[27][28] It was also announced that they would be joined by previous contestants who had returned to have another chance to win the title of "Masterchef" and the A$250,000 grand cash prize.[28]. Based on the number of viewers and the nightly ratings, Season 5 of Masterchef was considered the worst season, with the finale being ranked only the 5th most viewed television show that night, compared to every other season of Masterchef ranking #1.

Despite these harsh views, it is still popular amongst many others who have praised the balance of entertainment, skill and overall presentation which is more fun-loving in its (Australian) attitude in comparison with the original British format. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, the format for Series 12 was changed again, to a three-day format from mid-June, in which the winners of the Mystery Box on Monday participated in the Immunity Challenge on Tuesday. Winner Announced — Emelia Jackson was announced as the winner of the twelfth season … From Season 2, 24 contestants progress. It was won by series 2 runner-up Callum Hann, who ultimately raised $20,000 for Cancer Council Australia. Back To Win. Premieres Monday, 13 April at 7.30pm", "MasterChef Australia: New judges announced", "The Mystery Box Has Been Lifted On 2020's New MasterChef Judges". [12], The series premiere aired on 1 May 2011. [16] As a result of the show's poor audience response Network Ten cancelled all spin-off versions of Masterchef Australia as well as live events such as Masterchef Live in order to focus on "a new, fresh version in 2014 that will appeal to the loyal MasterChef fans as well as new viewers" according to Ten's chief programming officer, Beverley McGarvey. The winning team safe from elimination receives a reward (for example lunch at a top restaurant).

Series 5 featured a number of changes to the format including casting that focussed on contestant's personalities above cooking ability in response to the success of the Seven Network's rival cooking show My Kitchen Rules. The winner was 31-year-old lawyer Adam Liaw who defeated Callum Hann. 1990)), it has been such a success that France, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, New Zealand, India, Peru, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the US and many other countries have all followed Australia's lead and formed their own series of the show in their respective countries; this in itself reveals the popularity of the Australian show from an international audience's perspective compared to that of the British version. In addition to the return of all three judges, Kylie Kwong was a guest mentor who appeared during the immunity challenges. If the previous challenge was an individual challenge, the bottom two contestants competed in a head to head taste test where one contestant at a time named one ingredient of a particular dish or sauce, and the first person to name an incorrect ingredient is eliminated. In the first series, a different elimination process was used. [44] The first series finale was the most watched television program of 2009.[45]. From the Top 20 onwards, filming was moved to a studio on Doody Street in Alexandria, Sydney. The judges then eliminate the contestant out of the three that performed least adequately in the test. The series has also spawned four spin-off series: Celebrity MasterChef Australia, which featured celebrity contestants,[1] Junior MasterChef Australia, which featured younger contestants,[2] MasterChef Australia All-Stars, which featured returning contestants from the first three series,[3] and MasterChef Australia: The Professionals, which featured professional chefs as contestants. [21] It was won by Elena Duggan with Matt Sinclair as runner-up. The semi-finalists then compete in several challenges that test their food knowledge and preparation skills. In Season 1, the top 50 competed until 20 were left, with the final 20 progressing to the main stage of the show. As of Tuesday, Big Brother has recorded an average 603,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic per episode. ", "Masterchef thumps State of Origin, but Nine wins Wednesday", "Masterchef gets three chefs' hats for food lovers' hit", "Hit show MasterChef going through the roof", "First taste of Masterchef draws mixed reaction", "Australian Masterchef – So You Think You Can Cook? [4] It featured 18 professional chefs competing against each other as opposed to amateur cooks. [38], The one-hour series premiere of MasterChef Australia attracted an average of 1.42 million viewers, making it the most watched show in its timeslot. There can also be an Invention Test, where contestants have to invent a dish relevant to a theme using a core ingredient. [32], Production of a junior version of the show was initially suggested in October 2009. After the airing of the finale talkback radio became inundated with calls, both for and against the verdict, and the finale also became a top trending topic on social networking site Twitter, where many users said they felt "deflated" and "ripped off" by the final episode of the hit show. [36][37] Casting was open to children aged between 9 and 14 years. On 4 July 2010, Network Ten confirmed the return of MasterChef with new judge Matt Moran joining the original judges for series 3. MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef.

Tasks have included presenting a three course meal to a celebrity guest, running a restaurant for an evening or catering an event such as a birthday party or wedding. MasterChef Australia 2020. The typical episode formats are as follows: Sunday is the Challenge night. Presenter Sarah Wilson did not return to present the show. The changes were not well received by both critics and audiences, and led to disappointing ratings compared to previous seasons. The 1st episode of 2020 MasterChef Australia started on Network 10 at 7:30pm (to 9:20pm) on Easter Monday, featuring your favourites back from past seasons, ready for another crack at the coveted MasterChef title. Other changes to Season 2 include not showing the initial auditions, with the series beginning instead with the Top 50 which were filmed at a Redfern Train Works building in Sydney, and having a Top 24 instead of a Top 20. [1] The celebrity version, which features a heats and semi-finals format similar to MasterChef Goes Large, is based around weekly episodes.[1][29]. The Judges then pick three dishes Based on Technique and Visual Appearance Alone and a winner chosen. This sparked a series of profanity–filled social media attacks by Marco Jr. which he has since apologised for on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. [33], The series final was won by 12-year-old Isabella Bliss from Queensland.[34].

