual subscription allowance for a Child Trust Fund is based on the child’s birth year while Junior ISA subscriptions are based on tax years. What are the basic rules of transfering a junior ISA or Child Trust Fund? A Junior cash ISA can only be opened by a person with legal parental responsibility for the child. Where can I find my account (reference) number. 11379025. Once the account is open, funds can be paid in by anyone. If your application was made by post then Internet Banking access is available for the following accounts: You can also access the Triodos Right Start Saver account online but you can't make payments from this account. Only one adult is able to operate the account. Anyone can pay money into a Junior ISA, but the total amount paid in cannot go over £9,000 in the 2020 to 2021 tax year. Each child can have one Junior cash ISA and one Junior stocks and shares ISA at any one time. What should I do if I have opened two ISAs in the current year? You can however apply to transfer a Junior ISA or a Child Trust Fund from one provider to another. When your child becomes 16 they can become the Account operator and manage their own account if they want to. Once you've decided which cash ISA suits you best, you can change the type of your Triodos Cash ISA to one of our other cash ISAs by completing and posting us the form below. Alternatively both our Right Start Saver and Ethical Junior Cash ISA accounts can be opened by adults with parental responsibility for a child. When the account holder turns 16 the child may apply to be the account operator. Yes. We will write to you to confirm when we have actioned your request. It is only the child that can make withdrawals once they turn 18. The ISA allowance is the maximum amount you can invest across all types of ISAs in any one tax year. When happens when the Right Start Saver account holder turns 18? Certifiers must clearly write that they have seen the original document, and that the photograph, if applicable, represents a true likeness of the individual. Is it only the Account operator who can deposit money into the Junior Cash ISA? Registered Office: Deanery Road, Bristol, BS1 5AS. At maturity, who can take the money out of the Junior Cash ISA? No. If you wanted to take the money out of the Junior Cash ISA you must contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) visit Transfer by cheque if the Triodos cash ISA you want to top up accepts cheque. As long as the child was a UK resident when the Junior cash ISA was opened, you will still be able to pay into the Junior cash ISA even though you and/or the child have moved abroad. You will still be able to hold your ISA accounts, and they will still accrue interest tax-free. Who can open a Junior cash ISA for a child? When a transfer of a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA has been made, the child can use the full Junior ISA subscription allowance for the tax year in which the transfer takes place regardless of any subscriptions made to the Child Trust Fund in that year. Further details can be found at You can also transfer between the different types of Junior ISA, in either direction. If your child has £2,000 paid into their cash Junior ISA from 6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021, only £7,000 could be paid into their stocks and shares Junior ISA in the same tax year. They must also include their full name, profession, business address, phone number and the date they certified the document. Transfers of current year’s subscriptions or transfers between the same type of Junior ISA must always be done in full. That means that if you are planning to move abroad, then there will be changes to the way you are able to use your ISAs. Accountants (registered with either ICAEW, ICAS, CAI, ACCA, CIPFA or CIMA), Post Office – a fee may be charged for using this service. If you want to deposit a cheque, please post it along with a paying-in slip to: Please note that in order to protect our co-workers and to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, all our offices are closed to visitors from the general public at this time. Yes. When investments can be withdrawn from a JISA. Registered in England and Wales No.

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