Acetal is a thermoplastic polymer that is used for the production of many products due to its high strength and low friction. Her interest areas for writing and research include Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry. The main difference between acetal and Delrin is that acetal can be found as either a homopolymer or a copolymer whereas Delrin can be found as a homopolymer. Center line porosity is another differentiator.

Acetal or polyoxymethylene (POM) is a semi-crystalline, non-amorphous type of thermoplastic. What is Acetal       – Definition, Synthesis and Properties 2. The water absorption capacity of acetal varies from 0.20% to 0.25%. Which of these two polymers is better for making a materials handling basket? Additionally, Delrin® AF has a coefficient of friction that is somewhat lower than Acetal.

Here’s the main takeaway: While Delrin does have some distinguishing properties, acetal plastics share enough in common that they are often interchangeable based on budget and other project-specific characteristics. Some dyes may have adverse effects over time on the performance of the plastic. Two closely-related materials that get compared a lot are Acetal copolymers and Delrin® homopolymers. Material is available as both Acetal Copolymer or Acetal Homopolymer in Rod, Block, Sheet and Slabs. Acetal has a better resistance to the effects of hot water and strong caustic solutions with a high pH value when compared to Delrin®. Properly lubricating a load bearing POM part will lengthen its service life. Time and again we see prints that call out for "DuPont Delrin®" in the title block are being substituted with Acetal copolymer because the pricing can be more favorable on the copolymer material when compared to Acetal homopolymer. 2. It has an excellent resistance to beer, for what that’s worth. To answer this question, let’s compare some key performance characteristics of the two polymers: Harder materials are more resistant to being scratched by impacts and abrasion, and tend to have a lower coefficient of friction, making them easier to slide along a conveyor system. For example, chlorine is pretty bad for it. 1. Delrin is the common name for homopolymer acetal. If you need POM in a color other than black and natural, it has been reported to dye well. Acetal can be produced as either homopolymer acetal or copolymer acetal. Acetal as a copolymer, or Delrin as a homopolyer, has excellent mechanical, electrical and wear properties, as well as good dimensional stability with low creep. Acetal is a tough, stable engineering thermoplastic.

Delrin is a homopolymer form of acetal. (Flexural modulus is the tendency of a material to bend). The second Acetal is a Copolymer acetal, and there are many suppliers of this resin. There are several manufacturers that produce Acetal Copolymer resin, including: Celanese®, BASF®, Ticona®, SABIC® and many more. A thermoplastic polymer is a compound that can be repeatedly heated and molded into a definite shape. You could make a plastic spring or compliant mechanism and expect a useful service life, as long as the mechanism rests in the sprung state. Delrin® is a premium homopolymer Acetal produced by Dupont. However, if I want to be sure about getting brand name plastic or a specific formulation I’ll buy from a distributor to be sure of getting the material I’m asking for. Visit our website at for more information. As a class of engineering thermoplastics, acetal plastic comes in a variety of forms and brands, each with slightly different physical characteristics—but they generally feature properties such as being light weight, low-friction, and wear resistant. What they really are is alternatives to each other.

Homopolymer Acetal is POM111, and Copolymer Acetal is POM211. Delrin® is a premium homopolymer Acetal produced by Dupont. It is one of the strongest plastics and is a good go-to material when you want the best properties of plastic, and don’t need the full strength of a metal part. Some plastics, like UHMW, have the unfortunate tendency to render the dials on a mill or lathe meaningless as the plastic deflects away from the tool. However, the Delrin® homopolymer does tend to have a slightly higher hardness than Acetal copolymer. Unless you are doing fancy stuff, just buy the cheapest, over engineer it, and it probably won’t matter which one you choose. The water absorption of Delrin is about 0.25%. The prices are usually better if you’re willing to give up on guaranteed accurate tolerances and formulations.
The main difference between acetal and Delrin is that acetal can be found as either a homopolymer or a copolymer whereas Delrin can be found as a homopolymer.

It comes in both black and white. 1. I couldn’t find a common lubricant that would damage it. It has stabilizers to help, but it isn’t impervious. Acetal Copolymer Compared With Homopolymer Acetal. Acetal polymer is made as either a homopolymer or a copolymer. Due to its solvent resistance and high lubricity you can pretty much give up on adhering anything to it. Acetal is a thermoplastic polymer. The following post will help readers to understand the terminology surrounding acetal plastics. Home » Science » Chemistry » Polymer Chemistry » Difference Between Acetal and Delrin. Doing so can make for a stronger, more effective custom basket. Both materials meet the ASTM-D-4181, ASTM-D-6100 or ASTM-D-6778 specification (an old call out is L-P-392).

If you are machining a small hole through the center of an extruded rod of POM, the copolymer may be a better choice in this case. If you need the Young’s Modulus, you probably don’t need this guide. In the synthesis of copolymer acetal, about 1% of –CH2O groups are replaced with –CH2CH2O groups. Marlin Steel is a leading manufacturer of custom‐engineered products from steel wire

If your application could get uncomfortably on fire, choose a self extinguishing plastic like PVC or ABS with a UL rated flame retardant for your application range mixed in (making it self-extinguishing). Is this a bad thing?

