Maria Thorpe (wife)Darim Ibn-La'Ahad (son)Sef Ibn-La'Ahad (son) The only difference is that she does not need to meet conditions. Left with no other option, Altaïr engaged them in battle, and managed to slay them all. [5], He led the three to the half-abandoned citadel, which had been stripped of the life it had under Altaïr's rule; Assassins lounged indolently instead of training, those he addressed treated him with scorn and the villagers would not meet their eyes but averted their gazes fearfully. Besieged in the castle, Altair headed to a tower behind the Templars and cut the ropes, letting the logs fall on the Templar soldiers. [11], The two traveled to Alamut, where Altaïr lived with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Maria told him to stop, and when he did, Swami stabbed Maria in the back. During his study, he discovered that the fortress of Alamut was built upon the remains of a First Civilization temple and went inside. [4], As Altaïr finally singled his Master out, Al Mualim bound him once again. How do you think about the answers? In 1191, Al Mualim made him the leader of an attempt to find the Ark of the Covenant at Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem along with Kadar al-Sayf and Malik al-Sayf, but he broke the Creed by foolishly assaulting Robert de Sable and the Knights Templar in the caves without stealth. What is the interesting part of the story of why sinigang? [4], Al Mualim then used the power of the Apple to create illusions of the nine Templars Altaïr had killed. Altaïr then escorted the two out of Masyaf, fighting off the Mongols with his Apple of Eden. Fighting his way through the battlefield, Altaïr arrived at Richard's camp, and was accused of wishing to make an attempt on the king's life. He killed all 5 of them, and returned to the informer, who gave him a map showing where scholars planned to burn books and novels. Abbas told Altair that if he handed over the Apple, he would tell him the truth. [1], After earning the loyalty, respect and faith of almost the entire Order, Altaïr desired to tell the tale of his life, and began writing his Codex. With this information gathered, he headed to the Bureau. He reported to Malik with the information about the funeral, and was given permission to attack De Sable and eliminate him. As he left, Altaïr witnessed Shalim addressing the people, uncharacteristically promising reward through hard work. Inversely, Desmond pronounced the Assassin's name as "Al-ta-ear", with a clearer "r" at the end and a harder "t.", Altaïr's robes could be unlocked as a skin in the 2008 Ubisoft game. With the assistance of Malik as his right-hand man, Altaïr also designed new possible methods of assassination. Human Ezio would use Altaïr's Codex to construct weapons with the help of Leonardo da Vinci and locate the hidden Vatican Vault. Reaching the safety of the docks, he watched the remaining ship sail away from the harbor, swearing he would find Adha and rescue her. Shown in the anime that it could "delete" Vogelchevalier in existence rather than outright destroyed it. Altaïr concluded the Archive was elsewhere, as they would not leave it unprotected so willingly, and Markos told him the departing ships had sailed for Limassol. Considering that Altair was originally unable destroy the world before, it is likely that this ability was a result of the audience wanting to fulfill Altair's wish of saving her creator. In return for his life, Basilisk gave Altaïr two pieces of information: the location of the Chalice at the villa of Don Carvaggio in Jerusalem, and the revelation of a Templar plot to end the costly siege in Acre by poisoning the city's water supply. "[22] That same year, IGN's Jesse Schedeen listed Altaïr as one of the fighters they would have in their ultimate fighting game, saying he was a slightly more realistic and efficient version of the Prince from Prince of Persia. Because of this, she is called "The Military Princess". When he had a position above Al Mualim and Haras, he jumped down and stabbed him in the back of the head in an air assassination. Her uniform is similar to C.C on, Her name comes from a star located on the Aquila constellation, and it also means ". Altair told him that he lied, and Al Mualim said that as long as men maintained free will, there would not be peace. @Unit 2 ki Oh come on, I expect a heroic death, cut out the Leap of Faith jokes already LOL :S. Unknown, but judging from the end of the first Revelations trailer (with an assassin's blade getting cut off in battle), we might see the death of either Ezio or Altair. Doubtful of her claim, Altaïr said he could not accuse Harash without proof of the man's crimes, and asked Adha to flee the Holy Land with him. August 12, 1257Masyaf, Syria(aged 92) Altaïr asked why they had not been greeted by Rauf as he had requested in his letters, and Swami claimed that Rauf had died of fever during their absence. He headed for the Rafiq of Damascus first, to gather clues.

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