The bubbly mineral water that was first bottled in 1895 has been a favorite for battling the oppressive heat and making fizzy cocktails for decades in Texas. It's fun to try new things! Meanwhile, Spindrift received a poor review with the main critique being it "barely has any fizz." I found a palate of orange flavored La Croix at Ralph’s when we first moved to San Diego a few years ago. The flavor of this lemon option was fairly mild (though authentic), but that was just fine with most folks. It's also worth keeping in mind that, with the addition of freshly-squeezed fruit, comes pulp in just about every can, which might not be everyone's cup of tea (via Thrillist). Spindrift water contains delicious real fruit juice, only 10 calories and 1g of sugar per serving — yup, that's it. Because it’s made with real fruit, Spindrift is definitely pricier than LaCroix and most other flavored seltzers on the market. In fact, even Prince Harry replaced his alcohol and caffeine habits with LaCroix while his wife, Meghan Markle, was pregnant (via Thrillist). Buy or subscribe online to have Spindrift sparkling water delivered to your home or office! While not the oldest sparkling water on this list, Vintage is -- aptly -- the most dated. I also much prefer the glass bottles of these french versions. The sparkling mineral water only comes in two additional flavors (lime and black pomegranate) but they are really, really fresh-tasting. In the end, with intriguing flavors like blackberry, cucumber, and the outstanding watermelon, Spindrift presents a worthy opponent to LaCroix. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sometimes I’ve been known to go specifically to…wait for it…Target..just to get La Croix peach-pear or coconut flavored sparkling water. While much of the LaCroix craze can be chalked up to effective marketing, it's also thanks in large part to the brand's wide variety of flavors, all touted as 100 percent natural, while remaining zero calories per can. It looks straight out of your Great Aunt Martha's garage fridge. So in love with Spindrift sparkling water! But like my acupuncturist would caution: sparkling water is not a strong hydration strategy (also not good for bloat!). However, there's something so satisfying about cracking open a cold, fizzy drink from the fridge. In a ranking by Grub Street, Spindrift came in last place among seven brands, with the harsh judgment that, while delicious, it simply isn't seltzer. Taken from a "secret" spring nestled in the heart of Arkansas' Ouachita Mountains, Mountain Valley has that same outdoorsy vibe that Adirondack captures. Aside from its minimal flavor options, the only drawback here is the big ol' glass container it comes in… which is probably part of the reason it tastes so good, so it's a double-edged sword. Holy moly this effervescent elixir is refreshing!!!  Pros: Only 10 calories per bottle; very simple ingredients; subtle flavoringCons: Maybe too subtle for some people. The lemon flavor is outstanding and easy to find. It really tastes like fresh lemon squeezed into seltzer (because it is!). I didn’t miss the caffeine from Diet Coke but I did miss the bubbles! Customers can purchase the drink in eight different flavors: lime, grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, mango, and cherry. They're all waiting for LaCroix's effervescent bubble to burst and open the door for a new trendy, semi-flavored sparkle-water du jour. I’ve had a bit of a surprising dehydration issue the past few summers that I’m determined not to replicate (I have to think about more than myself in this body now!) You might be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the popularity of sparkling and seltzer water rising in recent years. Sure enough. This addition of real fruit juice means the color of the drink itself, as well as the (still quite low, but non-zero) number of calories, distinguishes Spindrift from LaCroix (via Vox). Score: 7.8/10 For fans of fizz, check out Polar. They further acknowledge that using natural flavors ensures more consistency from batch to batch, but the brand prioritizes transparency and quality of ingredients over that consistency. ". Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, and get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. The NY Times estimated that sales of the drink (almost exclusively sold stateside in Texas) leaped almost 83% in the early '10s. For instance, the Tampa Bay Times evaluated 11 different brands of flavored sparkling water, and LaCroix came out on top, with the author calling it "perfect cold, at room temperature, by itself and in cocktails." Reddit users seem to echo this opinion, with one writing "In my new found love and obsession for sparkling water, I've determined that Spindrift just sucks. This is NYC-bred through and through, and it takes a tremendous amount of pride in that (just look at the website). With a solid taste profile and the whole "NYC" branding thing (people love New York -- except people from Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and Philadelphia), it's not too difficult to picture Hal's garnering nationwide attention sometime soon. The hardest part about being a LaCroix soda water lover? The orange flavor was way less boring than the lime flavor I could get at Von’s. OK, so one club soda had to make the list. All this is either right up your alley… or a little too much. I first got hooked about 8 years ago when friends came in town and purchased some of the seemingly unnoticeable pink Cran-Raspberry package of La Croix from the bottom shelf in the soda aisle of my local grocery story (I still miss good ole Harris Teeter sometimes). My crew of testers just loved the amount of carbonation in this sparkling water. Pepsi