A Wish / An Instrument of Your Peace / A Prayer For Creation / A Closing Door / A Prayer For All / Persecution / The Empty Vessel / Silent Prayer / God’s Lily / Devotion / Paul’s Prayer / Prayer of Prophets / David’s Great Prayer / The Lord’s Prayer / God’s Creatures / Egyptian Doxology / Trust / Alone With Him / The Family / The Only God / Thank-You / An Evening Prayer. COUNTRY AIRS (1992) Some have called this a "rocking" album. SEA AIRS (1989) "Shields Up!, Red Alert!" CIRQUE SURREAL (1995) Released on compact disc on December 1, 2000 in the UK (Hope, HRH CD006). RETURN TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH (1999) A slight over-use of certain "metallic" synth patches at times. Live tracks: Recollection / Part IV, The Realisation / Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight / Part III, The Spaceman / Catherine Parr / The Prisoner / Merlin The Magician. LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH (1985) This discography only features Rick's solo albums and does not include any albums that he has guested on, either with YES or any other session work. THE NATURAL WORLD TRILOGY (1999) That's not very accurate. Re-released on SHMCD on April 27, 2016 in Japan (A&M, UICY-25550). RETRO (2006) Released on elpee, expanded cassette and extra-expanded compact disc in August 1987 in the UK (President, RW/RWCD4) with one and three bonus tracks respectively. After Tormato, of course, the history of Yes gets complicated, so better to shift attention to the assload of albums that Wakeman has authored since then. Released on compact disc on November 25, 2002 (Classic Rock, CRP1050). Released on compact disc in 2006 in the UK (President, RWCD 38). That's it. Released on compact disc in 2002 in the UK (Voiceprint, VPTCCD3). Re-issued on compact disc on November 20, 2006 in the US (Music Fusion, MFVP-123CD). Orchestral Suite From “The Myths and Legends of King Arthur” – “Arthur” – “Lady of the Lake” – “Merlin The Magician” – “The Last Battle” / The Six Wives of Henry VIII: “Katherine Howard” – “Anne Boleyn” // Orchestral Suite From “Journey To The Centre of the Earth” – “The Journey” – “Recollection” – “The Battle” – “The Forest” / “After The Ball” (From The Album And Film “White Rock”). Co-credited to Adam Wakeman and released on compact disc in 1996 in the UK (President, RWCD30). Released as promotional 7-inch single in June 1985 in Australia (Titanic, ICE-1519). Gnash / Balance of Power / Wings of Fortune / Static / Party / Wired For Sound / Juliet / Tubular Bells / Carlos / Love That I Know / The Jig. Released on compact disc on October 16, 2000 in the UK (President). Sophie For Joy / Merlin The Magician / The Nursery Rhyme Concerto / The Swiss Suite: La Baumaz – Les Monts du Corsier – Lac Le Mans – Canton Doe Vaud / The Barber of Wigan.

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