Her twin brother died because of it, so how could she be exempt? He asks her point-blank if she likes Yo-gwang, and again, she protests, saying that the only thing she likes is money. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 He brings her to a pretty house in the middle of nowhere — it’s their getaway spot for the day. He walks the candlelit path into Yeon-hee’s yard, his face trembling with emotion, and looks around. The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. At Cheongbing Temple, Yeon-hee wakes to find Jun nodding off next to her. If someone can fill me in, thanks much! Yeon-hee says she doesn’t believe her, but her eyes fill with tears. P.S I may have typed an entirely incoherent essay, apologies if i made zero sense! Ok sits outside the palace walls, fretting over what to do. As for the Man in Black (yay for Ahn Gil-kang!!! Meanwhile, Hyun-seo finds Hong-joo in her hideout, still very much alive. The believability factor is so important to a drama, and though I allow for the fact that I am not knowledgeable in the area of black magic, the latter episodes had me thinking the writer was trying to pull the wool over my eyes. So excited about the return of Yoon Shi-Yoon from military duty. Thanks so much for the final recap! They go out into the marketplace, picking up groceries and for old time’s sake, a kite. I mean neither his appearance revealed whether he revived Yo gwang or not,nor his portion was given to the person it supposed to be. It was a great journey and i will remember Mirror of the witch as a show with a beautiful love story and not as a show with a sad ending. To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. I went back to the beginning of Episode 5 where we see Yo-gwang saved and the man has the same bracelet on...the one that the camera focused on before showing us his face in this episode. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); We’re at the end of our epic Joseon fairytale, and I have to be honest, I went into this finale with pretty high expectations and more than a little bit of nervousness. It's kind of childish. As much as I loved the characters, the initial story trajectory, the scoring, and the visuals, I must say I was pretty disappointed at how the writers decided to end MOTW. I like stories that leaves something in my imagination but what mirror of the witch has are holes that i cant quite fill in. The story would have been better told with fewer episodes). A bittersweet ending is probably the fittest one, considering the theme. He takes it all in and breaks into a smile, tears streaming down his face. Because didn't YH's biological mother predicted a violent death for the shamaness? Hyun-seo carries Hong-joo towards the fire as Poong-yeon watches from a distance. What a great ending!!! He died after completing the book..and found his YH again. What a ride that was, I don't regret picking MotW up at all and I'll surely watch it again someday. It wasn't everyone's cup of tea. He passes from the world of the living to the world of the dead (or the afterlife). * not afraid of sad endings, What I did not like: Part of me wants Jun and Yeon Hee to be happily ever after, with the curse or not. i can't speak english well. Hong-joo says she hated this look in his eyes the most — the one that says, “You pitiful girl. To answer your question, I did a double major in English Literature and German, and could have had a minor in history if I'd taken another course or two. It wasn't just him, but so many people were risking their lives for YH, so it was good that in the end, she was the one that had to go. but the best one I've seen this year so far and I'm REALLY picky! For me, as tragic as it was, Yeon-Hee's ending was apropos. He then breaks out into an adorable grin, and Soon-deuk grumbles at how cool he is. With all it's heartbreak and tragedy...it is very beautiful. You could see the joy on his face and when he finally came face to face with the woman he loved after all these years, my heart couldn't take it! But why save Yo-gwang and then not intervene until the end again? It’s not that I didn’t want our main couple to get their happy ending; it’s just that the story had been so clear from the beginning that there was only one way to light that last candle. If you have not been able to do much Kdrama watching, I just want to tip you off to another wonderful drama with Yoon Si-Yoon. Overall, the ending was a great way to end this fantastic story. Its a pity you did not get the drama but it's ok. thank you for the recap! To the people of the kingdom she is still the cursed princess who is the root cause of their problems. I couldn't buy that they were supposed to be the same age in the drama, but I rooted for that couple since ep 1. I didn't realize he was THAT Heo Jun until he sat for the exam (yuuuuup, I'm that dumb hahah). Mirror of the Witch, truly an underrated gem of a show and a fine example of how to excel at mixing and balancing multiple genres. Jun and Yeon-hee catch Ok just as he’s leaving the shed with the rest of the stowaways. Even after hundreds or thousands of years, the people will still be cursed and suffer until they die!”. It was a treat to meet so many fine new-to-me actors in this production. Taken aback, Jun asks Yeon-hee what’s wrong — is it because she’s worried about the last candle? It's beautiful. Why?” She tells him not to worry — she hates being a burden to people, so she doesn’t plan on seeing him ever again. Woa, what a same for Huh Joon. Yoon Shi Yoon blew me away with his acting. My thoughts about it: I adored this drama, but as much as I loved it, I can admit that the plot felt repetitive in the second half. I'm so grateful that we spent more time seeing them together in the last 2 episodes. Jun is lost in thought as he and Yeon-hee organize potion ingredients at Cheongbing Temple. Soon-deuk sits at a tavern with a despondent — and increasingly drunk — Yo-gwang. its my first time to watch her drama and im a fan of her now. (function(d, s, id) { It's one of my all time favourite now, and I feel kinda sad that I only get to watch it this late! I've always thought of him as the pretty guy who's acting is so-so. So why is it that Hong-joo is so fixated on preventing the curse to be lifted? Thank you for the beautifully written recap:) and its like you've drugged into my mind and expressed exactly how I felt about this drama. Ha! Use the prince as puppet? Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang), Hyun-seo's son, has had a crush on her since he was young. It was his transition as he crossed the threshold that got me where I live. I'm glad I was able to contribute to the discussions. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I really hate Yo Gwang character and his loveline. But regardless, when Yeon-Hee took her life instead of HJ I was relieved. It aired on cable network JTBC's Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 time slot from May 13 to July 16, 2016 for 20 episodes. Ordinarily, that would seem set up and cliched, but the actors did a marvellous job. His ability to convey a variety of emotions is top-notch, even his face at the end made me well up with tears. Even being in the afterlife, it was so comforting to know that they ended up together. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. And double Hyun Seo death fakeouts. At that, Yo-gwang grabs his injured side while Jun and Yeon-hee adorably exchange amused grins. A part of me is kinda disappointed that the sacrifice potion didn't work like a test of will/faith, y'know, testing if someone loves Yeon Hee enough to give up his life, but still letting him live because love is so great. Hong-joo then uses black magic to transfer the fetus to the Queen and plans to kill Hae-ran. But those are minor quibbles. The moment YH tried to pick up a box that was too high and HJ got it for her.. All those episodes where Hong Joo kept pushing YH to the brim made me worry that she would forget how to be happy, so I kinda teared up when she smiled so brightly, like a young girl dizzy in love, when she's with Jun. However, this drama captured my heart and interest throughout. Queen Shim (Jang Hee-jin), is a royal queen in the palace who, unable to have a child, seeks the help of a shaman named Hong-joo (Yum Jung-ah) to give birth to a prince. I've had a life-long interest in gardening, herbal medicine, metaphysics, alternative healing of various kinds -- and now am a full-blown fan of Kdrama. She squirms even more when Yo-gwang pops up, asking her why she’s here again. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi. honestly sepaking, i am not satisfied with the ending. Did this drama keep me hooked every week to come back for more? The ending was just so beautiful and well done. ). * acting (all-around strong performances) Die". I like that Yeon hee switched the portions so that Jun would not die, but I truly didn't expect her to die instead. * characterization (believable, clear motivation) I'm still mystified by the Sacrifice Potion. Yeon-hee says Jun should have run away, so that he wouldn’t have to die because of her. She was really tragic, and a great villain. Then she gets princess-carried and an affectionate look from the guy she enslaved as he walks them into the fire. THE GREATEST HIT is winding up on 22 July 2017, and it is a blast. But yeah I guess you'll never get really REALLY Happy Ending in Sageuk. Back at Cheongbing Temple, Yeon-hee and Jun sit separately, lost in their own thoughts. Not a perfect show, but a lovely show. I don't think I've cried this much since King 2 Hearts. When she looks again, though, Hong-joo is gone, and Yeon-hee doesn’t mention to Jun what she saw. yes. Meanwhile, Jun, with the wreath in his hands, can’t hold back his tears either. Hyun-seo says that’s something to figure out after Hong-joo is gone, and that Poong-yeon shouldn’t worry about him. It sent a shiver down my spine. YH/SR's death helped defeat/marked an end to the era of dark magic. An older student comes by to pick Jun up, and the two go back to Jun’s chambers. It filled my summer weekend breakfasts with adventure and thrill, haha!! Kwak Shiyang! If he was an MOTV watcher and watched the last ep he must probably be thinking," this is the most useless and stupidest cameo I've ever done". * set dressing (beautiful, I loved the temple-on-the-rock-entrance, the bridges, vines and Yeon-Hee's house in the forest) and costuming Overall I loved this show even with its faults and missteps. Jun returns to Cheongbing Temple and strolls around, his face betraying a multitude of emotions. Can a young royal physician change the fate of a cursed princess? tears I knew the ending got to me. She’s here because she has something to tell Yeon-hee: The truth about the last page of the Mauigeumseo, which Hyun-seo tried so hard to hide from her. I wanted to become someone who would save the one he loves.” He slowly uncorks the potion and drinks, then lies next to Yeon-hee. Yeah, the CG people, producers, and network brass deserve and should receive accolades for maintaining the CG quality for all 20 episodes and not skimping on the budget. She collapses onto Jun’s shoulder in pain, grabbing his hand; she then loses consciousness and Jun lays her down. I still was despondent over their being separated. Sidenote -They really could have made Hong Joo look like she was in more pain/agony than that, it was only fitting but maybe that just means i'm evil. It aired on cable network JTBC's Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 (KST) time slot from May 13 to July 16, 2016 for 20 episodes. I can appreciate that a person as vile as Hong-joo is still allowed a little bit of compassion; she may have gotten what was coming to her, but even then, thanks to Hyun-seo, she didn’t have to face death alone.

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