James is focused on growth/scale up stage companies, with personal inclinations towards enterprise software/SaaS, security, infrastructure/core tech and fintech (but with a very open mind!). We are focused on bringing an innovative approach to secure code training. From 2006 - 2017 Eddie oversaw the commercialisation and global expansion of Nuix, from almost no customers or revenue and 2 developers to a profitable $100M+ business with 2000+ customers across the world. Nick is Fellow Certified Practising Marketer (FAMI CPM) of the Australian Marketing Institute, and in 1981, Nick set an athletics club record for both the under 15 boys long & triple jumps; records that stand to this day. Josh has held leadership roles at influential startups and consultancies like mPort, Simple Machines, Canva, Atlassian, Hashrocket, and ThoughtWorks. Mike Tooke is our Vice President, Finance and is responsible for all aspects of Finance & business operations for our global entities - shaping the policies, procedures and processes to provide the framework for ongoing growth. As VP, Product, Derek Wood drives Secure Code Warrior's product strategy and roadmap in conjunction with his team of Product, Design and Data superstars! Learn secure code on the go, and kick-start your career as a secure coding champion with Secure Code Bootcamp - a free, fun mobile app for early-career coders. speakerconf "The International Software Technology Summit"​), is the chair of YOW! Secure Code Warrior is a secure coding company helping developers to start left, rather than just shifting left in the SDLC. Dr. McGraw has also written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.Gary serves on the Advisory Boards of Maxmyinterest, NTrepid, Ravenwhite, and Secure Code Warrior. Oops! Previously, Wang was the Chief Strategy Officer at Twistlock. Developers didn’t need to become security experts per se, but they could be empowered positively to be the first line of defense for their organization. Nathan graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Howest Bruges, majoring in Computer and Cybercrime Professional. Read on, my friend. His clients include SMEs in the technology and legal sector. Prior to this, Mourad was a senior consultant at a boutique advisory firm focused on M&A, turnaround, and restructuring assignments for middle market clients. The developer-driven security movement is here to stay - and Secure Code Warrior is here to help you start your journey. He guided the software’s growing functionality from digital forensics to legal discovery, investigation, cybersecurity, information governance and intelligence. emenda-logo.png | Secure Code Warrior Skip to main content Nathan also co-founded Sensei Security, and founded Applix, a software consultancy firm. Secure Code Warrior is a secure coding company helping developers to start left, rather than just shifting left in the SDLC. All Rights Reserved. Secure Code Warrior until [DATE]. Prior to ForgePoint, Sean was focused on Cybersecurity investments with Intel Capital. Josh Graham, VP, Technology, has 30 years experience in the software industry. He was responsible for developing Sensei, a secure coding solution created to fix the fundamental flaws within the secure software development lifecycle, reaching far beyond simply finding inherent security issues in a codebase. And that creates an environment in which everyone can enjoy spending more time building, and less time fixing! Joined on Nov 4, 2020. He is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd and 3rd Edition and a contributor to Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology. David serves on the boards of AvePoint Inc., MetricStream Inc., Nasuni Corporation, ScienceLogic Inc., and Secure Code Warrior. Jaap Karan Singh is a Secure Coding Evangelist, Chief Singh and co-founder of Secure Code Warrior. Gary produced the monthly Silver Bullet Security Podcast for IEEE Security & Privacy magazine for thirteen years. Adding Parameters to Annotations Using Rewrite Actions # junit # java # securecode # securecoding. Bugcrowd standard logo.png | Secure Code Warrior Skip to main content Aaron has served as a Chief Scientist, Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Principal Engineer/Architect. A lot of our developers find that they're using it for an extended period of time without even noticing. Rimonda is Secure Code Warrior's Director of People and Culture. Prior to Secure Code Warrior, Nathan has worked for NVISO where he created the Cyber Security Challenge platform, the biggest computer security competition in Belgium. After security testing at BAE Systems in Australia, Jaap moved from hacking web applications to educating developers on how to protect their own applications. Prior to Secure Code Warrior, Fatemah held security analyst, operations management, and national director roles at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), a not-for profit organisation which aims to improve Cyber Security in Australia at a Government, Industry and Community level. Prior to joining MBD, he held various roles within the Technology Division, including manager of systems infrastructure in Asia, manager of global storage, and manager of global infrastructure architecture and strategy. He particularly enjoys communicating using stories & images as well as utilising story maps to visually prioritise product development to test & deliver real customer impact. He also played a key role in structuring and negotiating over $500 million of equity and debt financing working with major institutional investors and a global lender syndicate. Dr. Wang also serves on the board of directors for MDU Resources Group (NYSE: MDU). The more your teams use our platform, the better they’ll become at secure coding and the less time and money will be spent finding and fixing bugs. Alongside our ongoing external and internal penetration testing, static source code review and automated code reviews, Secure Code Warrior provides our frontline, which empowers developers to understand secure coding before they put their hands on the keyboard. Wang built an illustrious career at Forrester Research, Intel Security and CipherCloud. Now as VP of Customer Success and Operations, Fatemah is responsible for turning Secure Code Warrior’s customers into its biggest advocates, improving Customer Success maturity, and leading the Customer Success teams globally. Matias holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Ghent University, where he studied application security through program obfuscation to hide the inner workings of an application. We do ask a few questions so that we can better understand things, but know that your personal details are cared for like we would care for our own. Your team's subscription is no longer active but you will continue to have read-only access to Secure Code Warrior until [DATE]. James Cameron is a Partner at Airtree Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in world-class Australian entrepreneurs building exceptional companies of tomorrow.

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