It is drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, and can survive in a variety of soil types so long as they are well-draining. [116] In parts of South India, the shell and husk are burned for smoke to repel mosquitoes. Harries' adoption of the Polynesian terms niu kafa and niu vai has now passed into general scientific discourse, and his hypothesis is generally accepted. Not only do palms produce coconuts, but also dates, betel nuts, and acai fruit. It typically takes between 6 and 8 years before it starts bearing fruit, with an average annual yield of 70 coconuts. [35] The exocarp and mesocarp make up the "husk" of the coconuts. The first thing we’ll need to do is soften the coconut shell. Coconut milk, not to be confused with coconut water, is obtained by pressing the grated coconut meat, usually with hot water added which extracts the coconut oil, proteins, and aromatic compounds. Thailand has been raising and training pig-tailed macaques to pick coconuts for around 400 years. To counter this disease — particularly if you live in the danger zone for it — you can try planting a variety of coconut palm that’s resistant to disease, like the Malayan Dwarf. In particular, the area around Salalah maintains large coconut plantations similar to those found across the Arabian Sea in Kerala. You can cook with it at a higher temperature without poisoning your food as other oils like corn, soybean, and other cheap vegetable oils.

Some may be affiliate links, meaning we earn commissions on purchases. The coconut palm thrives on sandy soils and is highly tolerant of salinity. [135], The flowers are used sometimes in wedding ceremonies in Cambodia. Coconut trunks are used for building small bridges and huts; they are preferred for their straightness, strength, and salt resistance. Perera, Champa K. Bandaranayake and Hugh C. Harries. The fruits of this tree tend to be larger than those of the East Coast Tall Coconut tree, with marginally higher oil content.

They’re also well adapted to high winds and salt spray — you would be too if you came from the beachside! 10 Different Types of Coconuts (Pictures and Facts), Agricultural Research Service-U.S Department of Agriculture, Monkey Puzzle Tree - Growing & Care Information, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Optimal Growing and Care Tips, 10 Outdoor Bamboo Plants You Can Grow In The Garden, 10 Types of Apple Trees You Can Grow in Your Home Garden, Different Types of Oranges To Grow Or For Consumption (with Pictures), 15 Different Types of Zucchini - Care & Use Instructions, Different Types of Pear Trees with Pictures, Different Types of Strawberries (Pictures & Care Instructions).

The coconut populations in the island show genetic admixture between the two subpopulations indicating that Pacific coconuts were brought by the Austronesian settlers that later interbred with the local Indo-Atlantic coconuts.
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