Once you have decided on which account you are opening, it is time to actually open the account. There are a ton of factors you need to consider before switching or opening an investment account. by perturbed, Cons: Failed online trading system, which crashed right before my eyes! If you are looking for a low-risk investment, buying RBC stock might be the stock for you. Based on your answers, a customized portfolio that meets your needs is recommended and you can start investing. That said, is RBC Direct Investing your best broker choice? Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. This is going on from months now and their technical team is unable to resolve the issue. In simple terms, SRIs are stricter with screening industries and companies that make it into their investment portfolios. There are also different kinds of individual accounts to choose from. Do some research and find a different online vendor. ModernAdvisor Digital fees are as follows: free for 0-$10K, 0.50% on $10K-$100K, 0.40% on $100-$500K and 0.35% on $500K-$1M. 1) Worst Bank manager who had bad hand writing and costed me money and I had to go to Chinatown branch 3 times to fix his hand writing problem, because Direct Investment won't take the application unless corrected by the bank agent.2) Direct Investor's front office is really Royal bank, who doesn't know much about DI, and customers are forced to deal with RBC staff who know little or none at all about Direct Investment.3) Any problem with DI, I had to take it to Royal Bank, who said it's not there problem but DI's problems. I wrote to the president of RBC and received no response. by John W. Seaman, Shame, shame, shame. We will be removing all our money ASAP, by Shaun, My one account laggard for seven years and all I did was pay fees (it was in mutual funds). Being an IIROC member should put your mind at ease a bit since all IIROC members are insured under the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) so if any one of them becomes insolvent, all their clients will be reimbursed up to a $1,000,000 of their investment. RBC Direct Investing is an online brokerage platform for self-directed investors who want to trade stocks, ETFs, and other investment securities. See Terms Of Use Security is important too if you don’t want someone else getting their hands on your precious stock. this is worse bank I have experience with. Some offer commission-free trading. expect at RBC Direct Investing. I took what was left of my money out. TD Direct Investing is the online brokerage for Toronto Dominion Bank, the largest Canadian bank by assets. The RBC Direct Investing online broker is amongst the most popular of Canada’s online discount brokerages. RBC’s Direct Investing brokerage offers the high-end platform that you’d expect from one of Canada’s corporate behemoths. Site is NOT reliable - constant issues are start of trading day. Your Canadian Expat Investing Toolbox: DIY Discount Brokerages and Robo Advisors, TD Direct Investing Review 2020: Trading Fees, ETFs, and Brokerage Account Options, RBC Direct Investing Review 2020: Trading Fees, ETFs and Brokerage Account Options, PC Money Account Review – Loblaws Resurrects a New PC Financial No Fee Account, Home Buyers Plan & Life Long Plan Withdrawals. The only downsides are you can’t use credit/debit cards or electronic wallets with RBC Direct Investing, and your withdrawals may also end up being charged if you aren’t a bank customer prior to trading. Four days out of five the investors losses money while rbc are "sorry fo inconvenience". Top 5 High-Interest Savings Accounts In Canada. I have had an account here for 5 years and closed it today. You may either decide to use a fully digital application process or a print-and-mail application. I would assume that 6 months to get that work done would be enough but I guess these things take time.If you are considering investing with them, DON'T. If you transfer $15,000 or more from another financial institution, they cover the transfer fee up to $200. Here’s how RBC InvestEase compares with Wealthsimple. It now makes me angry to think how frugally she lived at his expense. Cons: no direct fund transfer, even from RBC accounts, only phone assitance during office hours, high fees, MERs are almost criminally high on mutual funds. Have qualified for the RBC Direct Investing Royal Circle program. by THKsNOT, This means other markets are not available to their customers. Responsible Investing (RI) vs. Socially-Responsible Investing (SRI). Unfortunately, I have no other option but to give them one star ( I would give them zero stars) ! 1/11/2018, Cons: Impossible to get a broker on the phone only an answering mc telling how busy they are. If you want to lose money, they’re perfect! by P.O'd, Active traders with 150 or more trades per quarter get a $3 discount per transaction on equity, ETF and options trades. This might not seem to matter to you at first, but you should note that there are currency conversion fees. Some recognizable “brokers” may not actually be brokers at all. 3 weeks of this back and forth and i had enough. It might seem like buying stock should be pretty easy to accomplish but here’s not how to do it: show up to almost any public company’s headquarters waving a wad of cash and tell them you won’t leave until they sell you a share of their stock. Not sure if other mutual funds are in that situation with them. Lucky it wasn't a big investment. by Morley Evans, Wealthsimple account holders with over $100,000 in deposited assets are categorized as Wealthsimple Black or Wealthsimple Generation clients. When it comes to the RBC Direct Investing fees and price comparison, it’s important to understand that RBC (and all of Canada’s large banks, for that matter) rarely seek to be the cheapest option available. You pay a commission of $28.95 + $1/oz for gold certificates and $28.95 + $0.10/oz for silver certificates. They do not provide feedback from customers. Leading Brokerage Review Websites About RBC Direct Investing "RBC Direct charges a commission of $28.95 (inclusive of all fees) on trades of up to 1000 shares for market and limit orders. I gave specific instructions as to when to move funds from another brokerage, but they ignored my request and moved the funds immediately. ModernAdvisor Personal fees are as follows: 0.89% on 0-$500K, 0.79% on the next $2M, .69% on the next $2.5M and .49% for investments over $5M. Ultimately, if you read our full Questrade Review you’ll quickly see why we recommend Questrade over RBC Direct Investing when it comes to choosing a discount broker in a vacuum. I wouldn’t give RBC Customer Service 4.5 stars. Contact your broker if you can’t immediately find them. Purchases are free; fees apply when you sell, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RRIF, margin, corporate, investment club, partnership, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, LRSP, LIRA, RRIF, LIF, margin, corporate, partnership, $25/quarter if balance is less than $15,000, $25/quarter if balance is $15,000 or less, Mobile app; web and mobile app for robo-advisor, Has dedicated platform for U.S. options trading, Access to low-cost robo-advisor (Wealthsimple Invest); high-interest savings account, Access to low-cost robo-advisor service (, This post may contain affiliate links.

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