A mint version is likely worth in the 6 figures as PSA estimates a 9 graded card to be worth $200,000. Of course, things would really get crazy for Rocket a few years later, and lots of folks have lots of opinions about how he pulled that off.

From a price standpoint, some of the baseball cards on this list may unfortunately be out of reach for many collectors. His only rookie card is part of the last Topps Traded box sets to come with USA Baseball players. I realize the kids have a shot at getting a really valuable card, but most of them at a young age just want a cool looking card of the players they like on the teams they like. 1993 US Playing Cards Greg Maddux Auto 9. Note that the Goudey cards are not even considered to be his true rookie cards–that would be his 1925 Exhibits card, yet given the size of the Exhibits cards, many don’t equate them with true “baseball cards”. Great article. The 'Splendid Splinter' was one of the best hitters to play the game, and the one that even many baseball players of today model themselves after. The Joe Jackson card of the E90 set is the most valuable, and not necessarily due to scarcity but due to the popularity of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Leave your email address below to sign up for our newsletter and occasional goodies (e-books, articles, etc.) Within just a few years, of course, Griff would sit near the very top of the baseball food chain, a position he’ll never relinquish. Of all the early candy and gum cards (noted as E cards in the hobby) the E90 set is actually one of the most common among all cards. This of course was due to Jackson's involvement in the Black Sox scandal of 1919. That’s simply my subjective take – I think it’s important to know that like nearly all historical periods, it didn’t just start and end exactly at one specific moment in time. Concerning the 1992 score Mantle/Yaz/Musial Auto, I would respectfully say that it should be included in the list regardless of how hard it is to pull. The last higher grade auction sale for a PSA 3.5 went for $408K in February 2018. However, I have restarted my personal collecting by buying some older cards on ebay. I know this was written a while back, but it’s really nice that you brought attention to an era that defined the hobby of which I, and many other collectors, grew up in. Today, we know that nothing made in the early 1990s was truly scarce, and prices for these trendsetters are much more reasonable. He had the minor league hype to back that up, too, and when he joined a talented Blue Jays squad in 1989, expectations were Sky Dome high.

And we were hungry for more super premium brands that could push card quality even further. The set is known as one of the largest sets ever created, as there are over 500 players and 3000 variations known. While there are other cards from the Junk Wax Era that still have some tangible worth, the above list is populated with rookie cards of current and future Hall of Famers, as well as those who, unfortunately, will be forever linked to baseball's ugly Steroid Era.

Stay up to date on all the latest sports card and memorabilia news, articles, and products by subscribing to our newsletter below: Your forgot to mention the 1987 Donruss Opening Day Barry Bonds/Ray error card — still has top value from junk wax era. The Cap Anson card (in uniform) is the most valuable card in the set and quite scarce, as there are only three PSA graded cards in existence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 21. I have come to consider the ‘Junk Wax’ era, or whatever collectors prefer to call it, to be from 1981-1995. This first Leaf card of a stone-cold diamond legend sells for $50+ in PSA 10 condition.

PSA reports only 2700 graded cards out of the 121 card set, meaning that on average there are only about 22 graded cards for each player in the set. Heck, Sosa would blow right by that milestone and into the 600s! As for the 1992 Score Franchise Autograph card with Mantle/Yaz/Musial, or any of the autographed cards from that issue, I wish you the best of luck pulling one; let alone finding one for sale. 27. The gold borders of the cards make finding high grades even tougher than the white border T206 set, as many cards have chipping on the sides.

Supply is plentiful but the notoriety keeps this card in demand. Lajoie was not initially included in the set, there are less than 100 of the Lajoie cards, One of the first tobacco cards ever produced, over 500 players and 3000 variations known, are only three PSA graded cards in existence, 1955 Topps Set Break #164 Roberto Clemente PSA 3.5 VG+.

So, here is my list of Junk Wax Era ‘gems’ based on rarity and price alone – not in order…, 1. 1990 Leaf Baseball Cards – 11 Most Valuable Posted by Adam Hughes | Baseball Card Values , Baseball Cards | 0 | If you missed out on the arrival of 1990 Leaf baseball cards to a local card show that summer, then you may never really know what it’s like to be in the presence of a cardboard rock star. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This 1990 Leaf Henderson card is a $30 buy in PSA 10. The 1916 Sporting News (M-101-4/5) Babe Ruth is not his first card, but is considered to be his true "rookie card" as the earlier Baltimore News card from 1914 was considered a pre-rookie or minor league card. 1909-11 T206 Jimmy Dygert PSA 5 +++ Centered Phila. His T210 card is one of the rarest cards of the pre-war era as there are only a handful known to exist. His legacy is never forgotten and his cards are highly desirable. The overwhelming supply and eventually fleeting demand created a perfect storm for the crash that followed. With the thought that maybe someday when I’m long gone my kids or their kids can get something for them. It can all get a big confusing, but this list of the most valuable 1948 Leaf baseball cards gives you a good flavor of the set and a tour of important early post-War cards. Banks, in his prime, was one of the most feared hitters of the day, earning back to back MVP awards from 1958 to 1959. Back then, we really did “Trade” them among each other, trying to get all the players on our favorite teams lol. In 2016, a PSA 8 Jackson was sold for a record $667K at auction.

His career may not have finished as strongly as it started, but Mattingly is still a Yankees icon.

What would that card be worth today?

He just plain loves baseball and anyone who ever played it. It still carries decent values compared to most other early '90s cards. 1993 US Playing Cards Cal Ripken Jr. Auto Still, his 1990 Leaf hovers around $20 in perfect condition. REA Spring Auction Results Show Vintage Market Still Booming, Ty Cobb T206 Bat Off Shoulder ** PSA 2 ** Old Mill - Awesome Eye Appeal/Centered, Rare 1909-11 T206 HOF Hughie Jennings Both Hands Showing Sweet Caporal SGC 3.5, Rare 1909-11 T206 HOF Christy Mathewson Dark Cap Old Mill New York BVG 4 VG - EX, 1909-11 T206 Set Break Walter Johnson portrait Hindu Brown SGC 5 EX, 1909 T206 HOF Christy Mathewson PORTRAIT, SOVEREIGN 150 SGC 2.5 Rare Back, 1909-11 T206 Tris Speaker PIEDMONT 350 SGC 6 EXMT, BARRY BONDS 2002 TOPPS T206 MINI FRAMED AUTO GIANTS, 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 350 Stoney McGlynn PSA 5!! 15. Card #160 is the rarer of the two, but both still are worth six figures in near mint to mint condition. No matter where he played, though, Walker was one of the greatest players of the 1990s, and he may still get his Cooperstown due.

I believe there is a better way to use cards … Bicycle noise makers !! Five PSA 9 versions of the Mays card were sold in 2017, with prices ranging from $235,000 to $478,000.
Gehrig actually has two cards in the 1933 Goudey set (#92 and #160), but both feature the same image with one (#92) that has a darker blue background.

His 1954 Topps rookie card is by no means scarce, as compared to some of the early tobacco or candy cards of the day.


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