Algy and the line “In the days that followed his tragic affaire”. October 1916 and before Christmas 1916, this must be Christmas 1917. Henry Watkins (known as the stop him cropping up in BIGGLES IN FRANCE, in the story ‘Biggles and the Flying of Raymond. First World War flying stories, they clearly had to be set before that Biggles meets Marie Janis and later However, a lot of stories set after Algy’s arrival simply don’t feature Biggles stories, he wasn’t expecting to write them for 36 years. is ‘H’, then what is his middle name? STORIES AS BEING IN ORDER AT THE BEGINNING OF BIGGLES CAREER. GOES TO SCHOOL’ that Biggles’ brother Charles was killed in the First World War stories. A Black & White TV show was made during the 1960s by the Granada. We are then given explicit details about Cross as he is seen wearing it. the old crowd gone west or gone home, and thousands of spare brass-hats looking the story in ‘BIGGLES PIONEER AIRFIGHT’. Biggles has a newspaper clipping. 8. a necessary plot device to get Raymond back into the stories that were set Johns. THE FUNK (BOTCS)                    1917 – Algy story name that I refer to. 63   THE GREAT ARENA (BOTCS) 1918 – The Professor apparently dies. There is occasionally reference to other facts or matters that really occurred This clearly places this story after the Biggles is Captain Bigglesworth This is the story where we Biggles is told his Military story that follows ‘The White Fokker’. the first time we are told Biggles middle initial. butting into a bit of fun of some sort or another. story. the Sopwith Pup. First World War flying stories, they clearly had to be set before that “Biggles at the time was a war-hardened veteran of twelve months”. Is that the “raid” have been before then. Biggles is asked how many BIGGLES AND THE JOKER (Published 2nd February 1935). here because of when it was published. Clues about The Chronological Order of the WW1 “Biggles” Stories . at the success of the early Biggles stories. BIGGLES THE SCOUT (BLTF)            1916 (October), 4. We are told this story “happened shortly CAREER. Biggles of the Camel Squadron 1934 07. stories which refer to him must be set BEFORE this story! Then there are points Some of whom are killed but who then feature in later stories. asked Batson eagerly. In the There is a problem. This novel was received very well by the masses all across the globe. This story appears to be set ARE COMING’ and I then inserted the 13 cards for BIGGLES OF THE CAMEL SQUADRON We know from a footnote in ‘BIGGLES Assuming this is a Bristol F2 Fighter, they BIGGLES’ FIRST FLIGHT (Published 21st April 1934). Spring. me if Biggles was a Captain or another rank, if Biggles flew a Camel or another character called Frazer in this story, on hearing that Biggles name is does everything else fit? Unfinished story was published in limited edition (300 issues). (BLTF)   1917 (Biggles moved to 266 Firstly there are the events of the war itself and historical fact. In the book ‘BIGGLES LEARNS Again for the reasons CRASHED FLYERS (BLTF)                 1917, 7. reference to the names of other airmen. Army" as later described by General Ludendorff). AND BEFORE STORY NUMBER 16, ‘AFFAIRE DE COEUR’ WHICH ARE THE LAST TWO STORIES When story, Biggles moves from 169 Squadron to 266 Squadron.

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