Acetal Rod - Black. Acetal: homopolymer (DuPont Delrin®) versus copolymer, are they different. Delrin is a homopolymer form of acetal. CLICK HERE! Therefore, most products are formed from thermoplastic polymers. The primary ASTM heading for both items are the same (ASTM D6100-11).

Asetal adalah polimer termoplastik. However, the porosity of Delrin® at its center line make it less ideal for making thicker plates and wires since it can compromise the structural integrity of the finished product. It also chips nicely unlike UHMW and Nylon. Also a Teflon based grease such as Super Lube is a good choice. These are the two most common names for POM, but there are other formulations out there under different branding and it will take some research to figure out what you are buying. POM does not do this as much., Drawbacks of Lased Delrin and How to Slip Around them. Acetal: Homopolymer acetal forms are produced through polymerization of anhydrous formaldehyde whereas copolymer acetal is formed by replacing 1% of acetal groups from –CH2CH2O groups. COVID-19 SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE! Here’s a really big and immensely useful list of things that will damage it (and some other plastics). POM is also very hard and abrasion resistant. Delrin, is an acetal homopolymer unless otherwise specified by Dupont. Delrin® tops out at 11,000 psi.

One huge advantage to POM is its high lubricity. “Acetal.” Curbell Plastics, Available here. For added safety, this acetal material is colored blue to increase its visibility to optical detection equipment in use many food plants. A distinction is required to determine which is best for your application. Acetal: The value of flexural modulus for acetal depends on whether it is a homopolymer or copolymer. Either way, Plastics International stocks a vast inventory of both Acetal homopolymer DuPont Delrin ® and copolymer Acetal … When I’m in doubt and need to try out an idea I like to reach for it, and it’s cheap enough to keep a small stock. An additional difference is the inherit problem of center-line porosity in some of the homopolymer grades. As one of the nation's most distinguished plastic distributors, you can trust that our work will be precise, accurate, and timely. It's not that one is necessarily better than the other, they each have a place in the market and offer some distinct advantages. Friction, fatigue, and abrasion resistance, Low moisture absorbance, leading to strong performance in wet conditions. Either way, we still spend a lot of time explaining and educating on this topic with our customers every day. The homopolymer is less uniform throughout its cross section. When choosing a material for your own custom handling baskets, it’s important to consider all of the characteristics of that material, including: By comparing these characteristics of different materials, it’s possible to find a material that is ideal for meeting your unique needs. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Therefore, the products made of acetal can be melted and molded to reuse several times.

Even though POM is a good dielectric, it is probably not a good choice for a lot of sparky electrical applications. Acetal Products Comparison: Acetal vs. Delrin . Delrin is a type of acetal homopolymer and therefore generally interchangeable with others of the same class. Acetal: The stiffness of homopolymer acetal is greater than that of copolymer acetal. This is caused by out gassing during manufacturing, and can be found at the center or on the surface of all homo-polymer extrusions. Acetal is the common name used for polyoxymethylene. The most popular name for a Homopolymer Acetal is the Dupont Delrin, which is a premium Homopolymer Acetal. Acetal is one of the most widely available plastics, especially on the West Coast (for some reason the East Coast seems to like the Nylon – Polyamide material more). It is one of the strongest plastics and is a good go-to material when you want the best properties of plastic, … This is one of our most common questions, and it is a bit involved of an answer. This allows a structure made from Delrin® to withstand an extra 1,500 psi of force without failing.

Delrin is less resistant to chemicals than other acetal polymers. Acetal refers to the pattern and shape of the molecule that makes up its building blocks. It is about 420,000 psi. Many of the physical properties of the homopolymer exceed that of the copolymer Acetal. I won’t go too deep into the numbers behind POM. It’s one of my favorite materials. Acetal: Homopolymer acetal has porosity and copolymer acetal has no porosity. Acetal Copolymer compared to Delrin® Homopolymer Acetal. The generic term ‘Acetal’ covers both the homopolymer from Dupont and the copolymer grades of resin. However, if you are building something that is rated for an engineering application it’s good to call the material supplier to see if they have a color solution. Our large inventory allows us to provide you with the exact type of plastic materials you need to meet your unique application specifications. Delrin is available in different colors, including black color.

While doing this research every single site I came across referred to it as the most machinable plastic. Delrin is a type of acetal. Are Acetal Copolymer and Homopolymer Acetal the same? All Rights Reserved. The applications of acetal include the production of bearings, pump and valve parts, gears, wear pads and electrical components.

The reason why this is so important? All of them will have a hard time sticking to POM.

Homopolymer Acetal is POM111, and Copolymer Acetal is POM211. Call us at 866-832-9315 or Email Us for more additional details, **Note:  Delrin® is a registered Trademark of Dupont, Copyright 2018 Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I thought they were the same, I ended up being quite wrong. Additionally, Delrin® AF has a coefficient of friction that is somewhat lower than Acetal. POM is often mistakenly said to have self-lubricating properties.

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