Illegal immigrants found/sought/took sanctuary in a local church. sanctuary (noun) - a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept, Re: [sjcordova] Which butterfly sanctuary is the best, Re: [tonyburton] Which butterfly sanctuary is the best. That effectively ends any attempts to create so-called sanctuary cities. An example of a sanctuary is a church or temple. For example: "the sanctuary" or "a sanctuary", Words that often come after sanctuary in sentences. In fact, Congress has established a program to facilitate such cooperation and outlawed cities from declaring themselves exempt from immigration law known as sanctuary policies. 51. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Example Sentences for "sanctuary". (A view of the beginning of the restorations of the main sanctuary). "Here you will be quite to yourselves," said Lady Clonbrony; "let me establish you comfortably in this, which I call my sanctuary -- my. 1. a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept 2. a shelter from danger or hardship 3. area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing. RUMSFELD: Maybe the word sanctuary was not a perfect word, because I don't think of it as a permanent sanctuary. Random good picture Not show. The celebrant vested himself in the sanctuary. Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, played to Republican hard-liners by voicing fierce opposition to amnesty for those in the country illegally and committing to cut funding for so-called sanctuary cities, which don't enforce immigration law as a matter of policy. Sanctuary in a sentence 1. Words that often come before sanctuary in sentences. Source. Hanging at the entrance to the sanctuary is a poster of Barack and Michelle Obama with the words "A New Era.". Hence, there is a sense in which the worship space must be a sanctuary from the grittiness and cruelties and manipulations of such issues as nationalism and profane forms of earthly patriotism. In Gombe Stream National Park, a chimpanzee, The Waterford technique also provided this patient a place of refuge or, There are currently six other cases across Canada, with about 12 people involved, of refugees seeking, There is a graphic description, for instance, of the killings in Rwanda and of the butchery of 3,000 Tutsis seeking, Diana would occasionally come out of her room, and eat something before retreating back to her, Not far from the club is the Nairobi National Park, a, His experiment was so successful that the neighborhood has been certified as a wildlife, Certainly by 16 May 2000 Bambi had been transferred to a local donkey, This will go towards looking after abused, sick and stray animals in the, It gave visitors an opportunity to find out more about the work of the, The island of Bonnaire in the Dutch Caribbean has a, The Fauna Foundation started out originally as a, But to his relief, he saw temple guardians standing outside the massive doors of the, It is our view that the plaque came down from the Archaic, The whole convent got together for prayer and worship in the, The memorial ball, however, was descended directly from the main, On entering the Church, he noticed pieces of stained glass strewn over the, A small frown creased her face in minor aggravation as she tried to push her way out of the crowded, When the Ministers have said the Gloria at the altar, they go to sit in the, The company also put men to work guarding the, The only other noises were the scratches of the rats claws as they helped themselves to whatever was stored in their, Over the years, the temple has became a famous, Under threat are the turtle, fresh water prawn and crocodiles in the nearby, As he moved through a huge crowd to the basilica's, We made our way through the throngs of pilgrims gathered about the, It is wrong to characterize the Stonewall Inn as having been a, For centuries Tibetan Buddhists had treasured the legend of Shambhala, a hidden, We find imprecations against people who break laws, defile a, Whatever the year and whatever the relative merits of new films, one can always find cinematic, The lighted candles and dim red light of the, The explosion of a small artificial moon in low orbit sends a meteoric rain onto the Ewok, There the hippo immediately ran to Mzee, a 130-year-old Aldabran tortoise who resides at the Haller Park, It has the same effect as where the altar is on the same level as the, Orphans were placed under the protection of a guardian by means of action taken by a, The attack took place along an arduous trek into the wildlife, Pete and Frank are two Aussies blokes who championed the endangered bilby, and four years ago, began a campaign to create a, The events taking place at that time will foreshadow the scapegoat ritual of the Day of Atonement in Israel's, In the epistle of St Paul to the Hebrews, St Paul speaks of the, Moreover, questions would often arise during the divine service, when it is forbidden for a Kohen-priest to leave the, The millionaire bookie gladly agreed to take the neglected animal into his private, The severity of the law was modified by a felon's right to abjure the realm if he succeeded in reaching the, Even while abjurations were in force, such a criminal was not allowed to take, So up a wooden ladder into the crawl space above the church, Prisoners being warehoused in extremely dangerous, volatile, brutal and often explosive environments where absolutely no, Trajan, for example, was honoured not only with a statue, but also a small, The clergy also intervened in disputes through the provision of ecclesiastical, Last year hundreds of birds died of fright due to fireworks being set off near the Hutchinson Road, What brasses me off is that a son of one of these refugees now wants to deny other refugees the, In May this year he returned with colleagues to the. Now apparently public pressure has convinced city officials to change that so-called sanctuary policy. , For many people, the church is a sanctuary which provides them with comfort. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

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