After the technical disaster that Unity was at launch, Ubisoft was in a tight spot going into development for the next installment in the series. I have previously played Assassin’s Creed 2 and enjoyed it, but when it was over I was not itching to play another. In fact, it’s a lot of fun and has some interesting elements that make it unique. Naval combat! And despite its immensely detailed historical fact-checking and investigation, the game fails to deliver a protagonist that inspires the player, which is basic for such a narrative-driven game. Some users have also complained that the rubber of the analog sticks wares out quickly. The game also saw the addition of co-op multiplayer to replace the competitive deathmatch focus of past installments. This title picks up directly where the previous installment left off. Two years after the release of the original Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for the PSP. In this DLC Connor is shown an alternate timeline where Washington acquires a Piece of Eden and uses it to control the Americas and plot the enslavement of their former British masters. I look forward to more games though, and the PS4 has made an excellent first impression on me. You get contacted by the Assassins and asked to help them locate a tomb containing First Civilization DNA by playing through Arno’s memories. However much like Rogue, this title feels like it was just something they made to keep fans busy and interested while they were pouring resources and attention into the next era of the franchise. The Assassin’s Creed series is a popular and well known one published by Ubisoft. I was even prouder of finishing it in less than two days before jumping right back in to do a completionism run. In fact, the Notre Dame model is so detailed it’s being used as a reference for the repairs after the Cathedral was partially destroyed in a fire. Now, I should state that I am not a first-person shooter fan. A friend and I used to refer to December 26th as the most depressing day of the year, because it’s the furthest away from Christmas one can be. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal in conjunction with Griptonite Games with very similar mechanics to the original. The promotional video debuted Reebok’s Capsule Collection, which also featured a multitude of new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla clothing merchandise. This means you get to visit locations such as Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus, as well as Masyaf, the Assassin stronghold. The intense reconstruction of Italy even earned Ubisoft a reputation as a history teacher. The new ridges added to each stick does help keep one’s thumb in place (and makes them basically the same stick as what’s on the Wii), and both still retain button functionality. The game introduced one of the series’ most iconic staples: the hidden blade, which allows you to appear unarmed and avoid detection until the time is right. Either way, the Creed is not going to die. The game featured two protagonists – first a present-day character named Desmond Miles. And those chibi-Assassins are the cutest killers ever. Making this the last game in the series to follow it closely. I haven’t used it, but it’s a nice feature to have.

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