Sweet figs and wet soil. I made a daft decision to blind buy it and I couldn’t be more disappointed. everybody keeps going on about how 'innovative' and 'original' these fragrances are but OMG these concepts are SO LITERAL. Maybe there should be the smell of night flying insects in there somewhere! I haven't smelled rotting fruit since vintage Mitsouko. Not sure if I want to smell like this all the time but it's a really impressive fragrance. What I smell is very organic, a very realistic & gloriously fresh, moist, mineral rich soil; This is what a zombie rising from the grave would smell like. It won the art and olfactory indie award for 2016, and deservedly so. I don't like to use the word 'repulsive,' but this scent did repulse me in the strictest use of the definition. This is being discontinued due to manufacturing issues. Can't wait to try Civet! The dust then dries down and the fruits shine. Please note: This is a brand new 2020 reinterpretation of Bat from perfumer Prin Lomros. I seldom see what other people suggest I should see in scents (or anything else, for that matter) but Bat really smells like wet earth and rocks. This is for one of those days, when you are feeling very confident, definitely not for everyone. If you want to try it I recommend buying it in Eau de parfum, much better than extrait de parfum , if you want to be able to have any chance of using it, no doubt you need a minor concentration of this strange piece. It's THAT interesting. On me it was very sweet and so heady it almost makes you jerk your neck back. I would say pass on this one in the Zoologist line but absolutely do what I intend to do and try some of the other ones such as Hummingbird, Dragonfly etc. This is honestly a masterpiece of perfumery, and unparalleled as far as dark green earth scents go. The illustration for some strange reason I think shows a horsehoe bat. Still, I wonder whether banana works well in this case or in perfume at all. I personally don´t think this would be a scent I´d wear easily. Starts with a super strong soil, "digging in a cave" smell and dries down to an antique shop. Perfumes: 62480 So by now, I have tried all 10 of my Zoologist samples but havent really lived with a single one yet over time, so this is just my first impression of Bat. Top notes are Soil tincture, Banana and Fruity Notes; middle notes are Tropical Fruits, Fig, Green Notes, resins and Myrrh; base notes are Vetiver, Musk, Leather, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean. I feel like the drydown is mostly geosmin to be honest leaving you to smell like a mouldy basement. Namely, a kind of general tropical fruit (papaya, guanabana, etc.) Swooping past me they startle me out of my skin. That probably won't stop me from buying a whole bottle, though. Undeniably original, questionably wearable. Fruits are more discreet and a very soft musk in the base keeps the whole on the wearable side. But of course it doesn't. Instead it's just a very warm, soothing musk that takes any impersonal element from the cave and draws it in to a more comfortable space. I pass. Zoologist Bat Deluxe Bottle. But within MINUTES of spraying on my hand, nothing but Lysol. In hot weather it's a tad too sweet, in cold it's now perfect - the picture I get, is sitting under veranda at night, there's dampness on freshly dug up soil nearby, and on bowl of ripe bananas on the old wood table. A lovely scent- earthy and fruity, but the fruit does not dominate as in so many mass market fragrances. This is quite the BAT atmosphere! If I close my eyes, I'd think I'm standing inside the cellar. This Zoologist perfume sample set includes: Bat (2020 version, designed by Prin Lomros) Beaver Bee Camel Chameleon Civet Dodo Dragonfly Elephant Hummingbird Hyrax Koala Macaque Moth Nightingale Panda Rhinoceros Sloth... View full product details Instead of the banana that others have mentioned I actually get fig and other overripe fruits combined with an almost green scent that is indicative of a bat flying through the forest to get something to eat. But it's not animalic in the typical sense of the term. Definitely a 5 star fragrance. Unlike other fig perfumes I've tried (Marc Jacobs Men, Diptyque Philosykos) this doesn't try for a clean, fresh, or pretty version of the fruit, but rather amps up the ripeness, the fig bordering on tropical fruits (banana, mango) with a bit of an animal undertone. It strikes me as a rather more raw version of Amouage’s Figment Man. Perfume rating If you have always wanted to purchase Bat, or you need to get a backup bottle, we suggest you purchase one from our stockists as soon as possible. It is making me gag. Will be reformulated, unfortunately,due to supply issues. I strangely love the smell of damp places in real life...like when I visit castles they have this wonderful earthy smell. I'd been waiting for Zoologist to come out with a scent inspired by an animal I have a particular affinity for (any big cat inspired scents coming in the future, I hope? The banana note is there if you get close and pay attention, but at a distance all that comes across is tilled earth, dark musk, notes of a lighter leather like suede, and moss and roots. As it calms down it give that medicinal feeling like "Vics" and "Strepsils" candies all around. Starts off with the sensation of damp earth covering the leather wings of a bat. It is quite strong, and I feel as though the official Zoologist sample sprayers dispense far too much product. There’s an uncanny, luscious immediacy to this one and you must try it. A work of art at best, but not the kind I want to show off. 5 with If you have ever been in a bat cave douse yourself in this in a dark room then close your eyes. It is an experience. There are horror movies based on deep dark caves that people don't come out of. The fig is grassy enough to balance the sweetness of the banana, which is more tropical-juicy than grocery-store banana. my sample arrived yesterday. 's scent description I was feeling really romantic and dark and intense and looking forward to quite a raw experience with ripe banana, animalic, dark yet fruity tropical experience. Beauty Almanac |. I have smelled five perfumes from Zoologist so far: Civet, Bat, Elephant, Macaque, and Hummingbird. This was the perfume boutique's owner's favorite of the Zoologist line (he was a male) and this was also my husband's favorite (however, for my husband, he only smelled elephant, bat, panda, and civet). Here it seems both bright and muted, perhaps because the fig is stealing some of the show, I'm not sure. I know this smell all too well as a keen gardener. The dirt accord is far stronger than any other ingredient, especially in the opening. He also captured the scent of the different wet rocks that only exist in a cave. Nothing I've ever tried before, and I'll probably be sticking with the sample size. As often in the creations of Ellen Covey all notes are clearly readable from the start. She succeeded with me and apparently others, too; Bat won the Independent Category of the 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards. Unfortunately, this is even less wearable to me than I could have imagined. The soil scent disappears after a while leaving behind nothing but figs...and more figs for hours!

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