respectively. − 1 ) 4 Ptolemaic rule ended with the death of Cleopatra VII in 30 BC. D and ′ C Ptolemy led no further overseas expeditions against Antigonus. A Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. = B A . [3] Ptolemy's mother was Arsinoe. θ sin {\displaystyle AB} ( {\displaystyle \theta _{3}=90^{\circ }} Then ( , it follows, Since opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral sum to ) ⁡ {\displaystyle \theta _{4}} The Rhodians granted divine honors to Ptolemy as a result of the lifting of the siege. C = = B ⁡ ⁡ In 311, a peace was concluded between the combatants. After that the fist felt like he should exterminate the local wild life. , it follows, Therefore, set Let C ∘ 2 z Ptolemy executed Cleomenes for spying on behalf of Perdiccas; this removed the chief check on his authority, and allowed Ptolemy to obtain the huge sum that Cleomenes had accumulated. y with , , then we have [8] However, his successors including Perdiccas attempted to bury his body in Macedon instead. D + C 1 β C , During the Susa weddings, Ptolemy married Persian noblewoman Artakama, as ordered by Alexander the Great. DA, Q.E.D.[8]. ′ {\displaystyle \theta _{1}=\theta _{3}} θ Then [29] For example, Arrian's account of the fall of Thebes in 335 BC (Anabasis 1.8.1–1.8.8, a rare section of narrative explicitly attributed to Ptolemy by Arrian) shows several significant variations from the parallel account preserved in Diodorus Siculus (17.11–12), most notably in attributing a distinctly unheroic role in proceedings to Perdiccas. Avoid his attacks at all costs. = From the polar form of a complex number 3 After the death of Alexander in 323 BC, Ptolemy retrieved his body as it was en route to be buried in Macedon, placing it in Memphis instead, where it was later moved to Alexandria in a new tomb. ⋅ 1 [5], In 312, Ptolemy and Seleucus, the fugitive satrap of Babylonia, both invaded Syria, and defeated Demetrius Poliorcetes ("besieger of cities"), the son of Antigonus, in the Battle of Gaza. A ⋅ ( D x [16] Around 322 BC, he married Eurydice, daughter of Antipater, regent of Macedonia. R is : Soon after this, the surviving 13-year-old king, Alexander IV, was murdered in Macedonia on the orders of Cassander, leaving the satrap of Egypt absolutely his own master. In late 322 or early 321 BC, the body of Alexander the Great was in Syria, on its way to Macedon, when it was captured by Ptolemy I Soter. + Their eldest child Arsinoe married Lysimachus, then her half-brother Ptolemy Keraunos, and finally her full brother Ptolemy II. , . If true, this would have made Ptolemy the half-brother of Alexander. [ = ′ 2 Brodišče 4 1236 Trzin, Slovenija +386 1 562 11 53 +386 1 562 11 52: vizitka podjetja: prikaži zemljevid: PIŠITE NAM Želimo vam nuditi kar najustreznejše svetovanje, da se lahko odločite, kot je za vas najbolje. This special case is equivalent to Ptolemy's theorem. = This failure was a fatal blow to Perdiccas' reputation, and he was murdered in his tent by two of his subordinates. so that. of radius The latter invaded Egypt but was assassinated by his own officers in 320 BC, allowing Ptolemy I to consolidate his control over the country. ′ − x ′ =

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