Spiced Indian Chicken Baguette Recipe Book: Nigel Slater's Real Food Buy the book here Review: Full on 5 stars for this one! I successfully introduce the salty, sour notes using a spoonful of seriously aromatic shrimp paste and some fish sauce. 4 stalks of fresh lemongrass (bottom inches thinly sliced), 6 jalapeños (seeded and coarsely chopped), 1 piece peeled fresh ginger (2-inches thinly sliced), 1 ½ pounds skinless, boneless chicken thighs (cut into 1/2-inch-wide strips), ½ pound shiitake mushrooms (stemmed, caps quartered), 2 cups chicken stock (or low-sodium broth), 8 lime leaves (or one-inch-wide strips of lime zest), 1 tablespoon brined green peppercorns (drained), Steamed rice and lime wedges (for serving). Method. Off-dry (or lightly sweet) wines, such as Rieslings and Gewürztraminers, are often good accompaniments to spicy curries like this one. Mary Berry - Macaroni Cheese with Cherry Tomato Topping, Jamie Oliver - Sunshine Fusilli Pasta (388 Calories), Jamie Oliver - Masala Stuffed Peppers (389 Calories), Macaroni Cheese with Cherry Tomato Topping. Add 1 tablespoon of the curry paste and simmer for 5 minutes. Warm the oil in a deep casserole then add the duck pieces and let them brown to a pale honey colour on all sides. Macaroni Cheese with Cherry Tomato Topping (543 calories as a main course serves 4 recipe or 362 as a side serves 6 portion). Add the coconut milk, stock, lime leaves, peppercorns, 1 tablespoon of the fish sauce, 1/2 cup of the cilantro, 1/4 cup of the basil and a heaping 1/4 cup of the curry paste. A mild, fresh curry good for scooping up with flat breads. Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. I used Asda chicken wings so ended up using about 8 as there wasn't a whole load of meat on them. A slow cooker can can take your comfort food to the next level. Nigel Slater, a host of PBS's Great Food, says, "The first recipe I cooked on television was this green curry. I successfully introduce the salty, sour notes using a spoonful of seriously aromatic shrimp paste and some fish sauce. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. generally mix my own green-curry pastes, be they Thai or Vietnamese. Later on in the week I make a vegetable-based curry, bright with tomatoes and aubergines. This is deliciously soupy in consistency, so provide everyone with spoons as well as knives and forks. I like the effect that the sweet coconut milk and hot spice paste have on the dark, sweet meat of the duck and its fat. Add to the pan and continue simmering for 4 or 5 minutes until the broccoli is tender but still retains a little crispness in the stalks. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/nov/30/nigel-slater-curry-recipes Aga conversion: I deviated slightly with this recipe and roasted my wings in the Roasting Oven on the bottom set of runners for around 30  minutes. Process to a thick purée then pour into the onions, stir and continue to simmer gently. In a food processor, combine all the ingredients and pulse to a paste. Reasonably quick and easy to make. Lacking the handfuls of fresh coriander that go into their green cousins, they usually have more heat and earthy depth. Add the ground coriander, cinnamon, mustard seeds and turmeric, stir, and then continue cooking. Serves 2onions 2 mediumoil 3 tbspcoriander 1 tsp, groundcinnamon 2 tsp, groundblack mustard seeds 2 tspturmeric 2 tsp, groundtomatoes 4, medium to largeginger 65ggarlic 4 clovesaubergine 1 large or 2 smaller onescoriander a handful of leavespomegranate seeds of a small one. Over curry and cake, two of … Cut each of the duck legs into two to give four pieces, then season with a little black pepper and some salt. If I use ready-made pastes at all, then it will be the red. The meat takes the extra hot spices well and the richness of the meat means that you don’t need a large amount to satisfy, one leg being quite enough for each person. Meanwhile, put the tomatoes, chopped but unpeeled, into a blender or food processor with the ginger and the peeled cloves of garlic.

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