TACs are allocated in the Gulf of Alaska by gear type and by processing sector, Closed areas to protect sensitive habitats, Strict reporting and record keeping requirements, A TAC for the fishery (100 percent of which is allocated to the trawl fishery), An Individual Vessel Quota (IVQ) system in which IVQs can be reallocated between vessels and fisheries as necessary, 100 percent at-sea and dockside monitoring, Habitat conservation measures such as spatial closures to avoid bycatch of sensitive corals and sponges.

In some areas, Dover sole are referred to as “slippery sole” because they excrete mucous onto their skin/scales, making them incredibly slippery and hard to pick up. Limits on the minimum size of fish that may be harvested.

They also recommend against purchasing these fish whole since soft-fleshed fish may not be detected until after they’ve been filleted. Dover sole is landed by trawlers. Credit: Sam Wells. Scientists call these populations “holdover” larvae. The upper side is greyish-brown while the underside is white. Catch is monitored through record keeping, reporting requirements, and observer monitoring. On the West Coast, Dover sole were last assessed in 2011. Box 531Fort Collins, CO 80522. nearly always filleted due to its slimy skin. As a result, it’s better suited to poaching, steaming or saucing than to dry-heat methods like baking or broiling. Other gear used includes hand lines and traps. Females produce fairly large eggs (0.1 inches), which are fertilized externally in the upper part of the water column. The species is prized as a food fish, being caught mostly by trawling on the seabed. More information is needed to further research for Dover sole aquaculture farming such as determining the optimal growth temperature for juvenile populations as well as their nutritional requirements. Dover sole feed during the daytime by sight and smell.

Want seafood news sent directly to your inbox? While Dover sole make an inshore-offshore seasonal migration, little north-south coastal migration occurs. There are two stocks of English sole found in British Columbia waters – one in the Hecate Strait, Queen Charlotte Sound, and the west coast of Haida Gwaii and the other off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Their small mouths are adapted to eating the small crustaceans that live in the sediment. Dover sole spawn near the ocean floor in waters deeper than 1,440 feet. Dover sole is managed as part of the other flatfish complex. Since flatfish quality can vary immensely, buyers recommend looking for Dover sole that has uniform color and lacks bruises. Fishermen must have a permit to participate in these fisheries, and the number of available permits is limited to control the amount of fishing. Dover sole, found in the waters off California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, have variable abundance that is considered healthy overall. Scientists believe these “holdover” larvae delay settling to the bottom due to unfavorable environmental conditions. Availability of fresh Dover sole varies throughout the year while frozen or thawed Dover sole primarily from Alaska is available year-round. Their drab coloring helps them camouflage themselves on the ocean floor. When sautéing, slip a slice of raw potato under the thin part of the tail to allow for more even cooking. Males can live up to 58 years, about 5 years longer than females.

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