We've got a guide for that too! This will lead you straight into the path one of them turns towards and give you the opportunity for a straightforward tackle. The mission will end after you blow up all three powder reserves. Mission #3 – Upton’s Sorrow Search around for another set of dancers. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. To begin the final mission in the Hunt, you’ll have to sail to Pinos Isle. Starting with just 300R and going up all the way to 1,500R on the 4th mission, completing a full set of missions in a Templar Hunt can earn you 3,050R. The other two are Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Walkthrough and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Strategy Guide. If you did it right after you get off the ship it should look like it was hit by cannons WARNING IF EVEN ONE PERSON IS ALIVE IT WONT WORK. Rinse and repeat the previous steps from the first eavesdropping sequence. You’ll be travelling around Kingston in the third Hunt, enlisting the help of Anto to track and take down the Templar Abraham, and nab yourself another key in the process. Cadaver Location: Mariguana Island (878,539). Not useful to find elite fire barrel storage plan, You need to the fleet mission in the in-app companion or in the captains cabin. To keep it short, land two quick shots from your pistols on the Pirate Queen to take her out. Mission #4 – Queen of Pirates, King of Fools In order to acquire all plans, you should visit many Caribbean Islands, as well as complete the story mission “. what do these plans do? At the start of the mission, you’ll only have to tag targets using Eagle Vision and tail them. Why is Jackdaw not giving me option to upgrade/purchase. So, you cannot collect this without an oline subscription and doing the fleet missions? For the last chapter in the Hunt for Flint, head up to the center of Havana and meet up with Rhona to begin the final mission. Make quick work of all the enemies using Counter Kills and Kill Streaks. Over the course of the mission, a few thieves will pick up their trail. Quickly press the buttons prompted on the screen to evade it. You can also use Smoke Bombs to initiate Kill Streaks. Circle around and hire them before you tag your target. For a relatively safe though somewhat time-consuming way to take it out, climb a nearby tree. Collecting…, There’s a house with barred doors in Stavanger,…, Deserted Chalet is a wealth location in Assassin’s…. Did you ever resolve this? If you shoot at the right time, you’ll kill a bunch of the enemies and then kill off the stragglers. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. You can take the other route as well, but that leads to a lengthy battle, and a subsequent chase where you must catch up with Hillary Flint to assassinate him. Pick a spot to hide as you’ll soon have to eavesdrop on Vance’s conversation with the Pirate Queen here. Could not find them, now I have them all. They’re up the top, you need to dive and search for chests underwater, the plan for the elite hull is in the chest furthest in the back of the map underwater if that helps. Home » AC4 Black Flag » AC4 Black Flag Elite Design Plan Locations Guide, omg r u actually the brad from YouTube I’m ur biggest subscriber, How did you know all this, but for the locations. Once on the other side, sprint and hide into the hay cart in front of you and let any Suspicion you’ve generated subside. Once ignited, you’ll have nearly 8 seconds to move away from the explosion, so plan your exit route beforehand. But how are your skills guy???? Talk to Opia after reaching the island and tail the soldier with her by moving from one Stalking Zone to the next. After some time Vance and Upton will part ways. Next Random events Prev Introduction. Catch up with Opia and begin the mission. Last update: May 11, 2016, visit Strategy Guide. 13. Upon reaching the Restricted Area, you can either choose to follow Anto into it, or skirt your way around it to find a better spot to assassinate Abraham undetected. You can air assassinate him from this point, or use any other ranged weapon in your arsenal to take him out. Just keep moving from one blending opportunity to the next as you tail your targets to avoid arousing suspicion, and remain within the eavesdrop zone at all times. You can not buy the final upgrade without them. Now follow Vance until he reaches a small clearing with a well in it. Author: Arek "Skan" Kaminski for gamepressure.com. Following the waypoint will bring you to a large search zone, which also happens to be a Restricted Area. The starting location for the third mission is less than a minute away from where the second one ends.

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