St Andrew's Cathedral (also known as St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral) is a cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney in the Anglican Church of Australia.It should not be confused with the nearby Catholic St Mary's Cathedral.The cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and Metropolitan bishop of New South Wales, currently the Most Reverend Glenn Davies, elected … Errol Scarlett, one-time cathedral organist, has also written a comprehensive account of music in the cathedral up to 1971 (3). For additional service times please visit St Mary's Cathedral website.

[8] There is a spacious triforium placed above the aisle roofs. St Mary's Cathedral College (SMCC) Sydney NSW Australia St Mary's Cathedral College is a systemic Roman Catholic secondary day school for boys located in the central business district of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [2]   Prior to the current four organs was a short-lived instrument of small dimension and probably erected by Thomas V. Bridson, destroyed in the fire of 1869, followed by an incomplete two manual organ by Jackson of 1874  - broken up in 1959 - and sited in the southern corner of the eastern transept, opposite the Chapel of the Irish Saints. Siting was north-south with the organist's back to the sanctuary. With the coming of Cromwell St. Canice’s reverted to Protestant hands and the Catholics had no cathedral. It is likely that by this time the organ had also been enlarged to its original specification as there are reports of collections for a "new" organ, and improvements being effected (19), but, as Rushworth points out, the original Jackson organ was finally completed (with the Richardson additions) in 1892 and the opening reported on 30 January 1893 (20).

[5] Wooden rank made, but never installed. Because of the delays in completing Wardell's new cathedral (commenced in 1866), the Jackson organ did not enjoy a permanent site for some time and found itself moved around as more sections of the cathedral became available. O’Flynn was deported on 20th May 1818, and Catherine Fitzpatrick worked with a certain McGuire to train singers for a Choir to sing at Mass and Vespers in anticipation of a time when priests would officially be appointed to minister to the colony. Added ca. Likewise the triforium organ, commenced in 1960 by Ronald Sharp, is of great significance as the builder’s first organ and one of the earliest Orgelbewegung instruments in the country, albeit one with electric action. St Mary's Cathedral. While playing the organ was usually dominated at that time by males, either lay or clerical, I have lately discovered that a woman first played the Bevington during 1848. The stop knobs controlling the Whitehouse organ have momentarily replaced some of these. 12 pipes from an old Christie Diaphone were connected to the tab for a number of years and then disconnected after the pedal chests were made. The prepared for couplers pertaining to the prepared Chamades and Bombarde divisions have been omitted here. [6] Personal comment by Mark Fisher to P. de Lasala, July 2005.

On 25 August 1851 the foundation stone for extensions to St Mary's was laid, these in the Decorated Gothic style to the design of the celebrated English architect A.W.N. In a letter to a colleague back in England at Stanbrook Abbey on 26 July 1848 Dame Magdalen le Clerk wrote: "I played the organ[at a monastic profession ceremony during High Mass]and even that was not the first time I had performed the office of organist. [7] Over the next few years it was agreed that the organ could better support both congregation and choir if it was removed to a gallery in the one bay of the nave (ie to the south of the sanctuary instead of the eastern chamber), and this was effected during 1899 (18). Brian Andrews, Creating a Gothic Paradise: Pugin at the Antipodes. Ronald Sharp 1960, 2m., 26 sp. Instrument 2. (4/46 mechanical and electric), Additional Couplers (mobile console) Further technological improvement came when electricity was connected to the cathedral and to the organ blower in 1907 (21). Added ca. (Personal comment by Mark Fisher to P. de Lasala, July 2005). st., mechanical and electric

Construction of the present cathedral began in 1866 to the design of William Wilkinson Wardell (1823-1899), one of the leading Catholic architects of the 19th century, who had emigrated to Melbourne in 1858. It had been the intention of establishing a Benedictine monastery which never came to be. In 2017, St Mary's Cathedral bought a 3 stop chamber organ by the Dutch builder Henk Klop, who specialises in such instruments. Its form and finish richly express the architecture of divinity and worship: its cruciform shape, the soaring vaulted timber nave (22 metres high and 107 metres long), the exquisite linings of alabaster, granite and limestone (crafted by master tiler Peter Melocco), intricate stained-glass panels by Hardman & Co, and the yellowblock sandstone of the honey-coloured exterior quarried in nearby Pyrmont. By this time, St Mary’s was elevated to the status of Cathedral with the arrival of Australia’s first Bishop, John Bede Polding OSB. Fitzpatrick was an educated Irish woman, a schoolteacher, who had freely come to NSW to be near her husband Bernard, who had been transported to the colony with a conviction of embezzlement. Dirksen pipes from Greenwich: cf note 9 supra. The dedication of the first section of the building took place on 8 September 1882 while by 1900 the eastern limb of the building, transepts, central tower and first two bays of the nave were complete with a total length at that stage of 200ft; the dedication took place in September.

