The arsenal described above was deployed in support of the Ben Affleck entry in the Jack Ryan franchise The Sum of all Fears. But the more commercially minded film-makers have learned how to get the goods without coming close to upsetting the top brass, through a process that could be described as self-censorship. We'll send them information, talk about its role. We want the equipment to be operated in a way that's more or less the way it would be; and for servicemen to act towards each other and towards others as they would in real life.". By taking the military's assistance, he says, an artist's vision is inevitably corrupted. "The military are not film-makers. Even more than its predecessor, it crams in an exhausting amount of military hardware: jet fighters, transport planes, unmanned spy planes, helicopters, tanks, submarines, hovercrafts, aircraft carriers, you name it. In Independence Day, it was that Will Smith's Navy pilot character was dating a stripper, which was considered inconsistent with military ethics. But Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is also quite possibly the most militarised film ever made. This fantastic 2017 article Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA: US military intelligence agencies have influenced over 1,800 movies and TV shows detailed the massive and astonishing extent to which movies directly influenced by the MIC. Despite the extra cost and hardship, many of the best Hollywood war movies have been made without the forces: Apocalypse Now, Platoon, MASH, Catch-22, Full Metal Jacket, Dr Strangelove, Three Kings. The scene was changed so that only the aircraft carrier’s flight operations were destroyed in the attack. And if the military doesn't like the way it is portrayed in the script, it won't help you until you make the changes it recommends.

In the James Bond movie GoldenEye, the Pentagon demanded the nationality of an incompetent US admiral be changed if the producers wanted US helicopters for the finale. None of these films should be a surprise as they each took a firmly anti-war stance.

Transformers is the perfect example. Films that portray the military in a positive light are often given a green light, while films that are critical of the military or the wars it fights, are, unsurprisingly, not given a green light. "That's probably our single most important imperative. The military described Thirteen Days's portrayal of the generals as "negative" and "inauthentic". As Strub puts it: "Since we don't have too many existing war plans for fighting Decepticons, and allying with Autobots, there's an enormous amount of flexibility in terms of artistic licence.". When Independence Day was denied Pentagon assistance, they simply created digital jets and military units out of thin air.

He became Canadian. Its fantastical, apolitical storyline neatly sidesteps issues of historical accuracy or military competence. In his 2004 book Operation Hollywood, David Robb paints a darker picture. A recently announced fourth "Transformers" movie is slated for release during Independence Day weekend 2013. In the Cuban missile crisis drama Thirteen Days, the Pentagon objected to the way generals were shown to be in favour of invading Cuba at the time, even though this was based on tapes of discussions within the White House. It's not difficult to see what both sides get out of it. Films like Midway and The Longest Day and The Great Escape. Which is how so many pro-wars films were released in the mid-part of the century. It all belongs to the taxpayer, after all. The military don't like to talk about the recruiting value of movies these days, but they are clearly mindful of the Top Gun effect. Robb documents the discussions between the two sides on many movies since the second world war. Sometimes the changes are more sinister. None of this is new. These films, it should also be no surprise, the Pentagon was fine with. Iron Man, Act of Valor and Transformers are very good recent examples. To re-create the jungles of Vietnam, all they needed to do was fly some actors to Manila and rent some helicopters to land these light infantry soldiers into the jungle. And they haven't been helped by real-life events such as Abu Ghraib, friendly fire incidents, extraordinary rendition, atrocities committed by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention friends and family killed or maimed in the US's current conflicts.

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