Great show! This was the last concert at this venue.I went to college in Deleware and made the trip for this show.There were atleast over 80,000 people at his gig.I remember hearing SOTM for the first time,as well as Blow away.I also remember a guy 2 feet from me totaly wiggin out on some strong shit! "If I had my way- I would tear this old building down! And frankly, my opinion of Keith G. has gone down. Community | Dead 101 | Features | Show Archive This is not only a 1989 gem, it is a Grateful Dead historic gem. Totally historically creepy. This show is so solid. This is one of the best AUDs I've ever heard. Truly amazing. ", Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2014, As we fondly remember the JFK, what a better way to close it out. The wave that started was so cool because of the horse shoe shapeof JFK, once it got to the end to it reversed. - slight pitch correction was applied in WaveLab. Dosey Doed and got lost. It was nights like this that kept all of us coming back for more. The Best Concert Footage I have Experienced, Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2010. This show was special, I'm glad to share it with all of my friends. i was there and you hit it right on the head. its rare that they come firing out of the gates like this and sustain alllll the way through. The quality is amazing and the set list is perfect. LIKE A LAKE OF PISS ! WELCOME TO phila! TWO HOUR'S !10 TO 12 NOON JUNE 20TH SUNDAY CENTRAL-PARK & ALL OVER THE WORLD ! Hot as all hell that day but damn what a awesome show! Les réserves sont presque inépuisables en matière de concerts de ce groupe, puisqu'on sait que tous les shows étaient enregistrés et comme ils faisaient plus de 200 concerts par an! Only time I was ever in JFK Stadium. This was the last time the GD played JFK. After the 2nd set started, the staff at JFK opened the gates and left (forever), so everyone in the parking lots and the show were going in and out. Unable to add item to List. This show is proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life...there isn't a note out of's better than 5/8/77, mainly because Keith's playing doesn't hold a candle to Brent's...there, I said it. This July 7, 1989 show is now know as "Crimson, White & Indigo: Philadelphia, July 7, 1989" The mixing and mastering on this album are not as good as earlier recordings from the 1970s. Stuck in traffic on the way in dancing on the overpass on the exit with some new friends. Anyway the Dead were dialed up for this tour weren't they? And that's how the Dead became the last concert ever held at JFK. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. This DVD took me by surprise, got to listen to it last night without any distractions, It seems like 89 was the year of Concert Videos and possibly the hottest year of the Dead, Being a Seventies Dead Fan, I have listened and watched all of the Others like "Down Hill From Here" and "Truckin' Up to Buffalo", the companion to this one, recorded three days earlier, Which was good, but nothing to jump up and down about. They were full of energy that night and this show proves it! I had just recorded a copy of this show onto discs from my old cassette copy - this sound quality is excellent..Thank you!!! Don't expect giant balloons and cheesy show-biz stuff-this is the Dead who were anti-showbiz. This 'Blow Away' is just amazing. Unfortunately i wasnt at the show given that i was only six years. 1989 - good time, good year. A little downer, but It all paid off at the show. It's funny how many memories come flooding back in as I write this. Could this night get any better? we sweat so much that bathrooms were not an issue (sorry). AND SORRY TO RAMBLE ON BUT -(DARK-STAR)` I SEEN AT VERY LEAST 5 TIME'S ! That night some girl fell off of the top of the place and survived. $30, $30 - Definitely worth picking up! Still truckin 2day......See you in the Future. !It was the music that changed my life.I had never listened to the Dead before.But from the very first notes of Hell in a Bucket...I GOT IT!! THE SUGAR CUBE'S WERE CHELVIA'S BEST !AND OUT OF ONLY SAY 20 SHOW'S IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ! He was, as was the whole band in very high spirits. Now that I have access to all of the recordings in his time with the Dead my opinion of him has really gone up. I guess it was fine in its day, but good riddance! Band at performing peak. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. 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F. K. Stadium. All Rights Reserved. See Excellent Reviewer Brother Brent (below) for further insight into Blow Away. Collection GratefulDead Band/Artist Grateful Dead Resource DeadLists Project. If you are looking for audiophile quality, I don't recommend this album. What a start for a great evening. My first GD concert! I guess my interests were taking me elsewhere at the time. Ill never forget being crammed up front during box of rain/scarlet/fire and the roadies were hosing us all down. I remember looking up towards the back of the stadium and noticed cars parked along the shoulder of I-95 and people were partying on top of their cars! RODGER ALLINSON i really loved this summer tour as a rule show for show it was kind but the box scarlet fire and the blow away were some of my alltime favorite versions its no wonder they condemened the stadium after the show. Saw the Dead many times at the Spectrum, 1st 4/08/1985. I took SEPTA to the show. A great night. This concert was the last event held at JFK Stadium, which was condemned by the city six days later and would be demolished in 1992. This was my first show, played 25 years ago to the day. Older Heads gave BM a hard time for a long time, and sadly, it wasn't until his passing and the professional, though largely uninspired work of Welnick (and to a lesser extent Hornsby) that people started giving Brent his due. And even though it's short, the Other One is super tight, into a great Wharf Rat and finishing with a Lovelite with Jerry doing the "Shine on me" chorus, a la Bobby in the 60's. Roaring hot day in the 90's.... out on the pavement. That being said-this is a strong show and more agressive IMHO. This recording really puts you right in the thick of it. Then it to will go the way of JFK and Veterans stadium. Please try again. !et ce sur trois décennies!! The music itself is good, I just wish they did a better job with the recording. They also played a lot of clinkers in the 80's, but shows like this made it worth it. Right into my favorite of all time Wharf Rat. Listening to the show again brings back many memories and I thank Archive for letting me hear this show again. 1st set was in the day, 2nd set at night. GRATEFUL DEAD PLAY'S `AT JFK BUILDING IS CONDEMDED ! 1 of the best knocking on heaven's door i've ever heard.... jerry's guitar is crisp... brent, and bobby back him up nice on the chorus... jerry's midi pedal is having some fun... with the echoey type sounds heard in the solos.... god i love it... lol awesome show.... get it now... During the Blow Away at that show, I knew I was part of something special.

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