My attacks would be interrupted, my characters infected by curses, and yet I pressed on. And the docile piano melody made my heart all the heavier. loved this game,may get back on the ps4 and play it again, Great game but I've already completed it on WiiU so wouldn't buy again. The ‘light’ in the title sums things up nicely – you get game mechanics usually reserved for massive RPG epics in a concise package that’s as beautifully refreshing as when it was first released. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Switch ports are hot, Here’s one for you.
Each ally brought a different skill to the battle. It will no doubt go on sale (maybe not as deep) on Switch at some point as well since Ubi seems more likely than Nintendo itself to run promotions. I probably should give it another go. @NEStalgia No, I said it for everyone but I had to explained it to you. Privacy Policy, Now Playing: Child of Light - Video Review. @Alucard83 Yeah I got nothing against people enjoying whatever they like, but there is no denying how indie games, or in this case games from big publishers that resemble indie games (I still call them indies since I consider it a style more than anything these days) are pushed harder than anything on the platform these days. There are enemies lurking--creatures that should have no qualms about your presence cut you down if you drift too close to them. Ok, now that that little rant is over, please, if you're considering the game, give it a shot! As an Xbox One owner, don't you appreciate this information?

In 2014 Ubisoft released this striking platform/RPG hybrid across a whole bunch of platforms, including the plucky Wii U, and now it’s coming to Switch. We got some ports of fun games that almost nobody played because they were on a DOA console... And while this isn't a lot of different games being offered, especially to Wii U owners, the third party offerings have been INSANE. It runs better than the crappy 30fps of the Vita version, but it's ridiculous that it's not running at 60 like it does on PS3 and Wii U!!! Games are rated based on how good the reviewer thinks they are, not based on whether they are indies or not. Child of Light is a remarkable adventure. I never got board with this game and found myself looking forward to playing it again. A handful of locations across the game seemed to cause problems; the fan’s speed while docked indicates the console is working hard. Although your party balloons as you trudge deeper into this desperate land, only two can fight at one time, while the others swap in when their fists are needed and back out once their energy is spent. I'd like to think we are all smart enough to take a game's rating, weigh it against the cost, and whether or not we've played it before, and make an intelligent decision for ourselves. A great story that is quite a simple hero's journey, one of the most beautiful art styles I have ever seen in a game, a stunning soundtrack, and an engaging combat system keeps me coming back to Child of Light. There are times I want to be sad, when I'd rather be all alone, quietly thinking about my life, or hugging a loved one to forget about the day's trouble. Get it if you have not. It's a gorgeous, fantastic little RPG that doesn't overstay its welcome, something that too many RPGs do. Not sure if I wanna double dip though, but definitely recommend it to first timers. Still listen to the soundtrack by coeur de pirate every now and then. Wooooaaah since when is Spirit Tracks the black sheep of the Zelda family?! One night, she rested her head upon a pillow, and never awakened when a new day dawned. Don't get me wrong, I understand the overall complaint of this year's releases for Switch.

Guess I looked at the wrong listing. But still, the actual bundle is still more expensive on XBox, either as an Ultimate Edition where available or with all the same DLC bought again. And Valiant Hearts for the Nintendo Switch will also come with an interactive comic, Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War. I wouldn't have thought that was true during the first couple of hours given that my expectations of what kind of game this was shattered when reality showed its face. This game is not Child of Light. That doesn't mean I think a games rating should drop just because it is re-released or if it is an indie title. On the whole, Child of Light is an easy recommendation for those who didn’t catch it the first time round. Ubisoft patched the hitches out of Rayman on Switch, so they will probably do it for Child of Light, right? I would drown enemies in water, blind them with sunlight, and never relent for even a second. And we all know most people here care for scores and if it gets an 8 they will get it. You can avoid them if you wish--fly down another path or wait until they turn their backs on you--but Aurora is not one to walk away from a confrontation. So what have we learned from this comment section, kids? The atmosphere and music of this game was stunning. Maybe I'll play it on the Wii U again now that she can play it on the Switch. Always with advice on his lips, he can also light the passageway through dark caves and collect treasure that your human hands can't wrest open. @citizenerased: Nope, not a single patch. That said, it gets mildly irksome, especially when lines don’t scan as well as they might.

Maybe when the sequel comes out?? It's in the combat that the sadness that permeates the rest of Child of Light is momentarily halted. Does anyone know if they ever released an update for this game, fixing the framerate issues? Arts and Ost will get your heart warm. We've got Pokémon Let's Go and Smash coming. MANY... GAMES... but i loved this on wii u. That's not to downplay how affecting the quiet moments are, but rather to show how sharp the contrast is.

