You can also obtain historical distributions of 3-month temperature and precipitation associated with 3 different ENSO categories - El Nino, La Nina, and Neutral events for a climate division.For South Florida, please click on number 68. Local Climate Info NWS MesoAnalysis Activity Planner Weather Calculator, ABOUT US Fire Weather

Submit a Storm Report With the arrival of hurricane season, the likelihood of tropical storms and resulting rainfall are pretty high throughout June, July, and August. Weather Radio All NOAA. However, this doesn't stop tourists from flocking to the sandy shores of Naples for summer vacation, so you can also expect to see prices increase for airfare and accommodations this time of year. After a nearly 8-month climb, temperatures peak historically in August and begin to quickly cool off for the rest of the year. As temperatures start to drop, the frequency of tropical storms lessens at the start of the fall season. This was also true in the later years of the study. Jul 13, 2015 - Summary of average temperatures in Florida for each month with state-wide averages plus the range of monthly high and low temperatures. Climate Tidbits Each year from 1956 through October 1997, the monthly climatological sheets for Miami for the months April, May, and June were examined for the beginning date.. and September, October and November were examined for the ending date of the summer season. All NOAA, For a Weak El Nino, the difference in the average water temp in the Central Pacfic needs to be at least +0.5C, A moderate El Nino the difference in water temp needs to be between +1.0C and +1.5C, and a Strong El Nino the difference in water temp needs to be above +1.5C. Local Storm Reports Skycam, FORECASTS By using Tripsavvy, you accept our.

NOAA's 1981-2010 Climate Normals.

South Florida winters are usually dry and warm during La Niña conditions, while El Niño conditions usually bring cool and wet conditions to our region. Submit a Marine Report, CURRENT WEATHER The lowest recorded temperature in Naples was a very chilly 26 degrees Fahrenheit in 1982 and the highest recorded temperature was 99 degrees Fahrenheit in 1986. About Our Office Fire Weather

Forecast Discussion (Primary South Florida Climate Sites). Aviation Weather With temperatures climbing across the season and the rains staying away until late May, spring is an excellent time of year to plan your trip to Naples.

Average Air and Gulf of Mexico Temperatures and Rainfall by Month: Both the hottest and wettest season of the year, the summer in Naples is one of the most volatile times in the city in terms of the weather.

Here are the locations of the weather instruments through time: Fort Lauderdale (some records 1839-1841, continuous records 1912-present), Miami (some records 1839-1890, continuous records 1895-present), Naples (continuous records 1942-present), West Palm Beach (continuous records 1888-present), CURRENT HAZARDS Miami - South Florida11691 SW 17th StreetMiami, FL 33165305-229-4522Comments? As you can see, Marco Island has very comfortable temperatures year-round and it doesn’t get too cold or too hot very often. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Please select one of the following: Here is the Average possibility of Freeze and Hard Freeze for Florida for the La Niña, Neutral and El Niño phases of ENSO. The focus of the investigation was southeast Florida. StormReady Scientific Research Past Events (*The NAO is usually forecast for two weeks ahead for the Jet Stream position*). Skycam, FORECASTS *NEW* For more information on  La Nina/El Nino click here. As stated above, the summer season is characterized by warm tempera- tures. You can also obtain historical distributions of 3-month temperature and precipitation associated with 3 different ENSO categories - El Nino, La Nina, and Neutral events for a climate division.For South Florida, please click on number 68. MesoAnalysis

During the summer period, the dew-point temperature remains in the lower to middle 70s.

Questions? You'll find separate tables for each region: South Florida (including the Florida Keys), Central Florida, North Florida and the Florida Panhandle.

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