He believes that Bugs died and hopes that Sal died too, because he dislikes the idea of her "turning up on his doorstep". ), he's still a backpacker and outdoors channel at heart.We sit down with Alex and talk about backpacking, knife-making, dealing with haters and internet trolls, how he got started in YouTube, his passion for film production, and being contacted to be on \"Forged in Fire\". The farmers beat up Richard and leave the bloodied corpses of the American/German backpackers as a warning. I can’t stop thinking about it. Set in Thailand, it is the story of a young backpacker's search for a legendary, idyllic and isolated beach untouched by tourism, and his time there in its small, international community of backpackers. Even if it’s just because I’ve been to those places or I Know the names of the Island’s. Disillusioned with the beach, Richard convinces Étienne, Françoise, Jed, and a paranoid Keaty to leave the beach for good, and euthanizes the dying Christo. The founders have chosen only a small number of friends and acquaintances to come to the island, and thus newcomers are not welcome, but they are not sent away because doing so would jeopardize the secrecy of the community. Moshe – Israeli; head of the second fishing detail. On the day of the Tet festival, Sal obtusely asks Richard to kill Karl because of the threat he poses to the group's now-fragile social integrity, complaining that she constantly has to lift morale in the wake of the poisoning incident and Sten's death. We a group of individuals that fought for a life well lived. Richard and his rescuers make their planned escape on the raft. We are different. Thanks for stopping by. They are also mindful of upsetting the Thai cannabis farmers, with whom they originally agreed to keep to separate territories but who have more recently warned them not to bring anyone new to the island, as the farmers fear discovery by the police. Or swapped on a beach, or found in hostel. This leaves Richard to work the sentry detail alone. In a cheap hotel on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Richard, a young British backpacker, meets a mentally disturbed Scots going by the alias of Daffy Duck, who gives him a hand-drawn map with directions to a beautiful island with a hidden lagoon and beach, located in the Gulf of Thailand and inaccessible to tourists. Richard returns from his sentry duty to find that Bugs has punched Keaty in the face for his mistake. It is during the rice run that Jed learns that Richard gave a copy of the map to Sammy and Zeph, when Jed coincidentally wanders past and overhears the two Americans relaying the urban legend of the beach to some Germans. Upon hearing this, the now unstable community members attack Richard with sharp objects.

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