The music loses its solemnity as it suddenly becomes fierce, and the characters forget their aching problems for a moment while they focus on the threats that stand before them. Super Mario Party is as always a blast, but it has quite a few shortcomings that I have a feeling will be patched as well, to some extent. Still, any slowdown seems odd considering framerate issues on last-gen consoles were negligible. She apparently dies and awakens in the land of Lemuria, a place once glorious before the Dark Queen arrived and befouled the kingdom. Aurora joins up with a jester who has lost touch with her brother, a rodent who craves monetary wealth, and a gnome whose people have been cursed with an avian disease.

That's not what makes Child of Light stand out, though. Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games. Too bad i played this game at least 5 times.

@JayJ Child of Light is not an indie game. Now, as card-carrying Banjo-Kazooie fanatics, we are absolutely down for a comical couplet and Child of Light certainly isn’t without charm. 12

Particularly when many, many more hearalded games await. Child of Light & Valiant Hearts double-pack seems to be getting a physical release on Switch Posted on December 17, 2018 by Matt ( @OnePunchMaz ) in News , Switch An interesting listing has popped up on Amazon Italy : a physical release for a double-pack of Ubisoft’s Child of Light Ultimate Edition and Valiant Hearts. Walk and float around through the levels, collect goodies and team-mates. @JayJ I agree that most Switch games are overpriced ports though.

AMAZING game. I mean, what do you want? I can't recall anything about that. Why would they damage their own sales for the Switch? The people you meet along the way are decent company, and you’ll immediately discover that everyone in Lemuria speaks in rhyming verse, from party members down to economy-obsessed rodent villagers. Moving Igniculus feels a little cumbersome on the right stick, too, and it’s tough to go back after trying out the touchscreen. Critic Reviews If you're inattentive, your hard work can blow up in your face, so you have to act with exactitude and think on your toes. Also, Child of Light is not an indie game. Now that might get me to double dip. - It's stopped me buying several games and I wonder how much the profit/loss would be from Xbox/PS sales/free games compared to potential lost future Switch sales. I'm more likely to actually play it portably and it's the kind of game that works well on a handheld. A great story I played Child of Light on the PC when it first came out five years ago, and it's Switch port is nothing short of fantastic. I didn't know that Child of Light was a Deal with Gold on Xbox until today. based on First Ubi was an indie, now this. He was a lost man. BTW There's no excuse for the bad performance - when I play it on a GTX 1070 in 720p60, its clock stays at 139 MHz at a utilization of around 14-20% ... @floxi Bummer! Phil Spencer On Xbox And Japan, Halo's Future, Playing Elden Ring, And More, Xbox Series X/S Availability For Launch Day: Where To Buy The Series X Today, By A gorgeous looking game filled with fairy tale narrative and easy gameplay elements... maybe a little too easy. The second player had to use the dpad on the wiimote. I waited for a lightheartedness that never arrived, so I fought against the energy that Child of Light was putting forth. My first screenshot was the from the US Microsoft Store for this game. I played it on the Vita and quite enjoyed it. Child of Light Ultimate Edition is the last occasion to play one of the most particular, innovative and interesting Ubisoft title. Thorns rein you in, waterfalls and gales push you away, and those restrictions echo the themes of imprisonment., Day 1 buy. The kinetic freedom of flight rises and quickly falls away as you continually find your path barred. So yes, it is still much cheaper on Xbox if you only want the game and the story DLC, which is exactly what I said. No digital though. The transition to the Switch hasn’t hurt the experience in the slightest. Slowly but determinedly, Aurora uses ingenuity to scavenge for scraps of treasure, and I felt at one with the environment as I charted a course onward. But my Wii U version will suffice. But as I pushed deeper inside of this dreamlike world, I stopped resisting and opened up to the game. It's in the earliest moments that the game reveals its true nature. Dungreed - A Great Roguelite For Those New To The Genre, Carto - A Beautifully-Rendered Puzzler That Loses Its Way Too Quickly, Seven Knights: Time Wanderer - A Tragic Waste Of Time, Mad Rat Dead - A Delightful Mix Of Rhythm Action And Platforming, Tropico 6 - This Enjoyable Empire-Building Epic Comes With A Few Technical Niggles,

A story told through stained-glass imagery shows the protagonist Aurora's inseparable relationship with her father, and tells of how their bond was torn asunder. Yet another high rating for yet another old indie game, this seems to be a consistent thing with the Switch.

Completely bonkers. Sure the first party offerings haven't been plentiful this year, but they sure have been great so far. That would be nonsense.

Igniculus, a gloopy firefly, befriends the girl and journeys with her across the 2D world. Touching a baddie whisks you to an active-time battle screen. It's a Ubisoft game, so I don't see why we're having this debate here.

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