Don’t change a thing.

Marcela was very sweet, but it doesn’t bother me that she’s not on anymore. You can tell when she dislikes something. She was the best. and since when is a trained baker. I learn a lot of cooking tips and enjoy how different all the hosts are. But being home with family is also important. I birthed and nursed two babies.

Required fields are marked *. if I were newly married and had two beautiful kids, I would make my family my priority. CAN. I like that Alex has been on the show more often lately. Unfortunate we don’t think before we speak (or in this case, post). The other four original co-hosts, Jeff Mauro, Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, and Geoffrey Zakarian still present The Kitchen with new episodes Sundays at 11 a.m. on Food Network. If you read the article you would know she chose to leave. She will most certainly be missed, but you can keep her traditions alive by picking up her book Mexican Made Easy. Marcella showed how to cook true Mexican food. Sunny does a lot of side eye also, watch her facial expressions! Today at 11am ET is the season 14 finale of The Kitchen on Food Network.

Besos familia, it brought me great pride to be the Latina face on one of the most popular shows on the @foodnetwork! Perhaps if we kept that in mind, and used our efforts to improve things, we may not have the time to make things worse. Well personally, she did throw her mexican around alot, and by all means i was just agreeing with others, but also there is times she did acted like she was better than the rest sometime. Guy’s Grocery Games is getting on my nerves, too! But if you watch the series, you’ve likely noticed that one of the original co-hosts, Marcela Valladolid, no longer appears on the series. So much fun! !!! They could have a spin off show just the two of them. She is engaged to Philip Button. I just wish Sunny would stop shouting… she speaks so loud it’s annoying.

Jeff Morrow has the antics of a fifth grader and the grown up Geoff Marcela previously began as a co-host on The Kitchen upon its debut in January 2014, and revealed she’d be departing the series three years later in October 2020 in order to spend more time with her family. Now, she is on a baking show, doing what she does well. I could always sense an underlying tension between Marcella and her other Kitchen co-stars so it’s not surprising she left the show. In January 2014, Marcela debuted as one of the co-hosts on Food Network's new show The Kitchen. She used to think the show was all her. Also felt pretty vindicated when my theory, from just a few min, of discord between her and the others was confirmed….. Dont miss her. She also noted that part of her decision came from the fact she wasn’t cooking recipes that represented her. They seem to get along well and have great chemistry, while she was just loud. She also appeared as a judge and host on Best Baker in America in 2020 and 2020, but since leaving The Kitchen, her workload and TV appearances have been very limited. Jeff and Sunny are way too loud and is Jeff a chef or a wanna be comedian. Our Christmas dinner was made up of all the recipes John had seen on the Christmas show about the beef tenderloin. She just didn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. According to a source close to the couple, the main reason for the split was her relationship with Paul Hollywood. And honestly, GZ could go too and I wouldn’t cry. And where is Katie Lee? She is self absorbed and often acted like she was better than the rest of the crew.

Did she get the boot too? Love rhe show as it is. . Love the humor between them, u can tell that they all get along on the show and off ! FN needs more diverse shows on their networks. I totally agree with you. I agree she was full of herself and pushed her Mexican accent around so much it was annoying.the 4 remaining do get on well she’s not missed,it’s less crowded This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They don’t bring it up on the show or on the internet. I think everyone is just jealous?

and left the show in October 2017. You are suppose to judge someone by there character not by the color of there skin As the great Martin Luther King said he would truly be so disappointed if he were alive to day, Your email address will not be published. The Kitchen is a real winner. I love the cast exactly how it is now. Katie, Sunny, GZ and Mauro… I’ll miss you guys. Sorry she’s gone. I agree .

She is NOT missed and I found her to be the most annoying personality. Amen she is way too full of herself and interrupted to tell people about her time in “Paris” every two minutes ugh. NOT.

Love u guys, keep up the good work , Please take my last name off but do keep all the rest I wrote thxs cheryl, Marcella was a whole lot easier to listen to than the loud and obnoxious Sunny Anderson and the creaky whining Katie Lee.

Sunny is so LOUD and Jeff is just too goofy. But come on you guys, you know the show is still awesome!!! She is STILL annoying and self absorbed only now she no longer throws her heritage in your face every two seconds but she is so harsh to the contestants …. Hmm? Scroll down for everything we know about her departure! Food Network with Bobby Flay’s divorce and Giada’s divorce were hard to overcome for the Network but this was close to disaster and she was the sacrificial lamb. !!! Denise.

