Dexterity impacts the chances of success. He uses his wit and cunning to provoke enemies to recklessly assault him losing their precision and to inspire allies increasing their focus and evade. Yusuf Tazim is nimble and agile Assassin who is a true master in Navigation and can navigate even the most dangerous environment. Girolamo’s DNA can be obtained through one mission in Region 4. Rank 5 – Strike for 125% damage and slow enemy attacks speed by 35% for 10 Ticks (12 Ticks Recharge Time). Rank 5 – Each 10% Health loss increases Attack by 7%. After Robert’s death at Altair’s hand, Maria’s position within the Templars destabilized and she grew disillusioned with their philosophy. Armor Shreding – Devastate the enemy with an armor-shredding strike. A boisterous man with a love for drinking and combat, Mario’s skills as a tactician and a swordsman were renowned among the Assassins. Jean Delacroix is a legendary Hero and you will need 25 DNA to open him. Hamid al-Jasar is a common Hero and you will need 10 DNA to open him. Rank 5 – Strike to inflict 120% Bleed damage and slow enemy attack speed by 30% for 10 Ticks (12 Ticks Recharge Time). Maiming Sweep – Viciously inflict deep pushing wounds on all nearby enemies. He is able to hide anywhere during day or night, he can disarm all traps and picklock all chests or doors. While the Brotherhood would not have been Georgios’s personal choice, he grudgingly respected their ideals. After joining, Angela spent many Nights drawing information from the tongues of rich nobles and officers, gathering intel for Brotherhood. Unbreakable – Being outnumbered makes this Hero enter a protective stance. Vitality of the Covenant – Improve a party member’s ability to absorb damage. Rank 5 – Reduce enemy accuracy and attack speed by 20% (8 Ticks Recharge Time). Jariya’s DNA can be obtained only through DNA Cubes. Rank 5 – Upon reaching 0% Health, restore 35% Health over 4 ticks. Swipe – Perform a swift, but broad strike hitting all enemies in front of Hero (Applies instantly.) (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). His rage stance is widely known throughout Europe and he uses Brutal Strike to inflict even greater damage. Rodrigo de Mendoza is a legendary Hero and you will need 25 DNA to open him. His leadership skill allows him to inspire the party members into gaining Initiative and increased Attack. Lethality impacts the chance of success. Rank 5 – Health is increased by 50% and restore 30% Health over 6 Ticks (1 Charge). Domingo de la Torre is a Legendary Tank Enforcer and Wise Old General. He expressly forbid the defamation or ransacking of Muslim homes which was common after the fall of a city or village. Also a member of Brotherhood, Jariya immediately saw Faris’ skills could serve the Assassins. Together they fought for the Spanish monarchs and amassed more wealth than Inigo could have ever imagined. Jaime is an Epic DPS Enforcer and the Spanish Noble. Born during the Renaissance, Angela Carillo was a young courtesan who worked in a renowned brothel in Seville called La Reina Sonriente, or The Smiling Queen. Faris is an expert tinkerer who is able to disarm any trap he finds. After witnessing Aguilar rescue from a Muslim family from being cut down at the hands of Spanish mercenaries as a sport, Mayya approached the Assassin. Deadly Strike – Strike the enemy with deadly precision. Maria ultimately chose to leave the Templar Order. Eager to follow in his friend’s footsteps, Maximo decided to join the Brotherhood as well. Forced to flee his birthplace, Ezio took refuge with his uncle Mario in the town of Monteriggioni, who helped him begin his Assassin training. Altair’s Doctrine – This Doctrine follows Altair’s most fundamental teaching. Upon entering combat, 50% chance of increasing Attack by 30% for 2 ticks (Permanent Effect). Agility impacts the chance of success. Niccolo Machiavelli is a legendary Hero and you will need 25 DNA to open him. Wise Mentor – This Hero allows faster promotion of another Hero thanks to their good mentorship. Rank 5 – Instantly deal 50% damage. Years of combat experience helps him to inspire fellow comrades into gaining increased Defense. Gain a 50% chance to increase Critical Chance by 15% at the start of combat for 2 Ticks (Permanent Effect). While at first annoyed with her interference, Antonio quickly realized that her unique abilities had immense value. Darius’ DNA can be obtained during the Event “The Hunter’s Hounds”. Rank 5 – Deal 135% damage from any range and provides Initiative. Rank 5 – Defense is increased 50% on the selected target for 15 Ticks (1 Charge). Stun Grenade – Throws a Stun Grenade, creating a crippling flash and incapacitating enemies. Luis then decided to avenge them by joining the Brotherhood of Assassins and dedicating his talents stealing exclusively from Templars. Despite his efforts to protect his family, the Order eventually caught up with them, and Darius’ wife and daughter were killed. His violent, sometimes careless tactics nearly caused him to be expelled when his body count and lack