commonly, these are "non-preferred" brand drugs or specialty That’s one of the reasons I was being treated for depression, just a general feel like I wasn’t living up to my full potential. He looked concerned and then told me he was going to call my psychiatrist to see if the ’70′ on the script was supposed to be ’20′ (very messy handwriting). Is there something else I can combine with Vyvanse or should I try Adderall (which after research seems to not be a good idea) I’m 5’7 and weight 121 & really do not want to lose weight and so far have not had an issue with this. Vyvanse was the 99th most commonly prescribed prescription drug in 2016. Accessed August 19, 2019. I realize it isn’t a cure all and my problems won’t just go away. 100% wrong. I don’t seek these meds out and I take them as prescribed and I have been successful with my regimen! It always come down to trusting your gut. I HATED every last thing I was taught, especially schedules and to-do lists… because I never could seem to get it to work for me personally, even if I could teach others about it. Also, he gained 20 lbs this summer which is great bc he was skin & bones! (TLDR: 5’3″, female, 145 lbs, currently taking 30 mg Vyvanse and 300 mg Wellbutrin XR, both between 7-7:30 a.m. Wellbutrin has worked very well, does mildly add to stimulant effect. “Concerta vs. Vyvanse for ADHD.” Medical News Today, Reviewed July 2019. I thought my mid day crash was due to my thyroid and thought it was something I had to live with. Im not saying im particularly GOOD at these tricks, but i know them and do implement them in my daily life, even on meds… but it only gets you so far with ADD. I’m wondering if I have to settle for less focus, how much Vyvanse can someone be on? I hardly felt it. The 30 mg Vyvanse was working VERY well initially, but I already feel like I’m growing accustomed to it, since I have periods of sluggishness during the day and I can tell there has been a change since it was previously making it a bit difficult to get to sleep (nothing like the bupropion SR 12-hour though), and now I’m getting sleepy around 8-9 p.m. He’s very good at his job and he has no problem with the benzodiazepines I take as he feels like if I’ve been on them for to many years to try and take me off them! In this believe that rather than starting on a high dose or increasing a dose that you read up on how Vyvanse is released into the blood stream through protein in yoiur diet. Even though I can suggest what the equal doses are, you may react differently to any one medicine. Unlike Vyvanse, Concerta is not approved for binge eating disorder. There is some people these do help, but after six failures with rashes and a ER visit as the drug, Paxil, caused anaphylactic symptoms, that was our last attempt down the SSRI pathway! He instantly prescribed 70 mg vyvance. You may want to consider that someone’s experience may be different than your own. How is your patience with others when you are in this dosage? Obviously I have some hormonal issues going on – I am a 35-year-old female on way too many drugs. Drink the balancing pH water available at WaWa and you will notice the difference. The psychiatrist had prescribed me 70 mg right away. I realize that everyone is differrent. Unlike Vyvanse, Adderall is not approved for binge eating disorder. Now my insurance topped out at paying 5grand for the crap. Vyvanse has similar physical and psychological side effects. I have a completely new, happy, healthy, eating, sleeping, engaging teenager! What this research showed was the following: The recommendations for the starting doses of Vyvanse are as follows: Doctors should start Vyvanse at 30 mg, and then gradually increase the dose to 50 mg, and then up to 70 mg if needed. He annoyed his sisters so much that it he truly thought they hated him. “Vyvanse.” January 2019. Avoid dairy. I have to make myself eat it but it does help. There are two issues in upping your dose that I think there are practical condiderations.

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