We all have flaws, but we all have much to offer to humankind. She is the reason I stopped watching. The other ladies are a decent foil to their fun loving good time. After her marriage ended, Marcela began dating now husband Phillip Button. HER. Love the gang that’s on there now , please keep them on !!! It’s all about the bromance between Geoffrey and Jeff imo. SHE. The other 3 hosts promote their personal favourite regional recipes so what was wrong with Marcella doing it? Its Sunny I wish were gone. !!! Her voice and personality are shrill and smug. MARCELLA. Marcela was not my favorite. I always liked Marcella and. Why wont be published because is true?

I do miss Marcella.

She goes on to say that she regretted that and that she wished she had pushed for the opportunity to tell her fans she was leaving the show.

In a post from October 18, 2017, Marcela, sharing little about what really happened, states, “The precise details are unnecessary and, in the words of Ms.

I love them all, but Sunny and Jeff!!!! Did you read the whole article? The cooking-themed talk show is fun, unique, and full of energy. I figured that it was a distance problem for her, especially with such young children. i totally AGREE. Also, I myself, think Marcela should further her career in CA. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t post, or keep watching. She moved to Los Angeles to live with David, her son? In that same October 18th post, Valladolid goes on to explain that part of her reasoning for the departure was the strain the travel put on her family. I love the dynamic chemistry of Sunny, GZ, Katie and Jeff. I see how they compliment each other and love them all.

I hope you get her back to the show. Marcela Valladolid announced on Instagram that this will be her final episode on the show. I wish Sunny would stop yelling and talking over the others. I think she makes great, exciting food. Then all of a sudden turn on today and see Marcella. Did I miss something? Couldn’t be happier that Marcela is no longer on the show. He did all the shopping and fixed the whole meal by himself. In a previous exclusive interview with SRC – Latest Information, Geoffrey gushed over his co-hosts.

Losing Marcella was a blessing. He is so stupid thinking that he is funny. I agree. She can go be raunchy elsewhere. Personal life.

She also describes what led her to leave. WAY TOO MUCH! She won’t be missed.

It truly was a blast and I am so grateful to the cast and crew for this incredible journey.”, Marcela added: “Four years of monthly trips east.

I do not miss her, on The Kitchen, as I think the other four do just fine, without her.

Glad she’s gone she was annoying and self absorbed now she is on the best baker in America ….. Good call on this one Food Network. its time for ya to do another Rap song!! This is a COOKING SHOW. It’s like a comedian that follows every punch line with “do ya get it” over and over, lol. N. TY. OMG you guys it’s just a show to help us with cooking tips. Personally she won’t be missed even though she wants to think people are crying in their salsa because she’s gone. It’s one of the few remaining shows FN airs where they ACTUALLY COOK and aren’t in a competitive race of popping camera work and food waste. Marcela is currently engaged to Philip Button. but GZ, is plain awesome in his own dapper ways. Acting as if she is so much better. !!! I thought Phillip was her current husband and Paul Hollywood was her past Lover. So just one Hispanic added makes it “diverse”? “Ya dude….. still dumb….”, This quartet makes the show! It really takes away from the show. I. WOW. Do much for diversity. It’s almost as if, it has to be about her ALL the time..with each taste test..ugh..she irks my nerves! I was reading some of the comments and although I like the cast just fine I have to laugh at the comments that criticize Marcella for wanting to cook her Mexican food yet don’t say anything about GZ always cooking his high brow dishes ie black truffle mashed potatoes or Jeff cooking his Italian dishes so why is it OK for some but not for others? Sunny Anderson, nunya business, but there are two things that are very important here, in this departure….” For weeks after her departure there were no real leads on what went down. Get Even More Visitors To Your Blog, Upgrade To A Business Listing >>. VALLADOLID. Thank you.”. Missed her when she was gone. That’s why the show is so successful. people just need to be a little open minded. Just another one of the food networks bright ideas. I personally felt she did not fit well with this group and am truly a happy and dedicated viewer since she left. Katy!! I never liked her personality. Marcelo and her husband’s relationship were always tumultuous. I always enjoyed the others on the show. Considering she cheated on her husbands, maybe that’s why she needed to make her family a priority…. We all just really respect each other.”.

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