of discretion drew too much attention to the Italian Brotherhood. Luis Chico was the young leader of a small Spanish gang of thieves during the Renaissance. • Scholar – This Hero can research and create Codex faster thanks to their passion for books and knowledge. With him, he might have traveled to Spain on a secret mission for the Brotherhood. He is very quick and nimble for his massive constitution and that allows him to navigate almost any environment. In this sense, while your upgraded Beatriz might be a powerhouse in combat, you’ll need supporting characters like Aguilar, Mateo, or even Gaspar that can circumvent any nasty environmental hazards, as well as to keep your squad healed up in anticipation of future challenges. Rush Assassination – Throw the Spear of Leonidas at an enemy to assassinate them. Rank 5 – Strike all enemies for 175% damage (8 Ticks Recharge time). Welcome pros and casuals to Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tier list and best heroes. It was then that he learned of the Brotherhood and their mission. Rank 5 – Initiative increases dodge by 12% until the end of the combat and gain a 25% chance to strike twice. In combat, Lucas would enter a legendary rage which transformed him into a juggernaut, able to shrug of horrific wounds until every last enemy present was dead. As a child, Luisa trained rigorously in the arts of thievery, acrobatics, and free-running while stalking the rooftops of Madrid. When Emperor died and a Templar faction called the Eight Tigers started to take over the country, Jun was rescued by the Assassins, and she decided to devote her life to their cause as a result. After the formation of the Hidden Ones, Bayek revised his judgment of her and invited Kensa to join them. Domingo’s guilt set him on pilgrimage, during which he came across a group of Assassins. Jean is a Legendary Tank Enforcer and Pious Knight. Upon entering combat 50% chance to increase Dodge Chance by 20% for 2 Ticks (Permanent Effect). Kensa, therefore, remained a free warrior, working as a bodyguard and gladiator. Rank 5 – Agility is permanently increased by 21%. Jaime’s DNA can be obtained only by participating in “The Art of Heist” Event. However, this mechanic is usually restricted to characters with high weapon speed. Rosa Gallego is an Epic Stealth Shadow and Expert Thief. Sand Throw – Throw sand in an opponent’s eyes, blinding and slowing them. Shakir al-Zahid is an Epic AOE Enforcer and Bounty Hunter. Rank 5 – Dodge and Crit chance raised by 20% for 4 Ticks (12 Ticks Recharge Time). Rank 5 – Clear the fog of war and reveal 5 chosen rooms (1 Charge). When Alexios was seven, his sister was born and tragedy struck his family. Knightly Discipline – Years of intense Knight Training allows the offense to remain a priority without sacrificing defense. Rank 5 – Strike for 100% damage and reduce enemy Defense by 20 for a duration of 10 ticks. Rank 5 – Instantly strike for 50% damage. Wild Slash – Viciously strike at all enemies within range. Born in Constantinople during the Fifteenth Century, Aleksei Zima was an Orthodox priest of Russian origins and a member of the Ottoman brotherhood. Only a few survived the combat encounter with him. Discovering a new family in the Brotherhood, Constanza gladly accepted. Gaspar gladly accepted, and being a free-spirit himself, he did everything he could to uphold the Creed and support the Brotherhood. Rank 5 – Strike all enemies in front of Hero for 85% damage (6 Ticks Recharge Time). Rank 3 – All Heroes gather supplies in 25 minutes less time from the same Supply Room (Does not affect already assigned Heroes). Creeping Poison – Poison an enemy with subtle venom, inflicting damage over time. Inigo is a reckless Enforcer capable of delivering enormous amounts of damage at the cost of his own Health. Assassin's Creed Rebellion. Healing lasts until the end of the mission.) Freerunning Expert – Use Freerunning acrobatics to strategically navigate the environment. Rank 5 – Dodge is increased by 30% for 8 Ticks (12 Ticks recharge Time). Rebellion has both base building missions like Fallout Shelter and missions where you have to go through the great trouble. The game is very engaging and has a lot of depth to it. There her mother, a member of the Libyan Brotherhood, revealed that their family had a long-standing Assassin allegiance. Constanza Ramos is a Common Navigation Shadow and Courageous Assassin. Cheap Shot – Strike the enemy unfairly and dishonorably especially when they are not looking. Martyr – Your defeat emboldens the hearts of your allies, restoring their Health (Healing lasts until the end of the mission). Rank 5 – Strike the enemy, Stunning them for 2 Ticks and increasing Critical Chance by 10% for 10 Ticks (10 Ticks Recharge Time). Girolamo da Luca is a Legendary AOE Enforcer and Warrior Assassin. Rank 5 – Strike to inflict 120% Bleed damage and slow enemy attack speed by 30% for 10 Ticks (12 Ticks Recharge time). Wall Climb: Freerun to quickly ascend a vertical surface.

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