It soon appears that Rebecca wore the exact same dress in a costume party the year before, something that infuriates Maxim to the point of yelling at his wife, just like Mrs. Danvers predicted. I can’t argue that point. Please review their details and accept them to load the content. This is unquestionably a seduction, being carried out with utmost confidence. And even Hamlet is based on Sophocles. The cheek stroke. It’s a brilliantly-acted, quiet, and terrifying scene with Danvers at her worst. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Danvers lures the second Mrs. de Winter with the lust for what she can no longer have. "I didn’t feel like the Hitchcock version was hanging over it. Full Name She’s caretaker of the property and its former mistress, Anamika. The whispered invitation to the dressing room. . Mrs. Danvers is the villain of Daphnée Du Maurier's novel Rebecca, made internationally famous for its movie adaptation by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. 58 likes. Sometimes, saying goodbye to a character has even resulted in a physical response. By the time that we reach the infamous negligee (“look, you can see my hand through it”), Un-Becky is bewitched, bothered, and bewildered. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. That brings us to Mrs. Danvers. There are strong sexual overtones in the scene as the housekeeper caresses Rebecca’s fur, strokes her underwear, and gently displays her hand through a negligee, her eyes glazing over as she recalls with intimacy the life and rituals of her beloved Rebecca. As a housekeeper Mrs. Danvers cannot be beat. Alas, Danny simply can’t turn it off, so, instead of a cold shoulder, she gives this poor woman the vapors. Mrs. Danvers shows her new mistress her quarters and her study, where all the bed sheets and even the pieces or paper bear an embroidered 'R', the initial of Maxim's first wife, Rebecca: a beautiful and sophisticated woman who seemed to be the perfect noble lady in all regards, and who died a year ago in mysterious circumstances when her yacht sank. 2 Mrs. Danvers (2) Joel Rosario Claude McGaughey 8/13 F 2. The Australian-born actress appeared in over 50 acting roles throughout her long career before she passed away in 1992 at the age of 94. “You’ve always wanted to see this room, haven’t you Madam? Judith Anderson is the best at these kind of characters. Another great bit of casting is Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia) as Mrs Van Hopper. We do, however, know the identity of the next Danvers: as previously mentioned, the role will be played by Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, opposite Lily James as Un-Becky and Armie Hammer as Maxim. It needed Kristin to pull this off. Regarded as one of the most memorable antagonists in literature and cinema, the part seems a perfect fit for Thomas, who has played her share of elegant and intimidating women, from Clementine Churchill in “Darkest Hour” to Lady Sylvia McCordle in “Gosford Park.”, Told that Mrs. Danvers is ideal casting, Thomas laughs. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas has said that she took a different approach to her portrayal of villainous housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in the new film adaptation of Rebecca. I loved working with her.”, Thomas enjoyed diving into Mrs. Danvers’ dark side, she says, though some of her past roles have been harder to shake. I also wanted to explore a more sympathetic Danvers. ), To hear Wheatley tell it, he needed no convincing. Thanks so much! Read Next: Mads Mikkelsen in Early Talks to Replace Johnny Depp in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’. This is Jane and Rochester. Fast Dirt (Dirt) Pos. Like Mitchell and Webb’s Second Mrs. de Winter, the release date of Ben Wheatley’s much-anticipated remake of Rebecca is still TBA. Kentucky Derby 2021. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We really enjoyed playing with those ideas.”, Scott herself could be quite imposing, considering her body of work and the role she was playing. We need your consent to load this YouTube contentWe use YouTube to manage extra content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activity. Mrs. Danvers moves in on her in the best scene in the film for this fan, a casual display of evil delivered so effortlessly that it is beautiful despite its horror. Like how many versions of King Lears are there, or how many versions of Hamlet are there? Treat yourself to the entire clip: Like Un-Becky, we’re gonna need a minute to process what we just saw. The hate-fuck intensity in the delivery of “Of course I KNEWWWWWW,” and the way Neary throws back her head when Mitchell brushes “TBA’s” frocks across her throat. Especially not when he returns from Monte Carlo with a new wife in tow — a child-bride whose mere presence besmirches the memory of Rebecca, the one, true Mrs. de Winter. Based on Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel, Rebecca begins with the idyllic courtship of the aristocratic Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier) and an innocent young woman who will become the second Mrs. de Winter (Joan Fontaine). As soon as Scott Thomas’ Mrs. Danvers appears on screen the chill descends and the new Mrs. de Winter comes to the realisation that her new home is actually a tomb for her husband’s late first wife, the sainted and beautiful Rebecca. ), this performance is revealing in terms of what it amplifies about the original Mrs. Danvers. Finally Cut Ties With Johnny Depp, MGM Board Chair Kevin Ulrich Accused of Sexual Battery in Now-Discontinued Lawsuit, ‘The Crown’ Takes on Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher in Splashiest Season Yet, Take a Tour of Top 200 Collector Cheech Marin’s Art-Filled Home, Bootleg ‘Four Seasons Total Landscaping’ Merch Hits the Internet; 2020 Memes Win Again, Pagani’s Final Huayra Roadster Is Here, and It’s a Carbon-Fiber Stunner, Name, Image and Likeness: Everything You Need to Know About NIL, 16 Camera Accessories Every Photographer Needs. We’re not here to talk about me. Even Autostraddle’s take on Rebecca confines its defense of Danvers’s appeal to a coy double negative. Let’s make one thing quite clear. Released by United Artists in 1940, Rebecca is Alfred Hitchcock’s first American-made film and the only one that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Rather than cataloging all the moments when Danny makes sparks fly, I’m going to offer you a tasting menu of single scenes. Thank you to the members of the Classic Movie Blog Association. “We wanted to ask, What is her relationship with Rebecca? British romantic thriller, Rebecca premiered on the silver screens on October 16, 2020. Also, where have I seen all these outfits before??? This woman is queen of the household, a menacing, judgmental figure at first sight, disapproving of the rain-drenched young woman invading sacred space. He also confesses that Rebecca died during a heated argument, in which she had claimed to be pregnant with an illegitimate baby who would inherit Maxim's name and title, driving him over the edge. Let’s check out some more stills, shall we? And, just like that, the servant becomes the master. Yes! The new Mrs. de Winter, who comes from a modest background, has difficulties to adapt to her new role and to cope with Rebecca's haunting presence, which marks the manner as if she was still living there. . The two fall in love and get quickly married, and Maxim takes his new wife to his country manor of Manderley, where she is welcomed warmly by all the servants working there. ], Kohraa keeps pace with Hitchcock’s Rebecca in casting an entrancing character actress for its Danny, but the brains behind Anamika clearly decided, “It’s 2008! Manderley burned because it COULD NOT CONTAIN DANNY’S HOTNESS. Keeping Rebecca's old bedroom like a shrine. I wear beautiful clothes, I look after myself very well, my hands are the hands of a lady’. 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