Brent Owens was the winner, with Laura Cassai taking second place. [31] It was won by Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan, who took home $50,000 for charity Swim Survive Stay Alive. ", "MasterChef judge Matt Preston denies show is rigged", "MasterChef's Julie Goodwin says show wasn't rigged", "Marco Pierre White Jr's foul-mouthed tirade against Matt Preston will shock you (to say the least! [1] The success of the show has also led competing networks to commission their own competitive cooking programs, such as Seven's My Kitchen Rules and Nine's The Great Aussie Cook-Off after the first series of the Australian version,[56] with reports that both networks were planning more copycat shows to air in late 2010 and early 2011.

[64] In 2016, whilst on The Kyle and Jackie O Show Preston was asked about Marco Jr.'s time on Big Brother UK, which included his alleged on–air sex and the above admission to purchasing illicit drugs and sex workers. This is slightly below the national Australian minimum wage of $589.30 and less than half the average wage of $1,291.34. This season, the winner of the show was Emma Dean, who was followed by Lynton Tapp as the first runner up and Samira El Khafir as the second runner up. Audra Morrice came in third place. The Official MasterChef Cookbook Volume 1 was published by Random House Australia in December 2009. Once completed they are taken in to the judges to be tasted, before all three contestants are seated in front of the judges for critiquing. MasterChef Australia Season 5 was aired in 2013, starting on 2 nd June and ending on 1 st September. The ninth season began on 1 May 2017. 26 (timestamp 22:41)", "MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris WON'T return next", "The Wait Is Over. Up … MasterChef Australia premiered Sunday 6 May on Network Ten. There are also behind-the-scenes stories and culinary tips and tricks. It was won by Emelia Jackson with Laura Sharrad as runner-up. Thursday is another Elimination. Immunity Pins were replaced with "Weekly Immunity", granting a contestant safety from the week's All-In Elimination, which involved all contestants except for one immune contestant.

MasterChef Australia Series 5 Winner. MasterChef Australia won the award for Most Popular Reality Program at the 2010 Logie Awards. [55] The success of the show led Ten to explore possible spin-offs such as the celebrity and junior versions, as well as one featuring professional chefs as contestants. [46] In general, the second series rated higher on average compared to the first series, with weekday episodes seeing a 35% increase in viewers by the midpoint of the series. Regular judges, chefs George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan and food critic Matt Preston, returned for Season 4. The two worst performing contestants from the losing team in the team challenge compete against each other in a head to head challenge to determine who will be eliminated. Following a high-profile launch, the magazine exceeded its initial sales target within a short period of time, selling 90,000 copies in three days. [47] The last half-hour of the second series final attracted 3,962,000 viewers and 3,542,000 during the rest of the final out rating the series 1 final to become the 3rd highest rating show of all time. This figure was for the last half-hour of the show, titled MasterChef Australia: The Winner Announced, while the first 90 minutes of the finale averaged 3,313,000 viewers. Each night features a different episode format, however some episodes modify the format slightly. However, contestants have their accommodation provided for the duration of their time in the competition, meaning they live rent-free. MasterChef Australia Series 6 Winner. From series 3, it can range from a variety of challenges, including a Mystery Box, where each contestant is given the same box of ingredients and are to create a dish using only those ingredients. It featured a number of returning contestants from the first three series, including series 1 and 3 winners Julie Goodwin and Kate Bracks, who revisited past challenges in order to raise money for charity.[3]. [57], Significant numbers of viewers have raised allegations that the voting on the series one finale of MasterChef was fraudulent after Julie Goodwin won the crown. Matt Preston and chef Marco Pierre White hosted the spin-off. Immunity Challenges no longer involved competing against well-known chefs (hence there being no need for a mentor), and instead involved one or two challenge rounds which contestants progressed through to win Immunity.

Over 7000 people auditioned for the show.

Preston said "I think it is that terrible thing when you have kids that go off the rails... the drugs might be a little bit of a worry". In the first series they are given a free pass to the finals week of the competition and can go home.

Ten states that she was dropped because "the appropriate role for Sarah was not achievable without dramatically changing the format",[30] but Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston returned as judges, Calombaris and Mehigan took Wilson's presenting role. The contestant is given the choice of two pantries of ingredients they can use, usually contrasting such as "Black" and "White". On 27 April 2020, it was announced that a third season of Junior MasterChef Australia had been commissioned for late 2020,[35] nine years after the second series aired. The contestants from the losing team were to vote for a contestant that they each feel did not perform to their best and may have cost them the challenge.

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