Other light travels in long, lazy waves. The sunlight reaching us from the horizon has passed through even more air than the sunlight reaching us from overhead.

Gases and particles in Earth's atmosphere scatter sunlight in all directions. The first reason is the amount of moisture in the air.

Couldn’t the sky just as easily be green?

Similarly, in the atmosphere, the sky looks fairly blueish most of the day because the blue light is scattered in all directions, including into your eyes, while the red light from the sun passes straight through the atmosphere, hits the earth, and is absorbed. At one end of the spectrum is red light which has the longest wavelength and at the other is blue and violet lights which have a much shorter wavelength.

Much of it bounces back and forth in the upper atmosphere before heading down to our eyes, and since much of the scattered light is reddish, it combines with the atmosphere’s natural blue to produce a whitish color.

Like energy passing through the ocean, light energy travels in waves, too. Displayed at right is the web colour light sky blue. Read More. Sometimes the whole western sky seems to glow. This is because there isn't as much violet in sunlight to start with, and our eyes are much more sensitive to blue. Sky blue is a colour that resembles the colour of the unclouded sky at noon reflecting off a metallic surface.The entry for "sky-blue" in Murray's New English Dictionary (1919) reports a first sighting of the term in the article on "silver" in Ephraim Chambers's Cyclopaedia of 1728. Displayed at right is the colour dark sky blue. Because these molecules are much smaller than the wavelength of visible light, the amount of scattering depends on the wavelength.

Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción del Uruguay. Some of the violet light is absorbed by the upper atmosphere. How much of the Sun’s light gets bounced around in Earth’s atmosphere and how much gets reflected back into space?

Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This causes the blue and violet waves to be separated from the rest of the light and become scattered in every direction for all to see. Both images were captured by NASA’s Mars Pathfinder Lander.

“I don’t think we know nearly enough yet to be considering it as a real option,” he said. GOES takes good advantage of our atmosphere's affect on light to help us forecast the weather and understand and take care of our planet. The blue and violet waves, however, are just the right size to hit and bounce off of the molecules of gas in the atmosphere. A lot of other smart people have, too.

(The word scatter is a physics term.)

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The sky is blue because it absorbs blue color more, the sea is blue because it doesn't absorb blue color well and reflects it instead.

Since you see the blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue. Our scientists publish and our journalists report on climate science, energy, sea level rise. [7], The first use of Capri as a colour name in English was in 1920.[8].

Even in places where the sky is often gray or vaguely yellowish, everyone knows the sky is supposed to be blue. To understand why the sky is blue, we first need to understand a little bit about light. Much colder weather will follow the city's unprecedented and record-breaking string of seven 70-degree plus November days. Even more of the blue light is scattered, allowing the reds and yellows to pass straight through to your eyes. Specifically, the colour Capri is named after the colour of the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri.

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