On 29 June 1865 the entire building, including the Bevington organ, was destroyed by fire. May the Lord let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The remaining six bays of the nave and the two towers together with the crypt were constructed in the 1920s and opened in 1928. Bellsham organs 1986, 2m., 9 sp. A Gothic Revival landmark opposite Hyde Park, the Cathedral was designed by architect William Wardell and completed by John Hennessy. When work resumed in the 1920s on extending the nave the then gallery had to be demolished and the organ moved again. [9]

The stained glass is by John Hardman & Sons of Birmingham. , dismantled in 1969 by Ron Sharp and Mark Fisher. Robert Parkinson writes in SOJ Winter 2007: When St Mary’s Chapel (1821) became a Cathedral with the arrive of Bishop Polding in 1835, the Choir was an obvious choice to provide music to assist at the Cathedral’s liturgies when its construction was completed, and Catherine Fitzpatrick was its first conductor. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Its foundation during the early days of the Colony was not without a great deal of difficulty. So in July 1882 Jackson commenced removal to the organ chamber of Wardell's building (which is now known as the Chapel of the Irish Saints). [13]

The dedication had to wait until 29 June 1836, by which stage the building, 110ft long and 45ft wide in the nave, was decorated and furnished. Reminding us that Sydney is a secular city, the Australian Museum – the country’s oldest natural history museum – stands just across William Street. Specification noted by P. de Lasala February 2005. Internally, the nave, transepts and sanctuary have groined ceilings in timber while those of the aisles are in stone. Beginnings. She was part of the group of Catholics who sheltered Fr Jeremiah O’Flynn, an Irish priest who had himself come to the colony to minister to Catholic convicts against the wishes of the colonial government. Fr John Therry, a pioneer priest in the Colony, had requested land on the foreshore in what is now referred to as the Rocks area in Sydney. Pugin and consisting of an additional 51ft to the nave, flanked by a chapel and the base of a large tower which was to rise to 200ft. The crypt organ was originally built by Bellsham Pipe Organs of Perth for the residence of Steve and Louise Blatchford in Pymble, but was sold to St Mary’s in 1993. (Personal comment by Mark Fisher to P. de Lasala, July 2005). At various times orchestral and band instruments have also played a part in a rich musical tradition.

The cathedral currently possesses four independent organs:  Whitehouse 1942, Sharp 1960, Bellsham 1985 and Létourneau 1999.
Indeed, I never thought I could have mustered courage to sit down before such an enormous pile of pipes..."(11). The set of seven figures, all of plaster with bronze finish, standing 3 feet high, were in place by 28 August 1852 and, in the opinion of the monastic recorder, looked "remarkably well and quite a finish to the organ" (10). The instrument was ready to accompany ceremonies marking the opening of a partly-completed building (one bay of nave, temporary roof, and no central tower) on 8 September 1882 (16). Prior to these instruments, there were three others. Meeting point for the Cathedral tour: next to the organ console near the College Street entrance. Instruments 4 and 5. (Personal communication by Mark Fisher to P. de Lasala, July 2005). The prepared for couplers pertaining to the prepared Chamades and Bombarde divisions have been omitted here. The registers are divided b/c and the stops are designated solely as 8, 4, 2. Bentley and executed by Farmer & Brindley, of London. Whilst the Bevington was lost in the fire of 1865, there are ranks of the earlier organ c.1820 which remain in the instrument now to be found at Lindfield Uniting Church. The Charles J. Jackson instrument of 1874 was the Sydney builder’s largest and most significant instrument and until its demise possessed two manuals and 26 stops (four of which were supplied by Charles Richardson in 1892) and mechanical action. Former Jackson Pedal Bourdon with nicking filled in, stoppers refitted and mouths lowered. The spires were added in 1998 – 2000 and were constructed in accordance with Wardell’s design. Housed in an attractively carved Cherrywood case, the organ whose pipes are all wooden principally serves for accompanying Vespers in the Chapel of the Irish Saints and concerts. By a twist of irony, a great Neo-Gothic cathedral rose from this ignominious ‘dump’ to become the fine landmark it is today. Orgues Létourneau Ltée, op 64 1999

[12] Instrument 1. There it remained until demolition and removal in 1959. From other work of this notable architect and details in The Benedictine Journal, scholars have more recently devised a most elegant case which can be seen in Rushworth's Supplement to his magnum opus(8).

Specification noted by P. de Lasala, July 2005 and verified by personal comment from Peter Kneeshaw. The foundation stone of the first St Mary's Church was laid on 29 October 1820 by Governor Macquarie, but the first Mass was not celebrated until 5 December 1833 owing to severe difficulties in raising funds for the enterprise. st., electric So the Jackson organ was moved to the southern wing of the eastern transept but still without a proper case, the console being surrounded by drapes to hide the interior workings.   The Létourneau instrument, designed to a specification devised by the consultant and cathedral organist, Mr Peter Kneeshaw, is the Canadian builder’s largest Australian instrument and has finally provided the cathedral with a comprehensive choir organ which is also suitable for small-audience organ recitals and teaching.

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