SECTION 4. This chapter addresses these different constructions, their treatment in law and policy, and some illustrations of an alternative treatment that holds promise for a more sustainable future.This chapter first addresses Native American beliefs and constructions of nature, and how the Native American construction contrasts with the dominant and prevailing American construction. (11) Value of Federally donated foods distributed pursuant to section 32 of Pub. An Act in regard to Slavery and Free Negroes and Mulattoes. It also allowed a slave owner three years to free his slaves. SECTION 2. Because of the severe restrictions on female immigrants and the pattern of young men migrating alone, there emerged a largely bachelor society. They are also more likely to experience foreclosure, often due to predatory lending practices. That if any free negro or mulatto shall fail to quit the country within the term of six months after receiving such stripes, he or she shall again receive the same punishment once in every six months until he or she shall quit the country. (June 13, 1933), available at, Mitchell and Franco, “HOLC ‘redlining’ maps.”, PBS, “Race – The Power of an Illusion,” available at, Andrew Glass, “FDR signs GI Bill, June 22, 1994,”, Nick Kotzm, “’When Affirmative Action Was White’: Uncivil Rights,”, Edward Humes, “How the GI Bill Shunted Blacks into Vocational Training,”, Sarah Turner and John Bound, “Closing the Gap or Widening the Divide: The Effects of the G.I. In 1845, the term “manifest destiny” emerged to describe the commonly held belief that white settlement and expansion across North America was inevitable and even divinely ordained.3 But long before then, this ideology provided the justification for ethnic cleansing and systematic displacement. More than 150 years ago, thousands of Chinese immigrants arrived in the American West to construct the first transcontinental railroad and participate in the California gold rush.67 But as they moved into urban areas in search of work, they were met by violent and xenophobic resistance.68 Lawmakers largely stood by as mobs terrorized Chinese communities and even enacted legislation that restricted Chinese immigrants’ employment opportunities, limited their mobility, and prohibited them from voting or purchasing property.69 With few safe housing options available, Chinese residents concentrated in ethnic ghettos that demanded almost complete self-sufficiency to survive.70 Chinatowns were generally not created as the result of a natural tendency to self-segregate, but rather due to various federal, state, and local policies prohibiting Chinese Americans from fully participating in the United States’ housing and employment markets.71, During this period, lawmakers also enacted policies to separate African Americans from white Americans. Her contributions to SAGE Publications's. The forcible dominance in America of a Western, liberal construction of nature has led to the near exclusion of indigenous constructions from mainstream law and policy, which has enabled the destruction of many aspects of indigenous societies and of the natural environment. In 1943, at a time when the United States and China were allies during World War II, the ban on Chinese immigration and naturalization was finally repealed. Prior to Burnett’s arrival, the legislative council of Oregon’s fledgling provisional government had enacted a flat prohibition against slavery in 1843. “We are in a new world, under the most favorable circumstances and we wish to avoid most of those evils that have so much afflicted the United States and other countries.”. The National Native American Bar Association and National Native American Law Students Association Condemn the Exclusion of Native American Women Law Students from so-called “Women of Color” Law School Experiences Study by the Center for Women in the Law … . Some examples from New Zealand provide interesting illustrations of the integration of indigenous conceptions with a dominant Western society, including implementation within law.

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