A description is provided of a study undertaken by Glendale Community College (GCC-Arizona) to determine what marketing and information dissemination activities could be undertaken by the college information office to increase enrollments among target markets. If you have a focus on a particular group, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, this should be included in the scope. All rights reserved. I've seen my fair share of PR campaigns completely backfire, especially Twitter hashtag ones. Data can be collected from community members, community leaders, practitioners and service providers.

Secondary data are data that have already been collected by someone else and can be analysed for your needs assessment. Needs that have been identified through multiple sources of evidence should be noted here as well; this is important information to present as part of the decision-making process. 5(Or��������s �/M~ !��X�:�-����O������} qNo���, J���X�@Ц4`�"8��d��7W��� ���O(�e�W�ܱ�7�[y1�}�l��A�#w�ýB���\8�-��+���:s:-'=�hr��XMbj�ɄS>���ǎ��|��GW/U���M��"CuM�����*}��O��?�{��Ooܢs�т��?o|0���`�Pm}k�@o6�Z'�����y���+���ӎ��q��/��Sϸ��< Who has the skills and capacity to collect data? xref Since false image cannot be sustained for a long time. 848 0 obj <> endobj

Qualitative data focus on participants' perspectives and experiences. community assets) that can be used to address the issue, The existence of programs or interventions to address the issue, The presence of interventions that are known to be effective to address the issue. 250 Bishops WaySte. Marketing and Public Relations Needs Assessment for Glendale Community College. The format for presenting the identified needs will depend on the audience. Similarly, if you have used mixed methods and different sources of data have returned similar findings, you can be more confident that the needs you have identified are shared across the community.

Needs assessments can be small or large, and the scope and methods of a needs assessment depends on the purpose and the available resources.

New York, New York New York, New York Currently, he has nothing, but he wants to be the best barber in his hometown of Smallville. Oak Park, Illinois If this is the case, there may be senior leaders in each agency who will also expect to have input into decisions. What is Needs Assessment Thinking Project. This data can be compared with that of other regions in order to assess the relative scale or importance of social issues; for example, rates of school attendance may be lower than in comparable regions, so this could be a potential issue requiring attention. Engaging people with lived experience in the needs assessment process more broadly, rather than simply as a source of data, may be preferable (see 'How will the community be involved' under Step 1 above). Review the criteria to make sure that everyone understands and continues to agree on them. a visual map, a plain language summary and a more detailed report). We drive search marketing results for enterprise brands around the world, but you’ll feel like our only client. See Box 4 for a description of primary and secondary data sources. Although it depends on the scale of your needs assessment, presenting and assessing more than 10 or 15 needs is likely to be very time consuming and unwieldy, so it is better to consolidate needs during this step. Has a similar campaign been launched before and if so, did it suffer any negative publicity for any reason? Drawing on Altschuld and White (2010) and Rabinowitz (2017), the steps of a needs assessment are laid out in the image below.


Primary data are data that are collected by you for the purpose of the needs assessment. Community engagement is discussed in more detail in the CFCA paper Community engagement: A key strategy for improving outcomes for Australian families.

