P60T aurait été plus juste vu que c'est simplement une version overclockée. Deze functie is overigens optioneel en in de instellingen kan je kiezen of je er gebruik van wilt maken of niet. Foto's maken doe je met de Motorola One Macro. The One Action display is brighter and cooler, giving the One Macro a slightly sickly tint by comparison. This being a cheaper phone, you only get a 10W unit in the box – although it’s still no slouch. Reguliere foto's zijn uiteraard ook mogelijk dankzij een goede hoofdsensor en een ondersteunende dieptesensor. The screen shows good response rates in our tests, but may be too slow for competitive gamers. For example, image thumbnails in Google Photos look properly representative on a 1080p display like that of the One Action. In Android 9 wordt er gekeken naar hoe vaak je een app gebruikts. Motorola offers some control gestures and you can reduce the menu bar to just one button and corresponding gestures. De Motorola One Macro onderscheidt zichzelf (zoals zijn naam al doet vermoeden) met een handige macrolens op de achterkant. Pour 300 €, le Motorola One aurait peut-être été un bon smartphone il y a un an. » Die is ideaal voor close-up foto's en kan bovendien automatisch scherpstellen. One of the ways in which Motorola appears to have achieved the Macro’s lower price point is by cutting the pixel count, which means a 1520 x 720 resolution. Indeed, from some viewpoints it is a particularly robust positive. Test du Motorola One Macro : il voit les choses en grand. Afmelden kan via de link in de nieuwsbrief zelf. Avec sa batterie de 4 000 mAh, le Motorola One Macro profite d’une très belle autonomie. The Motorola One Macro cements the brand’s Android One-driven sub-brand of smartphones from a one-off into a trend. And on that front, the Motorola One Macro comes up short. Winkels: Overmorgen gratis afhalen Nu niet op voorraad in de winkel. Même si Moto a ajouté quelques petits éléments de personnalisation, nous aurions aimé plus de possibilités comme un mode sombre par exemple. Please refresh the page and try again. The screen has a resolution of 1,520 x 720 pixels and is thus on a class level that goes even further, shows the Gigaset GS195. This all combines to make for a very clean, cohesive experience, with none of the confusing bloat of phones that apply heavy custom skins and unwanted apps. (±) | speaker loudness is average but good (80.7 dB)Bass 100 - 315 Hz(-) | nearly no bass - on average 24.5% lower than median(±) | linearity of bass is average (12% delta to prev. Together with a solid CPU and ample RAM, having fewer pixels to push around makes the Motorola One Macro a surprisingly competent gaming device. It isn’t that the Motorola One Macro’s display is bad. The device has a USB-C port, which is only connected at USB-2 speed. But 1080p feels like table stakes for a phone edging north of £150 in 2019. It’s a solid phone at an appealing price, but unlike its siblings, with the Motorola One Macro you can really see where compromises have been made. The main camera offers 13 megapixels, it has problems with the detail sharpness and offers only little drawing in very dark areas. The Motorola Camera app is intuitive enough, but it’s a little wallowy and occasionally slow to focus, resulting in the odd blurry shot. Merci de votre réponse. The Motorola One Macro convinces with its pure Android, the chic exterior and the long battery life. frequency)Mids 400 - 2000 Hz(±) | higher mids - on average 5.3% higher than median(+) | mids are linear (5.2% delta to prev. One click changes the position on touchscreens. Samsung Galaxy A21 : le smartphone se dévoile avec sa caméra macro | Sendigital, La course aux capteurs photo fait rage sur smartphone – Bilan 2019 | Sendigital, 2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), L'originalité d'un objectif dédié à la macrophoto, Expérience photo décevante compte tenue de la promesse.

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