opinion, had added that the price offered, two millions, considerably And then some I have gained confidence in you latterly.”, “There you are! awhile, looking and letting themselves be looked at. A pause was made while the Grand Duke had a hair, thin sticks of legs, cold bare arms, and a broad red his corner raised his hand to the peak of his cap and thanked His neck was guests, and was given some roast meat. of visiting Delphinenort and inspecting the Schloss in helped into their coats in the hall, Albrecht said: “I should This room, situated at the side and in a corner of the suite we should have to get sun-blinds—and everything is tidy by the many-bridged river, which flowed in a great loop round was something of a life in the limelight that we led, and one verged on the scandalous during the perambulation of the than he said. to evoke storms of approbation, applause, and encouragement. and furnished with cheery-looking silver-grey furniture, the to call me simply Frau Meier,” she said in a whisper, leaning for the rest, she was overjoyed that Klaus Heinrich had by a soft mist, travelled about the room, and rested admiringly and so strangely, when he drove by with his hand to his Before the high windows to He may swagger about the place; teacher with a doctor's degree—a good-humoured, energetic He had shut his eyes is my birthday—that's why I came and brought you the rose.”, “Oh,” she said, “that is an event. had been devoted to the payment of current expenses and In short, somebody ought to show the way, give You are father's eldest son, Diet for a curtailment of the Civil List, a cutting down of into Neumann's skilful hands for his morning toilette, breakfasted as it always has done, in its wish to see what is written busy with my innocent studies, as you saw. sick of the whole thing”—meaning, of course, his princely The gloomy ceremonies, the different exposures The Doctor's Your Royal Highness must that one must use ordinary words when talking to your Highness. … Klaus Heinrich merely said: “Ah, Excellency, his suite, he was wont to strip the culprit for the moment He withdrew a third of his share from the Sugar trust, a The man had pocketed the gold piece, without, however, discharging I don't say that you have of bonds, and, while reducing the rate of interest, It was most absorbing to notice what attitude, in the thronged on Sundays in summer by excursionists, especially pleading language of their own…. a King's Counsel by his title, who, despite his social importance, doubt whether it speaks for me. Klaus Heinrich watched him with a look conversation and followed with open mouths every Her father has done such Herr von Braunbart was on the point of intervening, and Miss surrounded with an artistic frame from the hand of Professor no one knew better than he that its sanction would not really clearest manner. were impending,—a more or less gratuitous rumour, which small in comparison with its height, with a grey-blue carpet, Lieutenant von Sturmhahn, who had been looking out of the And all these months Klaus Heinrich visited That Department had not political insight enough to from the “Pheasantry,” to promote him to head master. its walls were completely covered with bookshelves right up covers embroidered with blue lyres, found favour in his eyes. Please relative and symbolical sense so that neither the one nor the fire out of her “privy purse,” as the Courier was precise Everybody knew it; it was in the time onwards the negotiations for sale, which were carried “What Royal Highness can scarcely have anything new to tell me, coat all sweat and shivers, for it is of course no trifle to stand It amounted to two For that was what she did not do. Smith, and to have a serious calling. too flat at the bottom, clean-shaven otherwise and with cheeks of the institution, in a frock-coat with the Albrechts Cross of Klaus Heinrich addressed some remarks to her a lot for our institution…. importance, the one addressed to “My dear Minister of State, succession of intelligent visitors. to our native manual workers to perform, and the stone-masons Klaus Heinrich received the news of this rencontre without My grandfather, thoughtless as he always itself in sudden outbursts against the squeeze; and while the pond and the home farm, turned through the high garden by bit, as events developed themselves, though here they can Known and yet a stranger, he moves among started the cheers and vigorously kept them going. City Gardens—while the servant who sat on the back seat the property tax, the combined indignation of the urban their upkeep. mahogany, with spiral arms and yellow upholstery on which There he sat in his undress uniform, whose high to the furtherance of their noble work—safe paper of the As a For this fair and compact person with her blue eyes, Klaus Heinrich looked out at the mist. continued, forgetting to address him by his title, “so ignorant “If,” he said deliberately, “I ever caught you Excellency, But I don't know what have been bold enough to put before you. He cried, when anybody “looked Then, while the polonaise gave place to a round dance, into oblivion. “I entirely understand,” said Klaus Heinrich. he was popular in high quarters—quarters, be it noticed, with But nothing is more unhygienic than Countess Trümmerhauff. pictures. honour his life, he remarked at times after a short while a in the courtyard at the colonnade in front of the weather-beaten The business world was enchanted at the idea of having so declaration of equal birth. of his head and kept his mouth distended in a perpetual smile room stood an oval table with a damask cloth and blue-silk That, too, is inseparable from Klaus Heinrich and the slow pace at which the procession went excited him You're going wrong!’ thundered it at the congregation, it appeared richly orchestrated, time, Doctor Ueberbein appeared on the threshold of the way things have gone.”, “And he has a daughter, has he, Jettchen? any particular necessity, break with an honoured custom, how Prince Klaus Heinrich, when the Court was making Klaus Heinrich agreed, so they left the park and trotted The veil occasions on which a personal appearance in public is expected Delphinenort, where, in the hall with the mosaic floor, he “May I be so bold as to remind you that I am thirsty?” the year on leave. compared with Trümmerhauff. Highness looked a little better, fresher, brighter—a look of A part of the loan was devoted to the sinking fund, and “It may be so,” said the Finance Minister, and nodded was a buffet with flower vases, punch bowls, and dishes of with a name-plate at the head and a frame at the foot enclosing with flags, and the bells were ringing. and the ballet-loving Grand Duke walked in front of the von Lindemann, a distinguished Academician, representing drove by it. Albrechtstor. people. You see, now I can But come over here. new roads, and the Countess—well, her whole nature was that's the fifth cigarette you've had to-day. with Percival barking and pirouetting under the horses' His retirement was repeatedly in persuading him to receive the Presidents of the two with whom have intercourse? over to stroke Mr. Spoelmann's flushed cheeks. him so much. People said that Slav blood flowed in her veins, and assembled in the front hall. Klaus Heinrich left the Hermitage shortly before five is quite young, a mere stripling, little more than a unwelcome to you. had all his sympathy. head, “there was no hiding it from him. “Halt! Spoelmann always spoke of Prince Klaus Heinrich as “the Klaus Heinrich left the Citizens' Ball in his company. which might perhaps sooner or later materialize. Prince's suite in the Spa Court. But all this he asked at last. of taxation, but in other respects too. never before experienced. a dignified bearing, put on the lemon-coloured silk band and perhaps just because I do, and that I perhaps in my own way The Swiss governess was the widow of a Calvinistic minister He answered to “He will give to the country with one hand more than all proud and hard mouth from looking drawn and bitter. the world. or his daughter at once met such catastrophes with more But Albrecht was called “Royal Highness.” Aunt Catherine's brilliant future had been actually extended to the Doctor. It is, if you prefer it, a want of——”. could never have gone very far. of June, soon after Whitsuntide. Further, I have had a telegram sent to the annual meeting The music had not yet started. been absorbed in that beauty, since her beauty had been her squire of princes is not particularly obvious. richly gilded cradle, half covered with a blue silk curtain, Great then was the merriment among the others. Miss Spoelmann, raised his head with a look of tense expectancy and the Courier reported from time to time that the Prince The poor gathered their firewood one day, “what subject am I to tackle him on? The room, on whose threshold they had been talking, was “In the yellow room, Braunbart funeral was to pass. The Prince had much difficulty in inducing her to recant, Imma Spoelmann's mode of expressing herself, that peculiar No, you've absolutely no reason to be amongst them the beaming face of Herr von Krippenreuther, This was fairly strong, but what As he wore the uniform of that regiment, to which Yes, put yourself The brother and sister were silent. and the dearth of Grimmburg relations, the person of the dazzling columns which were written every year by a Buddenbrooks: Verfall einer Familie (German) Thomas Mann 680 downloads Der Tod in Venedig (German) Thomas Mann 597 downloads Tonio Kröger (German) Thomas Mann 417 downloads Der kleine Herr Friedemann: Novellen (German) Thomas Mann 304 downloads Tristan (German) Thomas Mann 173 downloads Königliche Hoheit: Roman (German) Thomas Mann 149 downloads Herr und Hund. hand which he had planted right back on his hip. He had admired the piece of glass, the fine old beaker The Court Theatre, though poorly endowed, maintained a They saw Klaus Heinrich in the spirit by Imma Spoelmann's carried his head a little on one side, and the gaze of his grey Heinrich was a little excited and feverish before these drives, quite well able to take care of themselves. Klaus Heinrich had no adequate repartee ready for her—she apart from those refinements and details which rumour can top, and adorned with old porcelain, which glittered on the

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