Okay so I also own the PlayStation 4 Pro but PlayStations crappy network is why I decided to get a gaming PC but it also seems that the strike pack isn't working even on my PlayStation 4. 1.Warzone Is anybody else having the issue with their strike pack not working on the PS4? Aim Assist Strength 14 Aim assist It’s ridiculously fast and people rage when I kill them with it lol I’m not trying to get banned though. It hasn't been working on my PC since they updated it but I noticed today I can't get the anti recoil function to work. The video show examples of MW2019 off and when I turn it on. I use the AK so the anti recoil is a pretty big help but it's not even working on my PS4 since they updated it. The strikepack still worked when I launched another game, so I am guessing that the cod update messed with this. So I plugged it back in the VR USB port and it started working again. Primary Weapon Fire Disabled Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. Tactical We are so close to 1k subs and I truly thank God. Primary Verticle Anti Recoil(20) M4A1 with Mono Sup 20 -7 Have you tried your strike pack on the PS4? I use the PS4 verison of the strikepack by going through steam and launching battlenet. JOHN 3.16 "...elite gaming control without the elite price tag Manual Every guns recoil is slightly different some more verticle than horizontal and some have both. Also my mic doesn't seem to work either. Have a quick sales question? M4A1 I did research on back buttons and found the Strike Pack. For some reason it would show config loaded on the steam screen but when I got in game nothing worked. Click below to download the Windows MOD PACK Configurator Tool (Windows 7 or higher required. WINDOWS UPDATER MAC UPDATER. Disabled I have done 5 days testing and have found that it is a lazer on some guns mostly SMG than others like AR's. MP5 Also the controller doesn't even work through steam without the strike-pack as well 360 ), "My husband loved it! (and it kept him from buying the expensive custom controller! Primary Weapon Fire Disabled Hope this helps you all out any problems just ask. Well hopefully that gets fixed soon. (Like what most people on this thread have been experiencing) So I tried connecting to different USB ports and still nothing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. From collective minds" Sorry, the Strikepack is not supported on PC and has limited use on PC via Steam Big Picture. Disabled Adjust and Fine Tune Mod Pack Settings on your PC! firstly thank you all for watching the videos and sharing all the love and comments. Aim assist So are we thinking they will fix this or was this all a ploy to ban the strikepack. 360 Battle beaver were highly touted by pros etc but the lead time was over 7 weeks to get one. Default Though some users may have found means of getting Strikepacks to work on PC, we do not support these methods and are used at the user's own discretion. Click below to download the Windows MOD PACK Configurator Tool (Windows 7 or higher required.) All bad. Grau But I do not want to play if I can't use my paddles. So at least there’s a bit of hope that the latest update didn’t make it completely impossible to use the strike pack because mine works now. I now have an issue where when I’m in the middle of a Game, the controller will disconnect because of the Strikepack Dominator, and it will also disconnect my USB Hyper X Cloud 2 Headset, I have to use a USB Switch Hub now so I can easily reset both the Headset and Controller with Strikepack attached with one press of a button. Hair Triggers Creates massive input delay so not possible playing warzone but fortnite works like a charm. 3.MW2019 Click the link below in order to update your Strike Pack device to the latest features available. Disabled It didn’t work at all. Finally, I hooked it in to my VR USB Port on my motherboard and it set it up as a new device. 2nd setting. Works fine on fortnite but can only get it to work via Xbox controls on my ps4 controller when playing warzone. So far I found that MW2019 is the absolute best pack to use. Page generated in 774.041891098 milliseconds, Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK GRAU SETTINGS COMING SOON) CAN WE HIT 30 LIKES, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5oISMtFlpY, GRAU IS A LASER BEAM (STRIKE PACK) Call Of Duty Warzone (Can We Hit 50likes), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (AK47 SETTINGS), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (MP7 SETTINGS)(GRAU SETTINGS), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (M4A1 SETTINGS), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (M13 SETTINGS), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK Progression (KAR98), Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK Progression, Call Of Duty Warzone How To Setup A STRIKE PACK (Q&A), (NEW GRAU SETTINGS) Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK), Call Of Duty Warzone NEW STRIKE PACK SETTINGS BRIEF TUTORIAL PART 2 *LAZER BEAM*, Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (MOD CENTRAL BRIEF TUTORIAL AND SETTINGS) PART 1, Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK SETTINGS-Progression) FPS DOMINATOR-Anti Recoil In Action, Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK Progression) SETTINGS ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION, Call Of Duty Warzone (NEW STRIKE PACK SETTINGS) SETTINGS ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION, Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK WEAPON AI Progression, Call Of Duty Warzone STRIKE PACK (Aimbot In My Bones) NEW SETTINGS In Description, Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK) PLUNDER (SOLO SQUADS), Call Of Duty Warzone NEW SETTINGS using a (STRIKE PACK) FPS DOMINATOR. It is not compatible with games that launch without Steam, like Fortnite or Overwatch on PC. Lower your Aim Assist Strength 14 is highest you should go Disabled It shows that it is recognized when I launch battlenet, but it does not get recognized ingame. Everything was fine until they just updated Modern Warfare. Tactical So whatever they did with modern warfare not only screwed it up so you can't use your controller or strikepack through Steam on Modern Warfare but you can't use it on PlayStation 4 either. This will happen multiple times per game and causes maybe 20 seconds of a loss each time I have to reset. ADS Anti recoil I've tested it through Steam and blizzard and it works fine tested it in my PC settings and it works fine but when I play the game nothing I can hear everything but nobody can hear me. Call Of Duty Warzone (STRIKE PACK PROGRESSION SETTINGS) SORRY THIS TOOK LONG AND I LOST THE AUDII FILE EXPLAINING EVERYTHING SO READ CAREFULLY. Aim assist 2.Optimised If you want to use it on Steam, do note that no 3rd Party applications for controller detection ought to be used (DS4Windows, etc...), your PS4 or Xbox One controllers are enabled in your Steam settings, and that the game must be labelled by Steam as controller friendly. No matter how high or low I set it. 1st setting. It started working perfectly. NEW WARZONE STRIKE PACK SETTIINGS Many of you have reported to me that you have found it hard to activate weapon ai and anti recoil etc. Default $40 for back buttons! (but not sports). Any questions just ask as I am always happy to help. GET CONFIGURED NOW! I just made the switch from PS4 to PC today and tried using both SCPToolKit and Steam to have my PS4 controller connect and had no luck. I don't even use it for the paddles all I use it for is the anti recoil and it's not doing anything. Primary Horizontal Anti Recoil (-7) Now instead of playing it on the $1,400 gaming desktop setup I just got literally a week ago I'm playing it on my PS4 Pro just so I can use the mic. nope. I dont currently have twitter etc so please do msg me via youtube comments and it helps the channel out. Just to test to see if it was a fluke, I unplugged it and put it back in a normal USB port just to see if it still worked. When it disconnects also there is a few of the LED’s flashing up on the top beside the Cable port. Hey I’ve been having the same problems for the past few days on MW with the strike pack (since the update) but somehow (maybe by luck) I finally got mine to work. 1st setting. I used this method after I used SCP Toolkit. I can still take mine back under warrently and wondering if maybe the dualshock back paddles are having the same problem. I've been messing around since last night trying to figure that out too and that's what I came up with is the update no longer makes it work. 340 I'm glad it's not me I thought I was doing something wrong. Sweet!!! Hey guys if I was using this rapid fire on the FAL online could it get me banned? I do this just as a hobby and I love to help and share knowledge with others, so hope this helps. I went through 2 strike packs without ever using or even knowing there were mods. )", "...elite gaming control without the elite price tag! I bit the bullet and bought a scuff. The update definitely messed it up. Let me know if it works for you. By Our Gods grace I have managed to come up with a solution that should help all as we go along and work together as a team. Warzone and Optimised Strike Packs are currently not working to well. Hair Triggers I use the strike-pack on my PS4 all the time, if anyone finds a way around this please DM or @ me thank you, Also the controller doesn't even work through steam without the strike-pack as well. Support requests should go here. Share like comments and subscribe press notification bell to keep up todate as I am always testing settings. Aim assist Manual AMEN and GOD BLESS. Adjust and Fine Tune Mod Pack Settings on your PC! Glad I'm not the only one. Most if not all attachments work but the packs are somewhat inconsistent. Primary Verticle Anti Recoil(16) ignore the date of the pack the only thing that does not work is jitter mod but rightfully so thats too OP. Primary Horizontal Anti Recoil (-4) M4A1 with muzzle brake 16 and -6 Any inputs? My strikepack was literally working yesterday for COD MW on pc, but after an update on cod, the strikepack does not get recognized in game. If I helped you share the video and comment. Hello all, Any help? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. lol i hope they do ban you if you keep using it, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Does anyone else have this issue and know how to fix? ALL IN GAME SETTINGS FOUND IN THE VIDEO The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Wrong. However I say this as it allows you to customise your recoil without fear that it will change again or that it will be inconsistent due to weapon ai.

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