0000002476 00000 n If you are undertaking a needs assessment with a high degree of community engagement, consider how community members can lead or participate in this analysis. It can be useful to write a list or table of what is in scope and what is out of scope for your needs assessment. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to GCC and its college information office, looking at organizational structure and services; enrollment trends; and the objectives, scope, limitations, and methods of the needs assessment study. A needs assessment is likely to identify a range of social issues, and there are different and sometimes conflicting ways to determine the order in which they should be addressed. �6���:9�³�%�Wҝ� ��9��2��A�2�1f. Once you have a plan, data collection and analysis can be undertaken. Community engagement can bring to light the degree of momentum or community readiness to address particular issues. Using secondary data is a more cost-effective method of data collection; however, there are many considerations in using secondary data - are they recent enough to be meaningful, can you track trends over time, and are they from a reputable source? A description is provided of a study undertaken by Glendale Community College (GCC-Arizona) to determine what marketing and information dissemination activities could be undertaken by the college information office to increase enrollments among target markets. Whether different groups are being affected differently or disproportionately by the issue, The impact of the issue on individuals and the community if the issue remains unaddressed, How complex the issue is, and how amenable the issue is to change, How people are affected as individuals, how the community is affected, the financial and social cost of the issue, How many people are affected and how often, How the issue intersects with other issues, The effect on other issues, or other parts of a system. Marketing and Public Relations Needs Assessment for Glendale Community College. These objectives should be very specific and measurable. 53708 United States of America, in Full Service Advertising, Branding Consultants, Public Relations, Consumer Marketing Consultants, Concept Development. 848 27 Ensure that your communication back to stakeholders clearly and transparently outlines the reasons why issues were prioritised and the criteria that were used to select these issues.

A large needs assessment can be a significant resource investment, and a more modest needs assessment may be more suitable if resources are limited. Developing and applying criteria legitimises decision-making processes (Barnett, 2012) and makes the process rigorous and transparent. Agencies who wish to engage community members who are experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage should consider the barriers people face to inclusion, and how these can be addressed. This resource will not cover data collection methods in detail; however, there are many resources that describe different data collection methods. It is highly likely that you have a list of competing needs. Community engagement requires additional time and resources, and this should be factored in. Your email address will not be published. It is important to examine the sample (how many people data were collected from, and who was and was not represented) and the methodology (how data were collected). Eric has designed the course to provide his students with practical learning.
Melissa Agnes says. The aim of this step is to work towards selecting interventions to address the issue. For example, an issue could be deemed a high priority based on how many people are affected by it or it could be deemed a high priority because of its impact on people's lives. It is likely that you will have a large list of different issues and may need to collate and group similar needs so that you have a manageable amount of data to present.

The process of conducting a needs assessment can also build momentum to address a particular social issue, resulting in increased buy-in for programs or activities. Jim Ife (2016) identifies three different approaches to undertaking a needs assessment, with needs being defined by a different group in each approach.

Identify issues for the prioritised needs; risk/protective factors, causes and consequences. As with all forms of research and evaluation, the best method of data collection depends on: Needs assessments frequently collect both qualitative and quantitative data (this is often referred to as 'mixed methods').

People with lived experience of social issues are rich sources of expertise about how those social issues are experienced.

practitioners or a segment of the community) that were not prioritised for action. Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker, August 5, 2014 By Melissa Agnes 2 Comments. Opportunities for collaboration and shared funding, Public and political support to address the issue. You can easily prevent your organization from going through a similar faux pas, by simply stopping to reflect before launching the campaign. You can call them or do it online. These two CFCA resources describe some of the basic principles of evaluation, including data collection: The process for data collection and analysis very much depends on the scale and approach of the needs assessment as well as the amount of data collected. Does this issue tie in to other issues and strategies that are currently employed or planned? With the possible exception of blogs, this content must be designed to appear in venues that the client does not own. How decisions will be made, and how data will be used to make decisions should be communicated during data collection.

It amazes me that it isn't yet (for most). 874 0 obj <>stream 0000006112 00000 n Consider the resources at your disposal; in particular, it is important to be realistic about the money, staff time and staff skills that are available to invest in the process. Vault Consulting is a full service custom primary Marketing Research firm specializing in the design and execution of high quality innovative research using a collaborative approach. NEED FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS Investing on Public relations will help the organisation to achieve its objective effectively and smoothly.

Communicating with other agencies in the region and collaborating on a needs assessment, or sharing data, can be a better alternative to individual agencies conducting separate needs assessments. The IAP2 framework is one possible way to think through the role of community participation. It is important to develop a plan and have clear criteria for assessing needs before data are collected. 0000005146 00000 n What evidence exists about effective interventions to address the issue?

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