recently announced the launch of Bubly, a new sparkling water with no artificial flavors, no sweeteners, and no calories. It's more bubbly than LaCroix… and most flavors come off a little sharper and more tart. Holy moly this effervescent elixir is refreshing!!! Each of the eight fizzy brands below has a legitimate chance to win even the staunchest LaCroixalist over. Of course, the most significant difference between the two brands is what they add to their seltzer in terms of flavorings. Pros: Svelte, Champagne-esque packaging; an amazing mixerCons: Technically it's a club soda. drinking even more regular water – or water spiked with organic coconut water – is what really helped me to feel hydrated and be able to say “no” to Diet Coke for almost 2 years. The point is, Q Club may be tasty enough, may be bougie enough, may be different enough to make a dent in LaCroix's stranglehold on the sparkling market. PLEASE drink responsibly‼️ _____ #hiimchewie #lacroix #highfive #drinkresponsibly #chewieeatz A post shared by Hi I’m Chewie (@hi_im_chewie) on Feb 9, 2018 at 11:31am PST La Croix is the brand of sparkling water most people pick up and try their first time. Enter flavored sparkling waters. For one thing, Spindrift is much younger, being founded back in 2010 (via Chatter Source). ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. It's super-refreshing and not at all subtle. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hell, they even kind of look the same. These popular products, which are flavored with natural flavors (Hint Fizz, Bubly and LaCroix) or fruit juice, as is the case with Spindrift, are combined with carbonated water. They certainly didn’t help these behemoth’s main bread and butter! It might be better than other seltzer brands, but it may not have the brand appeal needed to overthrow LaCroix. Not only would I schlep to Target and face my fears of scents and crowds, but sometimes they would be out of the apricot flavor! But it tastes great. But the NY Times did write about it… so it's probably already hit its peak hipness. But despite all the hype, it's important to realize there are other sparkling waters out there. I was content to be a LaCroix drinker for life until I picked up a 4 pack of lemon flavor Spindrift Seltzer from Trader Joe’s at the beginning of the year. Flavor options vary by store! This addition of real fruit juice means the color of the drink itself, as well as the (still quite low, but non-zero) number of calories, distinguishes Spindrift from LaCroix (via … Pros: Very fresh-tasting; comes in a thick glass bottleCons: That thick glass bottle can be kind of cumbersome. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you've shopped for seltzer in New York City, you've probably seen the aisles lined with a kaleidoscopic array of Hal's. so I’m trying not to be too addicted to Spindrift, but I certainly don’t say “no” when my sweet husband offers to travel to the inconveniently located store that has most Spindrift seltzer flavors in town . But when it ran out (in like a week! While LaCroix uses exclusively "natural flavorings," Spindrift adds "just real squeezed fruit," according to their website's about page. It really tastes like fresh lemon squeezed into seltzer (because it is!). Since then, sparkling water flavors like mandarin orange and wildberry have eclipsed the cola. Pronounced "Izzy" -- named after co-founder Todd Woloson's daughter -- this sparkling water prides itself on simplicity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pros: Rugged, outdoorsy vibe; long-standing pedigree in the New York area; white chocolate flavorCons: Kind of boring; limited to the New York area. At this point, you're either extremely sick of people droning on about the virtues of LaCroix or you're currently double-fisting some Pamplemousse at your desk. I got myself a bit hooked on the cucumber flavor after I found it at Brentwood Country Mart (no Reese Witherspoon sighting but as least I found a new Spindrift flavor ). For years now, we've known that sipping on sugary sodas isn't great for our overall health. TeamLaCroix. Vintage has all the basic flavors -- lime, wild cherry, coconut -- and it's a model of consistency for sparkling waters. Still, it's not hard to picture the masses giving Mountain Valley trend-points BECAUSE of the glass container, so what the hell do I know? It's pretty much the de facto beverage of choice for cooling off overheated Lone Star Staters. Fans of Vintage, you might want to keep all this on the DL, lest you live to see your unpretentious beverage of choice paired with man buns and cable-knits for the next half-decade. Now the obvious option would be to find your favorite sparkling water texture (small or large fizzy bubble ratio) and add fresh squeezed fruit to it. You probably don't know the difference anyway. With such a surge in popularity, it's no wonder multiple new brands of flavored seltzer have emerged onto the scene and started making waves, with perhaps the strongest contender being Spindrift. This seltzer comes in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, and heavily plays up its all-natural branch-to-can/bottle ethos. This one might register on the hipster Richter scale due only to the irony of importing water from Mexico -- but it has more going for it than kitsch. That can be a big draw or major detraction, depending on your preference. So this one could go either way. It tasted refreshing like Fresca, but without the icky after taste and bad feelings from artificial sweeteners. I was content to be a LaCroix drinker for life until I picked up a 4 pack of lemon flavor Spindrift Seltzer from Trader Joe’s at the beginning of the year.

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